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Beyond Good and Evil 2: Now More Topical!

Posted by Thomas Bowskill

The sequel to Ubisoft’s unsung masterpiece has taken inspiration from real-world events.

Five years ago saw the release of Beyond Good and Evil: a game that in many people’s eyes broke convention by having an intelligent female lead character who was a bit of a tomboy. Yet those who played it didn’t just fall in love with the game because of its reluctance to conform: the story was well developed, the gameplay refreshing, and the overall quality was sublime. The result of this was one of our favourite games from the last generation. Sadly, it never received the sales it deserved, and promptly faded away into obscurity.

After years of uncertainty (and nervous nail-biting on our part) the second instalment of the intended trilogy was finally announced: Beyond Good and Evil 2. Since then, we have not received much information on the game (not even if it is indeed a direct sequel), but all this changed the other day when Eurogamer translated French website All-Gamers’ interview with BGE’s creative mastermind, Michel Ancel.

In the interview, Mr Ancel said the game was one he had “wanted to create for a long time”, and went on to say some interesting things about what has inspired him in the development stages:

"It was a mix of a lot of experiences… There were a lot of inspirations: the Miyazaki universe, my own inspirations, politics and the media; the theme of September 11 – the CNN show with army messages and the fear climate. And it was a mix from other universes.

…It is clear we want to continue the story. The story continues and we'll react on important events of the first… Players who like the first should like the second,"

He also described games like Zelda as “good” but “out of time” – meaning he clearly intends to keep, and perhaps enhance, the political undertones that were present in the original title. If it is anything like it’s predecessor, then we’re in for a real treat.

As yet, Beyond Good and Evil has not been confirmed for any specific format, but we are keeping fingers crossed here that the Wii will see Jade’s adventure continue.

Teaser trailer from 2008:


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KDR_11k said:

Well, I probably won't buy it, stopped playing the first due to some particularly nasty stealth sections and I hate stealth.



Tails_92 said:

Brains and beatuy – just like us at Nintendo Life <--- LOL! nice one.
Looking at the photo in the homepage preview, i was thinking to a lara croft's game.



Hardy83 said:

Bringing it to the Wii with the graphic style it had for the original would be amazing.

Similar to what Force Unleashed did.



antdickens said:

I dunno, stands a pretty decent chance of coming to Wii aswell, guess they'll of already confirmed the formats though.



nintendo87 said:

i love Beyond Good and Evil i really hope this come out on the wii the first on was great on of my favorite games!



CanisWolfred said:

I never did buy the first game. It's pretty cheap on Steam, but I don't really like playing games on my PC. Haven't seen it in stores in a long while, and was never interested in it until recently(but only slightly interested). I might try the sequel though.



JonnyWii said:

So many people who didn't play (or finish) the original - for shame! There's a fantastically deep story there if you can just make it past the initial "sorta generic-feeling adventure" beginning. As you begin getting tangled up in the conspiracy, you start wondering what might happen if you discover "too much". The stealthing is great & in some cases enemies can be strategically dispatched from a distance allowing you free exploration of the area. The end (of part 1) is both sad & confusing leaving you restlessly wanting more. I love this game! (as if you couldn't tell). If the sequel doesn't make it to Wii, I may just have to go over to "the dark side".

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