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Gameloft Announces Real Soccer 2009 for DSiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Gameloft looks to bring the authentic soccer experience to DSiWare with the announcement of their first DSiWare title Real Soccer 2009.

Gameloft has just sent out a press release for their upcoming DSiWare title Real Soccer 2009. Combining realistic soccer elements with the unique DS touchscreen controls, the game hopes to produce not only a true-to-life soccer experience on DSiWare, but also one that's easy for gamers to take control of.

You can check out the official press release below for more information on this upcoming DSiWare release.

Live the soccer season to the max with Real Soccer 2009 on Nintendo DSiWare. It will offer you a never before-seen soccer experience with revolutionary yet accessible Touch Screen controls. Take photos of anything you want and turn them into your own custom ball, team flag or make yourself into your favorite player. With 198 teams using real players' names, realistic opponent behaviors and advanced 3-D graphics, you will feel like a real professional soccer player. Take your best shot!


  • Exlcusive Nintendo DS stylus controls allow you to easily perform the most amazing soccer moves on the Touch Screen.
  • A multiplayer mode to face up to 3 friends in heated tournaments (Multi-Card Play)
  • Take a picture with your DSi camera and display it on the ball, on the giant stadium screen, as a team flag, or a player's face.
  • 6 different leagues and 198 teams (national and club) with real players' names thanks to the FIFPro license.
  • Experience the atmosphere of 3 great soccer stadiums.
  • Manage the team's strategy using the Nintendo DS stylus in real time during the match.
  • A true-to-life soccer experience thanks to detailed animations and realistic teammate and opponent behaviors.

We'll have more information on Real Soccer 2009 as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game once it hits the DSiWare service.

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Wiiloveit said:

Finally, some details! And this sounds pretty good, especially so for DSiWare. I also like the look of the pitch from the screen - very nice and bright, and I think the camera angles look pretty nice as well. Can't wait to give this a go - no doubt it'll be a premium title, but it could be pretty damned expensive (in comparison to current pricing for games, at least).



Mopsical said:

Oh no, I hate football! This will definitely be a dead end in the DSiWare release schedule, if only for me.




This was an actual DS game that got decent-ish reviews. I mean a retail one. It was billed as a good alternative to the giants, FIFA and PES. It may not have sold well because of being over-shadowed? I am a massive football fan (LIVERPOOL, YNWA, lol), but don't really like playing "serious" football video games like fifa and pes. I prefer Mario Strikers in fact. HOWEVER, since this may n ot cost that much in comparison to the retail titles, and gameloft have been generally good with their "ports", I may download this baby.



-TR said:

Can we possibly have a Rugby version? The game sounds pretty neat, but being Welsh I have to take preference for the other sport.



Pegasus said:

Ooh, downloadable footy! Could be swell. Taking photos for players' faces actually sounds like a cool idea.



Terra said:

Looking Good so far. I am a Footy fan (Favourite teams are Man Utd, Southampton and AFC Bournemouth (I live in the south west) and Inter Milan). I wonder what leagues will appear. I particularly like how they're using the camera for this.



TheBaconator said:

I usually hate soccer games but with Camera funtions, Multiplayer, and crap load of teams this is now a must buy for me.



ByHisBlood said:

Okay, this sounds like winner to me. Yet, I'm still hoping for Golf as it is my favorite sport. Too bad Nintendo has not yet brought Mario Golf to the DS platform.




I read a mini hands on play test of the game (some Ware Frankfurt conferance or something). Its the same game as the DS version minus a few modes and a few grounds. Its likely to be 500 points. The RRP was over 5 times the price and this game got around 8/10 type revws. I think its a no-brainer for people who like, or would consider a game like this. I'm in tbh.



papermario128 said:

It looks pretty good but I'm not really into soccer games.I might buy this depending on the price.

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