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Capcom Announces Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth for Western Release

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Play as Phoenix's rival in the newest Ace Attorney game.

If you've been following the game since it was announced for Japan (As Gyakuten Kenji) you should already know what Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is like - It focuses far more on the investigation aspect of the previous Ace Attorney games, leaving out the court scenes entirely.

The big new feature is the "Logic" system. With this, Edgeworth can make links between pieces of evidence to come to logical new conclusions, which can then be used for further investigation. Once you think you know the killer, you can confront him/her and try to find contradictions in his/her claims, much like the cross-examinations in the previous games.

While Phoenix Wright apparently doesn't appear in the game at all, you can expect other old characters - Dick Gumshoe, the bumbling detective, is your partner through the whole game, and you'll also get help from Franziska von Karma and new character Kay Faraday.

To go with the announcement Capcom has of course also released a trailer and some screenshots. The trailer can be found below, while you can view the screenshots below that:

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MrPinguy said:


"While Phoenix Wright apparently doesn't appear in the game at all."
I think he will appear on the last case, but that just me.



Objection said:

I know Wright will have some role, no matter how small. I've been following this since its original "Kenji" announcement and I can't wait!



WolfRamHeart said:

Again Japan is getting something really cool that we aren't; the limited edition Gyakuten Kenji DSi bundle! Don't get me wrong I am still very glad we are getting this game in the U.S. but it would have been nice to get that DSi too! Oh well, this is still very good news and I can't wait to play this one!



Drake said:

Actually it's been officially announced as AAI: ME, which is indeed different from the other games.



Mayhem said:

Edgey is possibly more popular amongst AA circles than Phoenix, so this game is definitely one to look out for... will be buying it on Western release for day one



Stuffgamer1 said:

Nobody seems to be paying attention to what I posted yesterday, even though I gave a source and everything! Come on, guys! That's big news for Ace Attorney fans!

@Mayhem: Really? I thought they were about even. So...if you could only have one in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (this is a hypothetical discussion that assumes a new game in that series would HAVE to have at least ONE Ace Attorney character), which would it be?



Objection said:

@Stuffgamer1-If you're talking from CAPCOM's view, not a personal prefernce (although this would also eb mine) you always do the main protagonist first, then...______ and ______. God, I'd love to have Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 for Wii...they gotta do rhymes~!!



Golgo said:

I've only got Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. About time I got back into this superb series...



papermario128 said:

I want to start this series but there is starting to be too many of them... looks like I got some catching up to do.

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