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EA thrilled with MotionPlus

Posted by Shane Jury

The producer of Grand Slam Tennis at Giganto-Company EA had quite a bit to say on the subject of Nintendo's Remote-enhancer, and a quick whisper of new in-game characters too.

Producer Tommy Singleton has the enviable honour of being in charge of one of the first MotionPlus-supported games (and the expectations that come with it), but quite luckily the add-on won him over from Day One;

In certain respects I think it has changed the way we look at product design since it allows us to play to our strengths more than ever before. It's a great piece of technology and when you combine it with creative minds, anything is possible.

Wii MotionPlus is something that will appeal to the masses because it is innovative technology that takes the Wii experience to new heights.

People don't need to know how to play videogames, they just need to know how to perform real-life sports motions to enjoy the Grand Slam Tennis experience.

One of the more noticeable differences of using an enhanced Wii Remote would be backswings and forcing opponents to make a forehand or backhand.

I'm sure that when I, like many others, have a racquet in my hand, one of the first things I do is spin it just like the pros. And with Wii MotionPlus detecting racquet rotation, my in-game character can spin its racquet too.
Personally I enjoy playing the game with and without Wii MotionPlus. If I want to play tennis and not have to worry about my backswing and just worry about the ball placement then I'll play with just the Wii Remote. If I want to get 100 per cent consistency in shot types and want the freedom to run around my forehand or backhand, then I'll play with Wii MotionPlus.

Other big names set to appear in the game include Chris Evert, Pat Cash, Justine Henin, Venus Williams, Lindsay Davenport, Kei Nishikori, Michael Stich, Andy Murray, Leyton Hewitt and Martina Navratilova. Poor old Tim doesn't get a look in for this one.

Grand Slam Tennis is set for a handy Summer release, and will ship with a MotionPlus unit for £50 of your hard-earned cash, and solo for a tenner less. Considering that the units are set to be £20 or so each, I'd say that's a a great deal.


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Kittsy said:

I'm pretty sure I'll buy this one. I'll get a free MotionPlus, after all.



Adam said:

Chuffed, huh? That's a new one on me!
Glad to hear that the designer of the first game to be released with MotionPlus likes the device, haha.



Phoenixus said:

@Adam. It's British for 'pleased as punch'.
...which thinking about it is another phrase you've probably never heard.



Mr_Saturn said:

Yeah I saw "chuffed" and didn't know whether it was a good or bad thing just from the article title alone

Now, please as punch I've heard before.



warioswoods said:

Yes, I also have never seen chuffed before; I'm sure no non-British visitor to this site will understand that title. Combined with the image, it certainly seems as if it would have a negative connotation. Oh well, it simply means we have to actually visit the article in order to have any idea what it's about. Cheap way to increase your hit count for ad revenue!



James said:

There we go, edited the title to give our American-speaking readers an accurate translation!



Adam said:

Thrilled, huh? That's a new one on me!
Glad to hear that the designer of the first game to be released with MotionPlus likes the device, haha.



Corbs said:

I saw "chuffed" and thought, "that doesn't sound good!"



Chunky_Droid said:

Speaking as an Australian, screw Lleyton Hewitt!

Also being Australian, chuffed is a word I commonly use. Once America got taken over they decided they didn't want such a large vocabulary like the British but the Australians decided to add even more words to it lol



timp29 said:

POMS and Tim Henman. Thats all you've got guys... get over it

I second the screw Lleyton Hewitt. I would have preferred Pat Rafter... but Pat Cash is interesting in a funny way.

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