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Colour Me Bad With These New DSi Hori Protect Cases

Posted by Eric O

Want one of those fancy new colours that Japan has, but don't want to import?

In Japan, in addition to the current White and Black models, the DSi was recently released in three brand new colors: Pink, Lime Green, and Metallic Blue.

If you want one of these new colors, you could always import, but this complicates things - language barrier, different Shop Channel, and the region lock on upcoming DSi-only titles for instance. There is always the chance that they will be released in your territory, though it is certainly not guaranteed, and if you already own a DSi, it's possible you'll be losing money on the deal.

There is another option however, one which can give you your desired color scheme, add protection to your system, and give a feeling of individuality.

Hori of Japan has a line of protect cases that are available in the same color schemes as the Japanese models, and looks to be your best bet for prettying up your new DSi. These protect cases are solid, not like the rubber gloves you may have seen on sites like eBay or Amazon. The protect cases cover the outside of the system, protecting it from dings and scratches, and leaves openings for all the ports so that your gaming is not limited in the slightest while using it. They also add very little to the size of your system, so that your DSi will still fit in its case.

The White and Black cases are already available on import sites such as, but Hori's official website lists the Pink, Lime and Metallic Blue protect cases with a release date sometime in May. Other protect cases are also available from Hori including clear, clear black, clear blue, clear pink, and one modeled for the upcoming Dragon Quest IX.

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StarDust4Ever said:

The region-locking only applies to the dsi-shop, not the DS games. I own a Japanese copy of Super Princess Peach (I'm a Peach fan, can't you tell?) and it loads just fine on my DSi.

I may get on of these. I was thinking about decorating my DSi lid with rhinestones, but gluing them directly onto the DSi itself may not be the wisest thing to do. Also, scratches show up bad on that black matt finish. I've already got scuff-marks on the lid just from carrying my DSi loose in my pocket



ReZon said:

@StarDust - I know, that's why I said "upcoming DSi-only titles" - those will be region locked.

They are good products though. I have a clear black one on my Lite, and the clear blue on my DSi.



MarkyVigoroth said:

The bad thing is that there is no orange. (gameking23)
The good thing is that these can be recoloured...



Objection said:

That lime-green one hurts my eyes. Why can't they ever choose a better green color? Anyway, I guess this is better than flooding the market with new colored models (which they seem to be doing in Japan already.)



MickEiA said:

pointless to have lime green shouldve had red or orange or dark green



nagareboshi said:

Oooh, I want one of those. Then I shouldn't have to wait for the lime green DSi to be released in Europe (if that's ever going to happen). Hori rocks

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