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USA WiiWare Update: Bit.Trip Beat

Posted by Damien McFerran

Downloading this week’s WiiWare release might cause some of you to make confused grunting sounds and paw angrily at your Wii Remote, because the retro visuals and 8-bit music of Bit.Trip Beat might suggest to some that they’ve accidently downloaded a Virtual Console release.

However, you should turn that frown upside down because Aksys Games’ latest WiiWare title is a love-letter to the days of yore when the Atari VCS was king and Sonic was but a glint in Yuji Naka’s mischievous eye.

This ‘rhythm action’ title has been on our radar for quite some time now, and at 600 Wii Points it’s certainly priced competitively. But, as always, we recommend you wait for the definitive WiiWare World review.

BIT.TRIP BEAT (Aksys Games, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone, 600 Wii Points): BIT.TRIP BEAT is a rhythm game that brings retro action into the present, letting you use the motion-sensing Wii Remote™ controller to bounce beats. Retro visuals, classic game play, four-player multiplayer and an 8-bit soundtrack will get you in the zone and rock your world. The challenges are mighty, but if you can stay cool as the difficulty increases, you'll discover the beginnings of the BIT.TRIP saga.

Don't forget to check out our exclusive interview with the developer Gaijin Games.

In the ‘real’ world of retro gaming, Virtual Console fans can enjoy the C64 sports classic Summer Games II.

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KnucklesSonic8 said:

Shoot. I had hoped for a surprise second WiiWare title. Oh well. Still definitely getting Bit.Trip BEAT.

I plan to do vids and upload them as soon as I can.



blackknight77 said:

I think they are referring to the game as a DLC not that it has any additional DLC. I could be wrong but thats the way I interpreted it.



Dazza said:

Bit.Trip has no DLC. All Damo meant was it is a downloadable title! We've changed this to avoid any more confusion



Objection said:

^That's really big for a retro title with only a few songs. Any word on when SameGame might make it over? I'd rather get that...



Wiiloveit said:

We're holding SAMEGAME hostage until you send us this now (like with the MaBoShi for World of Goo situation). If you want SAMEGAME (which I hope you do), then you'd better let us have this next week!



Objection said:

Well, Wiiloveit, here's how this exchange is going to go. A week from today (on Monday) you will come to the abandoned theme park with your hostage (SameGame) and give her to us. Then you will leave. Do not bring the police or anyone else with you. The following Thursday/Friday, we will release BTB from our evil grips in time for your update. If you break any of these rules, the girl get it!!!



worrybomb said:

It looks like a hostage situation. Someone better call a negotiator but not just any negotiator.


As for my impressions of the game, I agree mostly with IGN's review. The presentation is awesome and so are the 8-bit tunes. I have a few minor issues: the relatively large file size, some kind of level break would've been nice so one's eyes can rest, and it's a bit of a learning curve with the tilting. Overall though, I enjoyed it regardless and if you have the points (and the space), I say download this. Definitely one of the best WiiWare titles so far in 2009.



Awesome5 said:

Looks interesting, but I think that the background visuals from the video may be too distracting for you to play.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Just got back from playing the game. If you guys have any questions, lemme know.

I'm trying to upload a vid of a... * gasp * Boss fight! lol.
I'll upload more vids later tonight. I already have them recorded, just gotta edit them.

The game is great and yes, there is a learning curve, but after a while, you get used to it. The game is pretty challenging if you ask me. I only just unlocked the 2nd song. One complaint so far is when your paddle mixes in with the background, it can be annoying. Or when all the special effects make darker bits (specifically the dark blue ones) harder to notice. But otherwise, I'm really enjoying this. I can easily see myself replaying this over and over again for high-scores cause keeping a combo is not easy.

I'm a big fan of rhythm games (see: DDRHP2 ) so this naturally is a fit with me. And yes, I completely agree that this is one of the top WiiWare games to be released this far.

So far, Snowboard Riot (challenging and gripping online play), Jungle Speed (hilarious multiplayer) and HVHRS (polished graphics, enjoyable gameplay) have all been highlights for me so far and I can definitely add this to the list. That being said, I still need to get Gradius Rebirth when I have more points and I'm still debating over Lonpos. And if you're wondering about the other 2009 games I've tried Evasive Space and Niki were pretty good, each in their own way. It's just... The aforementioned titles surpass both titles for different reasons. I'd be tempted to put Evasive Space in the company of those titles though but not Niki. But I digress....

Oh, and I should add that the game's size really surprised me. But then again, the special effects and (possibly) the song length would explain the size....

Done processing!



Corbs said:

@ KnucklesSonic8 - Did you ever meet a game you didn't like. You're like the Jerry Lewis of video gaming.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Tons, Corbie. Trust me.
Dunno how many times I have to say how much I can't stand Family Table Tennis.

As surprising as this may sound, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat disappointed me. I didn't end up liking it as much as I thought I would have.

And Niki isn't that great either. It's more like a 6/10. I like it.. but it's just... average. I haven't gone back to it since I got it... * gasp * XD

Like I said Corbie, tons of games. I'm beginning to think I should make videos proving that there are games that I just don't like/can't stand... I think I just might...



Corbs said:

Well I can't help but like your positive attitude, just the same. Well time to get busy with Bit.Trip.Beat. Duty calls.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Oh, and here I thought you were making fun of me for it like everyone else does. I'm gonna head back myself.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Fixed: "You bought a great moderately-hyped WiiWare game. Why am I not surprised."

Oh, I forgot to mention I changed my mind in the span of a couple minutes since I posted that. Screw Gradius Rebirth. Family & Friends Party and Family Glide Hockey is where it's at! Those titles are definite must-buys!

I sincerely hope people can tell I'm being sarcastic....



gameking23 said:

@KS8 Ya who needs Gradius Rebirth when you can play Famly Games & Party Hockey. lol

As for Bit Trip this is the first game I have ever bought without a reveiw (gasp!), and I'm loving every minute of it now if only I could get pass level 1. Guess I'll just have to try harder.



Ricardo91 said:

@Worrybomb. Seriously? You'sd think that with the simplistic visuals and 3-song length, it'd be really small.

Ah well, despite it's short length, I'll definitely check this one out. Looks very unique. Hopefully some new songs pop up as DLC.



Popyman said:

Thanks, KS8, that boss was amazing! Now the wait to get WiiPoints will be even more painful...

BTW, thank you people of WWW for that Hatsworth ad. I'm so getting that game, but wouldn't have known about it otherwise!_



subzerobf said:

Finally a Wiiware title less than 1000 points. Bit.Trip Beat looks good, but repeteitve, and seizure inducing.



Corbs said:

There should definitely be a seizure warning. My eyes might never uncross after this.



worrybomb said:

@ Corbie

Ha. I let my older brother give it a shot and about 2 minutes into the game, he was complaining how his eyes were watery.

Seriously though, Gaijin I like your game a lot but your game is more than likely going to make me visit an optometrist sooner than later. =P



naut said:

WHAT?! There's only three songs? You've failed me Gajin...Is it worth THREE songs? Hrm well, it looks awesome...



Corbs said:

I'm working on the boss of level 2 "Descent" right now. Tough stuff. And the ghosting on the LCD HDTV doesn't make it any easier on the eyes.



worrybomb said:

Yeah the ghosting on the pixelated blocks being reciprocated back to where they came from is the main culprit for my eye problem.

You gotta admit though...the game does look purty at 480p. I'm stuck at the "Descent" song as well. I'm beginning to hate that song. heh.



Corbs said:

Anyone on Level 3 "Growth" yet? Anyone beaten the game yet?



Twilight_Crow said:

Yeah, this one looks awsome, I love musical games, but no one will lend me a credit card so , still I'll get it some day for sure.

Great first impressions, and thanks for the video . When you finish a song can you replay it for a high score anytime you want, or you have to start from the first song again?



Corbs said:

Once you open up a level, you can then start from that level from then on.



worrybomb said:

@Twilight Crow

Once you unlock the next song, you can go back to it in the main menu for replayability. It's definitely a good thing judging from how long each song takes to be completed. =P



worrybomb said:

I'm still stuck in "Descent". What messes me up is those Challenges where your paddle shrinks half its size and it really does stink when those pixelated blocks go on hyper speed.



Corbs said:

What messes me up is those Challenges where your paddle shrinks half its size and it really does stink when those pixelated blocks go on hyper speed.

That took me some time to get past as well.



Philip_J_Reed said:

My thoughts so far:

  • Worth. Every. Penny.
  • Very challenging.
  • Some parts of the song are legitimately unfair until you already know how the pellets will behave...but this isn't really an issue as you'll be playing the songs many times anyway.
  • Commander Video better call my boss tomorrow and explain why I got no sleep tonight.


KnucklesSonic8 said:

"Some parts of the song are legitimately unfair until you already know how the pellets will behave...but this isn't really an issue as you'll be playing the songs many times anyway"

Yeah, Chicken, this also shouldn't be an issue because a lot of rhythm games use this principle.

@Popyman: No prob! I was already getting Henry Hatsworth since I heard it was announced and saw impressions of it. I'm surprised so many haven't heard of it as it really is a unique blend of gameplay that suits my gaming style.
@Twilight Crow: No problem, man! Glad I could help.



Popyman said:

@KS8: Yeah, I have no idea what's up with Hatsworth. I mostly get DS news from DSFanboy, and they haven't mentioned it at all(as far as I've seen, at least)...

But it's EA, so I'm sure it will sell well after awhile.



Corbs said:

I'm going to start writing it up in about an hour. It will all depend on when they get it proofed and published. Should be sooner than Wednesday.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"Yeah, Chicken, this also shouldn't be an issue because a lot of rhythm games use this principle."

Oh fair enough, yeah. It's definitely an issue I have with a lot (but not all) rhythm games. This time, however, I'm actually interested in getting the hang of it; I'm excited to reply levels over and over to get the patterns it's actually a compliment!

And speaking of compliments, well done on that boss fight. I did a lot worse than that my first time. XD



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Oh, thanks! lol. Yeah, that was my first try with that boss. But before that, I tried to clear that levels 3 times already.

And the principle isn't really an "issue" to begin with but that's just me.

@Popy: But remember I mentioned it to you when we met online in ACCF last month sometime? I was talking about upcoming DS games and I was all: "Henry Hatsworth FTW!" and you were all: "Wha' dat?"



Crazed said:

@BrickleBrack: I hope this isn't true. I've been dying a good 3-4 minutes into the first level. Guess Bit. Trip just isn't my forte...yet.

By the way, is anybody else noticing that your paddle pulses to the beat? This throws me off a bit when trying to reach pixls on different quickly, but then again, this could be that I'm just not good at this game.

Other than this factor (and the agreement with Corbie that it should come with a seizure warning), I don't find much wrong with this game. Good job, Aksys.



i_am_error said:

Love the game so far - up (and beyond) to my expectations.

One thing, I'm still stuck at Lvl 2 - but if I shut the game off and return to it (reset or return to Wii menu) I cannot select the 2nd level. I have to replay the first one and then I have access to the 2nd level. Is it normal???



envisionboy said:

This game doesn't save your progress as you go thru it? I beat level 1 twice and it opened the 2nd level, but when I come back to it later, it's not open. Is this supposed to be like this?



Corbs said:

Mine did the same thing. When you quit the game or turn off the Wii it doesn't save, or at least mine didn't. That made me the opposite of happy.



BrickleBrack said:

I think you might need to get on the high score list to advance. I did it the second time I



Kenji510 said:

Just downloaded the game and played it... this game is so damn cool and it really rocks too... 600 points is really good of a deal to buy this game and really must play this game for sure!



Ren said:

Wow, this looks really awesome. And me with only 300 pts left. I'll have to wait. Great innovative games at this price point; thats what I'm talkin' about. Should set a nice standard if it can stay up in the charts. Hope I can get points soon and grab it. Thanks for posting videos, people, it should hold me over till I stop being broke.



Adamant said:

Just picked it up as well..

Wow, this is amazing. Really blends the concepts of "video game" and "art". Best Wiiware game by far, probably best Wii Store game too, hell, maybe even best Wii game.

Are we looking at a perfect 10/10 here, Corbie?



Syr said:

The one release weeks don't seem bad when gems like this come

While I usually wait to see a couple reviews before deciding whether it's worth it to shuffle around all my wii-ware/vc games to accommodate the new arrivals (312 blocks = 17 NES games!) , the gamble paid off this time!

Awesome game, 9/10 (would be a 10 if it were longer!!)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Syr: Exactly! This game made up for all the lackluster updates in the past with only ONE less-than-appealing game (stares at Family Glide Hockey and F&FP).



Twilight_Crow said:

Wow, after all this comments I'm just dying to play this game. It's so good to see a good release like this once in a while , it makes wiiware worthwhile.

Your videos are always welcomed .

@corbie, worrybomb
Thanks! (A little late )

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