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DSi Contains Improved Anti-Piracy Technology?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Early reports suggest that dodgy DS fakes are unplayable on the new machine

If you’re keen on sailing the seven seas of piracy then you might be interested to know that early reports are suggesting that fake DS cartridges fail to operate on the shiny new DSi console.

It’s still not known whether or not this is down to improved anti-piracy technology inside the DSi itself, but it stands to reason that with each new hardware revision Nintendo will attempt to make it more difficult for people to use illegal bootleg games.

Of course, pirated software is only one side of the problem – the more pressing issue is the proliferation of flash carts which allow users to download ROMs and play them. Although the DSi has firmware upgrades that will make playing pirate games more difficult, ingenious hackers have already beaten the system and it’s likely that with each new firmware release, they’ll repeat the task.


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gameking23 said:

Ahh not more pirates. From fighting space pirates to pirates on the high sea, and now DS pirates. What is the world coming to?



Terra said:

Hackers will always find new ways to continue with their operations, so i don't bother worrying about them.

"What is the world coming to?"
The End, that's what



theblackdragon said:

i can state for sure that the pirated Partners in Time i ended up with thanks to eBay does not work on the DSi, lol

also, considering now the DSi has the 'system update' option just like the Wii, i figured they were stepping up their anti-piracy game.



StarDust4Ever said:

3. Terranigma: "Hackers will always find new ways to continue with their operations, so i don't bother worrying about them."

Oh yeah? Then why is it ever since Wii system 3.0 and the canning of Trunca-signed discs, no unlicensed developer has since been able to master a disc that's bootable/ playable on an unmodded wii? It is because nobody has yet to find a way to crack the encryption technology present in the discs. The only reason why they were able to crack channels/ save files is editing them via the internal system memory and then letting the Wii re-crypt them by exporting to SD card.

By the way, when I try to insert my Action Replay DS or my MAX Media Dock into my DSi, it tells me nothing is inserted in the slot. At least the Wii is smart enough to tell me there's an incompatible disc if I try to insert a DVD, CD, etc into the drive.



xDlmaoxD said:

I really do wish that there was no piracy, but sometimes people are not old enough to have a job. Luckily I do and can buy my own stuff but still, there's other stuff that's more important. I did buy the DSi and don't mind paying 2-8 bucks for DSiWare. The problem is when they ask for 30-50 dollars for a game that looks like crap. I had like 30 DS games but sold all of them two years ago to buy x-mas presents. Now i have a flash cart but doesn't work on my new DSi so I will just see what DSiWare is worth playing.

BTW those cheating apps are not license by Nintendo so they don't bother telling you because you where never meant to use them .



Machu said:

jolly good argh!!!

i 'ate dem pirut scams, fine on pc like init, but fark off mar luvly nintendoo... graaargh!!



Muzer said:

Nintendo completely fail at stopping piracy. They always end up blocking homebrew instead (and since there's so many failures in the system menu, IOS, games, and other such things, homebrew always finds a way to get back through). Hell, one of the members of Team Twiizers (the people behind homebrew on the Wii who hate piracy) tried to inform Nintendo of the exploit (ages back) that the pirates could have used to run pirated games on an unmodded Wii. Instead of discussing it with him, they harrassed him. So then Twiizers released the exploit anyway in the form of DVDx which allowed apps to read files from DVDs, and also allowed a DVD player. Sure enough, a few months later, the first "backup" loader arrived, and it used DVDx.

A similar incident happened when Nintendo tried to block cIOS (the thing that the pirates used so they can update their Wii whilst still being able to run homebrew) and failing miserably: instead they blocked PatchMii which virtually nothing used. Twice. Now with the latest update pirates can load pirated VC/WiiWare games from an SD card.

The moral of the story? Nintendo are a big bunch of retards.



MrWarmo said:

well, the dsi hase acecard, or somthin, liek a m3 or r4 for a dsi, the only problem will it be locked out by the firmware updates, if u want to do this, i go back to my old ds, but do they work on dsi because of the hardware?

the plot thickens...



warioswoods said:


They certainly need to start enlisting the skills of the ethical (homebrew) hackers against the pirates, and as you say, there have been attempts on the hacker side but Nintendo hasn't responded properly. I don't imagine it's an easy thing to manage, however -- who knows how far Twiizers's requests actually make it up the ladder. The first employee to receive the message likely doesn't know nearly enough about the situation to do anything but add the sender to a list of potential hackers, without any understanding of the divide between homebrew and piracy.

The Twiizers are highly commendable for their attempts to avoid piracy, but I simply wish more in the homebrew community would lash out against piracy as well. As far as I'm concerned, any homebrew hacker / developer who enables piracy or gives it any support should be dropped entirely, ie. any of their future releases should be blocked by the Homebrew Channel at a fundamental level, making sure to include blocking in any patched system updates released, etc. I can't blame Nintendo for somewhat lumping homebrew and piracy together though, since there are exceptions like Twiizers but far too many overlaps.



geek-master said:

piracy is ileagal!! get on with it nintendo and have a piracy law so if a hacker attacks may the FBI take that hacker down!

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