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Deca Sports 2 fails to score in Japan sales charts

Posted by Stuart Reddick

Foul ball!

While Deca Sports proved to be a monster hit in terms of sales for Hudson, its sequel - which was released earlier this week in Japan - doesn't look like following in its predecessor's footsteps, at least in Japan. With first day sales of only 2,500, Deca Sports 2 has failed to capture the public's interest quite like its older brother did.

Seeing as Hudson shipped 83,000 copies of the game for its launch, it's doubtful they're pleased with its performance in Japan thus far. Maybe the title will develop some legs, but the way things are looking now, it surely isn't going to reach the 250,000+ mark that its predecessor reached last year in Japan. Perhaps this is an indication that even Japan are starting to tire of the Wii's relentless onslaught of cheap sporting collections, to which our response would be "about time, too."

When Media Create releases Deca Sports 2's first week sales later next week, we'll be sure to pass them on to you. As usual, stay tuned to Nintendo Life for localization announcements regarding Deca Sports 2.


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Kojak said:

a good sign!
a very good sign.
maybe nobody buys the same poo twice?
there is light at the end of the tunnel!

btw: great description to that picture!



Starwolf_UK said:

Looking on for the game I notice there are two customer reviews. Both giving the game 1 stars. Of course these are those annoying reviews before the game is even out but from what I can tell there is a lot of resentment about the game.

Also they feel the game is too similar to the first.



warioswoods said:

I'm morally opposed to Deca Sports. If you look at the cover art for it, they basically tried to replicate the cover of Wii Sports as closely as possible without crossing the line for a lawsuit. What this means is that there are countless Wii owners out there who, not even knowing the difference between a first-party and third-party game (a lot of consumers think that Nintendo makes everything that has "Wii" printed on the case), essentially thought the game was a sequel to Wii Sports. Then they get annoyed with the utter lack of quality, and it makes them conclude falsely that Nintendo cheated them, so they are less likely to buy more games.

It's a lot like something I always remember seeing years ago when a big Disney film first came out on video. Alongside, say, The Lion King in the store, you'd see some similarly titled low-budget cash-in, maybe the Lion Prince or something, with a cover that is arranged almost exactly like the Disney film. When I visited the store and saw that nonsense, I just knew that there were probably a handful of grandmothers every day who would pick up the wrong movie for some soon to be disappointed kid.

I wish stores would just refuse to carry merchandise which clearly aims only to sell by way of deceit. It's a bad deal for everyone in the long run.



Objection said:

Awful sequel to a bad game that ripped off of an only-okay game that came free with the system that all 3 games play on? It shouldn't have good sales.



Terra said:

I honestly expect better from Hudson when it comes to Wii Games, the original was a disappointment and so far most of their retail Wii Games haven't been really any good (Kororinpa excluded, of course). I just hope the sequel is better. Looking into it, It's got online multiplayer, so i may consider it if/when localized and released.

At least they give us great WiiWare games.



Starwolf_UK said:

that came free with the system
Japan has to buy Wii Sports seperately. Or should I say they would buy Wii Sports (I know I certainly wouldn't if it wasn't with the systme and others feel the same way).



Objection said:

Japan has to buy Wii Sports seperately.
@Starwolf-That's correct. I was referring to if Deca Sports 2 made it over but I guess in this context I should have made it more clear since this is the Japanese release being discussed.



Supermarioman said:

One of my friends own the original (I don't know why, it is one of the worst Wii Games and that is saying a lot), and watching the actual game was hillarious do to just how bad everything in the game was. I then played afterward to see what the hell my friend saw in even keeping the game and learned that it had horrible controls and stupid games that are ten times more fun on Wii Sports and Mario Sports games. Hopefully this will be the last Deca Sports game we will ever see.



Ricardo91 said:

Excellent! With the second game in this series failing, that should be one less crappy minigame collection to pollute the Wii's library! Hoorah!



MethodOne said:

Deca Sports sucked bad because the controls are not very responsive and is just a cash-in for Wii Sports fans. I wish Hudson would stop with the shovelware and bring Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire from TG16 to VC. Fortunately, Hudson does make good shmups.

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