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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers - Site Updates

Posted by Eric O

The more people that visit, the more we see!

Just like the site implies, the more visits the site has, the more content that is shown. In just two days since we reported on the Crystal Bearers' new webpage, even more content has been revealed - with more teasers to come!

If you head over to the Crystal Bearers site, you'll now see new gameplay footage under "It's Gonna Be a Long Night" and "Public Spectacle" along with the teaser headings of "Ahead of the Pack" and "Don't Touch That Dial."

It also appears that the site needs unique hits in order for new content to be unlocked, so refreshing every five seconds won't get the job done any quicker. Some folks tried to be clever and attempted to farm site hits, but Square Enix caught on quickly and left a little message with the harvesting site:

Thank you for your interest in our games, guys! Unfortunately, this is not the right way to unlock the site content. Visiting this address will only tell our detection system you have visited this address! In order to know more about FINAL FANTASY© CRYSTAL CHRONICLES©: The Crystal Bearers™, please bring NEW visitors to the crystal homepage.

If you have yet to visit the site, please go over and check it out to keep the new content coming quickly. Be sure to tell your friends to give it a look as well!


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Firkraag said:

This game looks weird. I can't put my finger on it, but i'm not impressed..



Stuffgamer1 said:

THIS is a CRYSTAL CHRONICLES game? That's even weirder than My Life as a King! Not to say it looks BAD, per se, but I was kinda going "what the heck is THIS?" as I watched the trailer. I'll be interested to see more about this game, THAT'S for sure.



ReZon said:

@Popyman - I've read that he manipulates gravity. I've been waiting for this game for a long time! Hopefully it'll see a release before the end of the year.



Hardy83 said:

I'm hoping the videos actually show what the hell the game is about. lol so far they're just really weird clips... I guess showing interaction with NPCs.. Maybe.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I went there on my Wii (lack of new Flash and all), and I am visiting this on my laptop! I plan to do this on the desktop and my father's laptop, as well!

(The fact that my college blocks game sites is too bad.)



Objection said:

I have visited on 3 computers so far. Everyone please visit so more vids will come up! Hopefully this game is finally getting close to being done.



Hardy83 said:

Ahead of the pack is up...So far....Still doesn't make any sense. lol

The NPCs interact with each other.. Ooooo. I get the point, show me new stuff now.



Objection said:

I know, the vids are pretty lame. They all reiterate that one point. Its not even a revolutionary thing.



ILoveWii said:

The videos are unusual. I'm not particularly keen on their layouts. But it still excites me.



nintendo87 said:

looks good but wtf is up with the game they should show better gameplay than what they got on the site it is just weird!

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