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Asphalt 4: Elite Racing Gets ESRB Rated

Posted by Corbie Dillard

The iPhone racing hit heads to Nintendo's DSiWare service.

We finally have our first DSiWare racing title making itself known with the official ESRB rating of Asphalt 4: Elite Racing.

While we don't currently know a lot about this iPhone racer, we did manage to get a snippet of information from the ESRB rating listing that you can check out below.

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing
Platform: Nintendo DSi
Rating: Everyone 10+
Content descriptors: Mild Violence

Rating summary: This is an action racing game in which players drive high-performance cars through city streets. Players can race against other drivers, crash into them, or simply push other drivers off the tracks. In the “Cop Chase” mode, players race through roadblocks in an attempt to outrun police vehicles and to achieve bonus points.

We'll have more information on Asphalt 4: Elite Racing as it becomes available, as well as a full review when it hits the DSiWare service. Until then you can check out a screenshot from the iPhone version of the game below.


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warioswoods said:

Hm, I wonder if Nintendo is courting the numerous developers who have made iPhone games and encouraging them to port to the DSi. It doesn't seem to me that porting between the two platforms would be at all an easy feat, and coding for the DSi is likely much more difficult to get started with compared to Apple's fairly simple developer tools, so I'd be curious to hear from developers whether Nintendo is making an effort to simplify the process in any way, perhaps with a better SDK.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Now this looks good. Those graphics are great, especially for a DSiWare game. It could pass off as a low-middle budget PSP title! I have high hopes for this.



professorlayton said:

If the price is right, I may download this game. Asphalt Urban GT was pretty good when it was first released and if Asphalt 4 is anything like that, we're in for quite a treat.



wiiboy101 said:

didnt take long did it DSi is going to own AND YES DSi CAN INDEED DO IPHONE GRAPHICS....DSi is no DS when it comes to 3D...

id love a metriod hunters 2 for DSi 3x the online players 12 vs 4 on ds and say 3x the graphics at the same slick 60 frames and voice chat lobbys etc

metroid hunters is still the best and best looking handheld fps there is theres loads coming to iphone DSi is perfect for handheld fps and chat

you just cannot compete with dualscreens in the handheld gaming area

might get this and real football




IAmNotWill said:

This is EXACTLY what we need. Thank you Nintendo. But what happened to Asphalt 1,2, and 3? O_o



Pegasus said:

Just because they use similar processors doesn't mean that the coding will be identical, seeing as the iPhone uses a derivative of Mac OS X.

Anyway, this might turn out well. The iPhone game seems to have gone over really well. Include some proper controls, and it just might be a fun racer to have.



metakirbyknight said:

This looks really really good, I hate racing games, except for kart racers, and I want it really badly. Now all I need is for somebody to buy my old DS Lite and stuff.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@wiiboy: Oh how sweet MPH Multiplayer DSiWare would be. 8 player Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch with voice chat. I would easily pay 1000 points for that.



PhillaLoup said:

Oh looks interesting to me. Especially since Gameloft did such a great job with Real Football 2009 for DSiWare.
BTW: Wikipedia says that America gets the "Moving Memo" tomorrow and Europe next Friday (1st May) ... !!!!




I've always found the Asphalt series "not bad" , but certainly "not brilliant" either. Still, if its value for money, I'll get it.

Even though they're unreliable, its interesting Asphalt 4 got a 9.0/10 for its iPhone version from IGN



y2josh said:

Looks like they did what they did with the Street Fighter Movie Game in the 90s. Take pictures of the real life thing and put it in the game. Just what it looks like to me.



PhillaLoup said:

@Bahamut ZERO: I'm speaking for my own, I downloaded that SOCCER game and it's pretty well done...
@Outrunner: I hope this information is correct (...u know wikipedia...) but we'll see today... if America gets the Moving Memo & Pop Solo Plus today, wikipedia would be right

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