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Explodemon Coming to WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

For those of you who've been dying for a solid action/platformer on the WiiWare service, have we got a game for you!

Curve Studios has just announced that their intense action/platformer Explodemon is headed to the WiiWare service (as well as PC and PSN).

As you can see from the video below, the game definitely takes a page out of the Mega Man book of game design and the intensity level looks top notch. Even the musical score seems to fit the game like a glove. Below is a short quote regarding the game from Curve's website.

Combining Half-Life 2’s gravity gun and Halo’s sticky grenade with Mario-quality 2D platforming, Explodemon uses its unique explosion-based gameplay to create an action title like no other. Defeat the evil Vortex in this galaxy-spanning parody of Japanese action games.

While we don't have much information to go on at the moment, you can watch the gameplay trailer below for a taste of what you can expect from this unique platformer and we'll have more information on the game as it becomes available to us.

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Objection said:

It has the word "explode", so I just might be sold. Ina ll seriousness, it looks great and I think if it goes to WW, then it proves that the max size limit has expanded, because I doubt those graphics and physics can stay within 40MB.



Corbs said:

"Please be bringing it on!" Now that was worth watching the video for all by itself! I thought for a moment I was watching Samurai Shodown II.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"Combining Half-Life 2’s gravity gun and Halo’s sticky grenade with Mario-quality 2D platforming..."

Big words! If the game lives up to them, it'll be awesome.



anthonyb said:

OMG The dialogue LOLOLOL. This looks INSANE! And yes, it looks like Megaman defeated Iron Man and stole his power.



Bahamut_ZERO said:


I love to see explosions (when nobody dies of course), so this will be AWSOME!!



greyelephant said:

This looks good. I would've liked to seen a bit more of a better demo, but overall it looked very nice. Once again, this might be a pickup as long as the reviews hold tight.



Dazza said:

Now this is what I'm talking about! WiiWare really needs to see more bad-ass stuff like this! It really does look flipping awesome.



lockelocke said:

Looks pricey, but worth it. Hopefully between this game, World of Goo, and Bit.Trip, we'll start to see the bar on WiiWare games raise a bit, I was worried the service was going to dig itself a grave with all that shovelware



Stuffgamer1 said:

That trailer looked a bit too nice for WiiWare. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if it turns out to be footage from the PC/PSN version. Interesting how it apparently isn't coming to XBLA (fine with me, they steal too much stuff lately). I'll most likely be getting it on PSN, anyway (HD goodness...probably same price).



accc said:

Sorry to be a Negative Nancy Debbie Downer or whatever but I really doubt the WiiWare version will look anything like that.



Adam said:

I can't really tell what's going on in the video. Too many explosions.
Wait, did I say too many explosions? No no, never mind that.



Chipmunk777 said:

If for no other reason than the graphics and idea behind the game, I'm excited to hear more about it!



Crazed said:

I'm not sold on it juuuust yet. It looks very promising, and explosions like these never get old, but a bit more information on Explodemon would be nice.



Sean_Aaron said:

Really? Joystiq or IGN (can't remember where I saw the news about this first) said this was the PSN version in the vids released, so if it's confirmed these are WiiWare videos that's very impressive.



Corbs said:

Actually don't hold me to that. The statement from the developer did only say that they had "cleared the trailer through Nintendo" so I guess that doesn't necessarily mean it is in fact the WiiWare version. Thanks for letting me know Sean about the other sites statements Sean. Let me check with the devs and try to find out.



wanderlustwarrior said:

Looks good to me., and looks like the file size may be increased. Though I'm not sure if the dialogue is intentionally bad or just bad.
also, is it Explode-mon or Explo-demon in game?



calculon said:

@Corbie: Really? The video is hi-def. I really do want this game and I hope the graphics do look that good but how often do on-screen WiiWare titles look that good in high-def video (unless it's on the Dolphin emulator )

Man I am really hyped for this game! I'd say it's the PSN version but it's difficult to say - the graphics do look a little blurred like they've been scaled up but then again, the octopus-alien-thing looked really sharp so it's probably just compression artifacts. Even so, if the WiiWare game looks anything like this we should be on to a winner.



CanisWolfred said:

Too bad it's not coming to XBLA, then I coulda tried the demo. Still, it looks pretty interesting. Might pick it up.



thewiirocks said:

This looks awesome! Like a spiritual successor to MegaMan. I hope the game turns out to be as good as it looks!



darkmagi_82 said:

"Please be bringing it on."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I might get this game just for the dialogue.



IAmNotWill said:

i hope nintendolife can get in contact with curve. I seriously need more information.

And also, "Please be bringing it on" is the new "thats why your still a kid."



Darel18 said:

Yeah!, this is what I want in my WiiWare list!!! Platforms OwnZ

This is a must buy!, Hope he does something else than explode lol



wanderlustwarrior said:

does this game have achievements that reduce the completionist to obscene teary fits of rage? (I'm still in shock just THINKING about MM9, and i didn't even play the game)



Toddr said:

Am I the only one confused about what it says after please be bringing it on. I reduce you into brittleness fluid? Sounds even worse than please be bringing it on.



XCWarrior said:

I agree with just about everyone above. This looks awesome and I can't wait until it comes out. We so need more platform games this generation.



Kaeobais said:

This game is the greatest looking thing ever. The graphics (hopefully not just the xbla and psn versions) are awesome and the physics look great. This is a must for me!



Terra said:

This does have a lot of promise around it. Hopefully, they won't charge more than 1000 points for it. I'll play a demo on the PC if/when one comes out first before i buy it though.

Also, love the text. This should be awesome.



PALgamer said:

This video has an HD flare to it. Hope you can clear up Corbie if it's WW or PSN.



Digiki said:

Judging by a lot of these comments, pretty explosions are almost as effective for core gamers, as minigames are for grannies and small children.



Chunky_Droid said:

I hope this looks just as good as WiiWare, but I won't hold my breath. Looks fantastic though!

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