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DSi Launch Party in Los Angeles

Posted by Nathanial Burrer

Nintendo will be holding a DSi launch party in LA, which of you mad cats will be attending this sweet scene?

Nintendo’s DSi launches in the United States April fifth. Hold your suspense, yes, that’s this week. If you’ve got your calendar set on this event, and if you also happen to be in Los Angeles, you’ll have the chance to attend a launch party hosted by none other than Nintendo.

The party will be at the Universal CityWalk GameStop location from nine in the afternoon to midnight on April fourth. While you’re there, expect free stuff from I am 8-bit, and the faces of musician VJ Fader, G4’s Kevin Pereira,a nd Cammie Dunaway, who will be leading the countdown to the DSi’s launch. Not to mention you'll get the chance to get your hands on a DSi earlier than anyone else.

What an introduction to Nintendo’s most anticipated handheld. There’s no doubt that tons of people will be attending this one!


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Damo said:

I'd love to be there, but it's never going to happen! Maybe Nintendo Life will get an official invite for the next big launch!



Corbs said:

I'd love to go to LA again. I took a train there last time and it was a blast.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I am in PUERTO RICO! I can not even VOTE for the U.S!
Also, though I would want a DSi as a birthday present, I may most probably in the Dominican Republic at that time...



geek-master said:

im getting mine tomaro at toys are us but i probily wont get free stuff >:{
but i have a gift card so i can buy a SD card for my dsi



motang said:

@geek-master regardless of where you get your DSi, you should get the Opera Browser for free and 1,000 DSiware points! At least that is my understanding.

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