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Conduit Multiplayer Reveal Falls Victim to Server Issues

Posted by Christopher Clark

Sega's private press event doesn't go quite to plan.

The multiplayer component of Sega's highly anticipated Wii-exclusive FPS The Conduit was set to finally be revealed to the press several hours ago at a private event. Unfortunately, things didn't go as smoothly as intended, with Nintendo's own servers going down just minutes before the demo began. Unable to demonstrate The Conduit's online features, the publishers went on to further display the game's single-player modes.

Umm... yeah.

On the plus side, High Voltage Software went some way towards rectifying the situation by releasing this exclusive multiplayer-centric trailer:

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We're all quite familiar with Nintendo's spartan approach to online connectivity, but let's just chalk this one up to unfortunate co-incidence, okay?


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wanderlustwarrior said:

sigh... i wish we could get an actual bit of action and information, but at least theres one thing to be learned from the menus - apparently the trust don't count as human.



Neomega said:

ITS THE ONLY WAY TO PLAY!!!11!!!eleven!!!

That is unfortunate, but hey I'm hoping to hear some spoilers about that single-player.



Machu said:

I've had it many times before, two Wii's in one place, unable to connect via the net and unable to play.
Ridiculous when you think its got bluetooth inside it, hell a usb cable could do it if the firmware allowed.
I hope Nintendo spend some of the cash they keep printing, on lots and lots of big ass servers (one near my house would be nice).
Sega musta been pissed. Doh!



Atlantis1982 said:

You know, I really don't want this game to have local multiplayer otherwise I have no use for it. Besides, split screen sucks anyway.

Now, as for Nintendo massive fail on trying to afford decent servers; not surprising.

As for the video, I have to watch it another time since I am in college.



Adam said:

Yet another reason why online play is not a replacement for local play. Unless my friends pass out, we should have an easy time staying connected. Nintendo isn't exactly known for the best online service.



KDR_11k said:

You know, I really don't want this game to have local multiplayer otherwise I have no use for it.

Obviously local play would be in ADDITION to online play, not instead of (and hell, Water Warfare has both local and online MP and that's a WiiWare game!). The Wii is a popular party system so an FPS should at least provide the option to play it against someone who's in the same room as you since otherwise it'll stay on the storage shelf when other people are over instead of getting shown to everybody.



Atlantis1982 said:

Do remember some people may not have people to be with to play games, like me. So, I rather have online multiplayer, but I am going to wait and see if it'll be a good multiplayer experience. If not, then I will wait for Water Warfare, assuming its good.



Adam said:

You're still missing the point. You don't have to "rather" have online. There's no reason it shouldn't have both. Then everyone would be happy. I am definitely glad it has online play, but I would much prefer it had both.

Online is unreliable for me, especially on Wii. Plus, FPS's tend to have their online mode taken over by extremely good players in a matter of a couple weeks, at which point it just isn't fun for me. I'm hoping since this is a Wii game and most hardcore FPS players prefer 360 that the opposition for Conduit will have a wider skill range. Time shall tell. I hope online has an option for smaller maps with four-players. I don't know why, but I prefer small groups.

Oh, and I have this weird thing where I like to play games with my friends. Go figure.

But what's this? Water Warfare has local? Awesome news to me. It doesn't exactly sound like the spiritual successor to Goldeneye/Perfect Dark I've been waiting years for, but hey, it could be fun.



The_Fox said:

I F'N HATE when games don't have local multiplayer. Yeah, splitscreen is inferior to having the whole screen when going online or even LAN, but sometimes you just want to play with the people in the room and LAN is usually a bitch to get set up. I also find it odd that so many FPS games that have local multiplayer don't have the option for bots, either. I guess that's why I found Gears of War 2 a nice surprise.



Sean_Aaron said:

LAN support would have been cool. The Atari Jaguar even had provision for LAN play (though you needed an extra peripheral for that and I think only one or two games supported it).

Oh well, please just make the single player worth replaying!



Philip_J_Reed said:

In spite of this one-time (though certainly noteable!) setback, I reaaaally hope this game works out. It would be so nice to have an FPS I can play online in super-deadly-kill-mode.

Alright, I confess, I genuinely SUCK at these games, but they can be so much fun. And right now, since I only own a Wii and a crap-crap-crappy little notebook computer, the only online deathmatch I'm able to play is Half-life 1...



wiiboy101 said:

wifi lan would rock like ds local multi play WHYWHYWHY DID THAT GET DROPPED....theres 2 wiis in this house and 2 next door multi play between those 4 with out the net COOOOOOOOOOLLL but not to be

wifi lan local play would have ruled



Neomega said:

Maybe a bug stomper minigame?
Or how about No-Probe (I'm not explaining that one)
I hope there are bots in the multiplayer cuz not everyone can get online. Vehicles of sorts would be nice. Don't forget the almighty turret.
Minigames are always nice.

Maybe have the DS act as a server ....DSiWARE Server Manager



AVahne said:

what just WHY did the servers go offline?Nintendo better have some explanation,like they're fixing them or something. hopefully Nintendo can figure out how to fix Brawl's servers...



Objection said:

Nintendo WIFI is unreliable in my experience, which is why I wish this would have offline multiplayer as well. I still might get it but this is less than encouraging...



geek-master said:

i wish microsoft brought halo over to ps3/wii but microsoft has a reputation for being consle pregidust



Atlantis1982 said:

(Looks at the Driift comments, then looks back at the comments from here. Head asplode! [Strongbad Reference])



Starwolf_UK said:

LAN support would have been cool. The Atari Jaguar even had provision for LAN play (though you needed an extra peripheral for that and I think only one or two games supported it).
The Playstation was kind of similar (early models could use a system link up for Wipeout and some RTS games)...and the Gamecube (Mario Kart Double Dash, Kirbys Air Ride and 1080 all via the broadband adaptor).

Part of me gets a feeling Nintendo won't allow LAN play. I know Batallion Wars Wii a demo bulid was working for LAN play but no LAN play in the final version. Features do vanish from games like Boom Blox head tracking but why is the important part...



StarDust4Ever said:

The Wii is just as capable of Wirelessly connecting to other Wiis as the DS is - using Nintendo's proprietary wireless format - unfortunately, no games have actually implemented this, with the exception of a few pokemon games linking only to Nintendo DS - truth is, casual gamers just aren't that likely to have multiple wiis lying around to network together, much less know how to set it up. Heck, even the Game Cube could be networked to other Game Cubes through a hub - yet the LAN adapters were pulled from the shelves unsold due to piracy fears...

Bottom line, the capability is more than there, just no developer has ever bothered using it



Moai_Head said:

For those who care - the game had massive slowdown issues with split-screen multiplayer so it was dropped, and they had full LAN play working but Nintendo made them remove it.



wanderlustwarrior said:


Really? You're kidding right?
1. Totally irrelevant
2. Well why the hell not just port Mario and Smash Bros. over to the 360 and LittleBigPlanet to the DS? Companies are COMPANIES because they at least occasionally attempt to make feasible business decisions. 3. Are you aware of what a first-party developer is? Or "profit", for that matter?

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