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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Official Website Goes Live

Posted by Brody Olimar

Square Enix opens the window to one of their latest Wiiware offerings...

If you're a fan of the Super Nintendo classic, Final Fantasy IV, then prepare to bask in a deep bowl of nostalgia soup. Square Enix's Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is soon to arrive on WiiWare services around the globe, and for a sip of this rich classic gaming stew you can visit the newly launched website dedicated to the upcoming release.

Contained within is a sampling of story elements, characters, and new gameplay features to be introduced in The After Years. Expect the plot to continue shortly after the events of the original title, with returning characters such as Cecil and Kain making appearances. It's not all a rehash though: new game mechanics such as the moon phase will test your RPG skills in new ways.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2009. In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye out for the original, Final Fantasy IV, on Virtual Console, yet another promise from Square which ought to arrive sometime soon.

Whichever comes first, it's a good time to be a Final Fantasy fan.


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Big_A2 said:

Gosh, sometimes it seems that each game in the series gets a series of it's own. Ah well, typical Square.



Omega said:

The images look as if they are taken straight from the SNES Version of Final Fantasy IV. So Square Enix finally decides to follow suit of Capcom and create old-school games that make barely use of the Wii's hardware capabilities. At least they are focussing on the SNES and not the NES. This is meagre progress but one day we reach perhaps the era of the N64. In the year 2023 or so. But seriously, I would have liked seeing a graphic style like in Zelda Phantom Hourglass and not just simple 2D bitmaps.



Outrunner said:

@omega: I believe this game was released in Japan back in the day so it's technically a remake or re-release.



SwerdMurd said:


I think it may have been awhile since you've seen the original Super Famicom FF IV screens If anything, those are closer to the Gameboy Advance/Wonderswan Color remake levels...also seems 480p-ish given the font size....regardless, this is gonna be beyond fantastic.

And yes--this came out in Japan, as a 9-episode series for cell phones a few years ago.

Seriously....first ep of this and Cave Story the same week would result in hospitalization.



Omega said:

Yes, it's three months ago. I played the SNES version in January. Besides the different font in the dialogue boxes and perhaps slightly higher resolution I see no significant differences. But if it is a port from mobile phones than that explains why it looks that way. Perhaps they will one day release a brand new Final Fantasy RPG for WiiWare. That would not be bad.



Outrunner said:

I thought it came out on that satelliview thing. You know, the one they had those Zelda games on. My mistake.




I'm no longer into RPG but have a lot of respect for the FF series, especially since I used to be an enthusiastic player of the series. This is interesting news.




I CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Objection said:

Looking forward to this. I also wouldn't mind seeing the original games come to VC.



Adam said:

FF will never be better than it was with 6. My fingers are crossed, too. I don't understand why Japan should get it and no one else -- or are they getting it?
Anyway, I look forward to both FF IV's. The Wii's online services (or really, just the Wii in general) needs a good RPG.



SwerdMurd said:


Let's hope and pray that Arc Rise Fantasia satisfies these desires--not a lot else that seems to want to scratch the RPG itch...honestly, given the VC, I think the Wii actually has the best RPG offerings of any of the big 3 consoles' online services....shudder



Starwolf_UK said:

Did anynoe notice the product information part of the site lists the game as being 1-4 players. Looks like the rarely missed, much forgotten each controller controls different party members option is back in business.



Rapadash6 said:

Nine edisodes? Does that mean 9 different downloads? I don't think I like that, especially if were talking about 500pt+ downloads. I'm not going to pay $45 or more for this, I'm sorry. I'll gladly front the 800pts for the original SNES game though.



theblackdragon said:

I like the new art... it's a great update on the old character designs. Definitely looking forward to this... after FFV, FFIV is my favorite in the series. :3



Omega said:

@Rapadash6: That is something that I have also wondered about. Will this be the 2nd most expensive game after Strong Bad? (Or even the most expensive game of all.) If I consider buying this, I want either the whole thing or nothing. But if it costs 9000 Points altogether? No, thanks.



morphballer said:

Maybe it will be three downloads. 3eps/download Although, I don't see why they couldn't have all 9 epsodes in one download.



EdEN said:

Maybe it's 9 episodies and just one 2000 points download? It WAS released for cellphones in Japan, but unless we know how big the episodes are in Japan, we have no idea as to how and for how much SE will deliver this new game.

Still, most of us that bought FF II and III (IV and VI) back in the day paid $60-90 for each (FF III being the more expensive one) due to cartridge prices.



SwerdMurd said:

I still remember seeing FF III in stores back in the day...79.99 at Best Buy if I'm not mistaken...

I remember buying Castlevania: Dracula's Curse and the original Megaman X for around 70 bucks each back in their respective days, and Megaman 3 for GB was 45 new in 1995 or whenever it was that I got it. Everything N64 generation and earlier had wildly unpredictable pricing...

I have a feeling, given Wiiware's limitations and inherent profitability, they'll stick to the episodic thing, although I'm on board with the 3-sets-of-3-episodes thing, or something similarly grouped...just seems like it would make more sense.



Starwolf_UK said:

To be honest as much as I love FFIV I'd be hard pressed to pay more than 2000 points (hint four lots of 500 worked wonders for Space Invaders get even) for something that looks like one of those RPG maker fanfiction FFIV-2 sorts of games (its the fonts that really do it and then the graphics).



odd69 said:

i have to beat IV before i get this. i am playing the remake on ds at the moment never beat the original before , i still have the original disc on the ps1(final fantasy chronicles) excited to see how the band system works.



Spoony_Bard said:

I don't know if this game will wow any new fans, but I think it's a great nod to us old school gamers. I'll be picking it up!

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