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USA VC Update: Summer Games II

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It seems the three Commodore 64 games a few weeks ago were just to celebrate the US launch of the system. This week doesn't bring another three, or even two - Just one!

Summer Games II is part of Epyx's "Games" series, which consists of classics such as Winter Games, California Games and World Games. Just like in Europe, Commodore has chosen to skip the first Summer Games and has gone straight for the superior sequel. Summer Games II has 8 different events, including cycling, fencing, kayaking and others.

Why not check out our review from the EU release last year to find out if this might be a game you would enjoy or not?

On the WiiWare side of things, today brings the hotly anticipated rhythm game Bit.Trip: Beat.

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KnucklesSonic8 said:

Finally another Commodore 64 game. It was dumb how they launched the C64 and then the next 2 weeks didn't add anything for it.

It's a shame that it's only one VC Title though when C64 titles are probably easier to put on the VC.... sigh Still waiting for the next N64 game...

But on the bright side, it'll probably be SSB64.

Oh, and in other news, I just found out the name of a game my mom has been looking for for years... and it's on the Commodore 64! If it ever comes, both of us will be very happy.

@Tony: Tell me about it! This is ridiculous, really and truly. When are they ever going to get their act together?! The beginning of the year was pretty good but now it's back to a slump again. Maybe the 300th VC Game will motivate them more to kick VC Releases into overdrive? We can only hope...



AlphaNerd01 said:

Not that Epyx's Summer Games are bad or anything, but it by itself just seems lame. Oh well.



Chunky_Droid said:

Wow, why is the update early this week? I was staying up my normal time, I could've been asleep by now!!!!

I used to own this on C64 back in the day, I'm not going to get it though.



blackknight77 said:

Is it safe to assume Bomberman 94 and Detana Twinbee will the next two games for March? 3/23 and 3/30



Bass_X0 said:

Its been this early since the clocks changed. Also does anyone have any thoughts as to why the first game has not appeared yet? Also we have Pitstop II but not the first game. I'd assume they were too basic to consider releasing but people say they like SG1.



slangman said:

@ Tony it looks like it, unless those two games are released at once for one week. Maybe at the end of March perhaps?



Adamant said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Pitstop 1 pretty much Pitstop 2 with worse graphics, no 2-player mode, and different courses?

I can understand releasing International Karate before IK+, since they actually do play differently from each other, but when it comes to Pitstop, the sequel is pretty much "the previous game, with more stuff".

It's like releasing Street Fighter 2 instead of going straight to Tur... oh.



SmaMan said:

This one's superior to the first one? I know I have the first one on my C64, and it's pretty good. (and kinda funny) Maybe I'll check this out someday...



dualj said:

I myself am hoping for Mystical Ninja for N64. I know there are more SNES games out there that arent here yet.



Rapadash6 said:

Wow. What a terribly boring week. Oh well Datana! Twinbee should be coming soon so it's cool.



timp29 said:

Ouch. They could have at least given you guys Last Ninja II so you could see the pinnacle f c64 gaming (in my eyes anyway)



Bass_X0 said:

Is it so much to ask for some more SNES games?

You just got one two weeks ago. And obviously they were going to release another C64 game since the console's inclusion on the VC. Should have been 2 C64 games not just 1.



Don said:

Please Nintendo consider releasing Super Scope SNES games so I can hope for a chance that Yoshi's Safari will come to the VC.



The_Fox said:

You know, I thought we couldn't do worse than Europe's last release, but here we are. Two crap releases in a row.



Bass_X0 said:

No Super Scope games unless they make a new light gun compatible with the Wii. The Wii remote does not work in quite the same way light gun games do.



Adamant said:

And light guns don't work too well on newer TVs, so they'd have to reprogram the game substancially, to the point where it's a remake rather than a VC port.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I am itching to see more SNES games but I can't help but feel that Nitnendo desperately needs to work on their N64 releases. That seems more pressing.

Also, since chunky_droid touched on it, I'm hoping B94 and Twinbee come out in one update... hopefully next week's.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

Why do I even check? Nowadays it's always one game, and one I could not care less about. Remember that the Christmas '08 release was one game as well, so they're just squeezing out the games one by one.



Lotice-Paladin said:

Whoa! One C64 game! That's harsh. I thought when you got three at the launch it was going to pick up what with the C64 library being huge! Here's hoping that you get at least a C64 release with something else next week.



Starwolf_UK said:

Bit Trip pretty much is a VC ga...oh forget it that would mean 0 Wiiware games this week.

The problem with light gun based games is if you wanted it with the Wii remote you would have to display the crosshairs on-screen since it doesn't work in the same way as the lightguns (lightguns shoot where you pointed, Wii remote shoots where you point relative to the position of the sensor bar). I feel that would make the games too easy. Then again so did putting a magnifying glass in front of the Zapper...

Though didn't the Super Scope go with a sensor bar set-up?



Bass_X0 said:

I'd imagine you'd say that to any C64 game, LM85. And yes it did, Starwolf.



LittleMac85 said:

Yes i would....C64 is a terrible system along with the Master system, any week with releases from any of thoes two systems is a waste.



Link79 said:

I guess Nintendo thinks the Wii is going to be around forever because they think that one lousy game each week is acceptable.
The Wii will have been long since replaced by the time all the really good games are on the shop. Monday used to be my favorite day of the week since the VC started but now it's back to sucking like it always did. Every week I die a little inside.



Pj1 said:

Often I post on here that Europe get VC releases every two weeks,

Sadly to the guys across the pond, We're use to slightly weak VC title releases here in Europe, We all look forward to the VC releases then we get disappointed when it doesn't work out. Maybe we're get Super Smash bros for Easter??????? (And that does mean North America)



The_Fox said:

@post 43.
Well, you have to understand that part of the enjoyment of the older systems comes from nostalgia, and those whom have never played or even heard of the SMS or C64 aren't likely to give it a chance. Their dislike might come from a lack of a connection with the systems.



Starwolf_UK said:

Wow, such strange and illogical rage for the C64 and Master System!
Its simply far easier to blame those two systems as being the reason we don't have * list of 3rd and 1st party games * then it is to blame the * 3rd and 1st parties * themselves not being interested in publishing anything/don't wnat to work on the emulation at faster than a snails pace.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Commodore 64 isn't as bad as LM makes it out to be IMO. Same with Master System as a matter of fact. But YMMV per person and what kinda games they play I suppose. Graphics aren't everything.

@36/Bass: I was thinking the same thing...



Ricardo91 said:

Yet another blah week for us. I expected another Commodore game, but I wanted it to be Impossible Mission, Mayhem in Monsterland, or Paradroid...

With the lack of worthwhile releases, and the fact that my Wii has been offline for months and I still haven't figured out how to reconnect it, I don't really care about VC anymore anyway.

On another note, are we gonna get that import week soon or what?



VermithraxDagon said:

In the beginning Nintendo made such a shout about weekly releases on the VC and now it seems as though it's been downgraded to a wimper. Disappointed is an extreme under-statement of how I feel. I don't understand why they can't continue to release 3 VC games and a WiiWare game or 2 per week? Ridiculous.



Viral said:

Zzzzzzz...wakes up Oh...another Commodore 64 game that nobody really surprises... zzzzzzz



Clayfrd said:

@LittleMac - "Yes i would....C64 is a terrible system along with the Master system, any week with releases from any of thoes two systems is a waste."

No. The C64 is a classic, and the Master System at least has the 8-bit Sonics, which in my opinion are pure gold. Why are you so loudmouthed, obstinate, and opinionated? It's because you're a... nope. I'm not going to go that low.

@KnucklesSonic8 (3) - I'm just going to start getting games for their original systems. I have the systems, I just usually use VC because there are literally no used game stores in my city. Nintendo really needs to put out a big hit soon. Majora's Mask would suffice (though I already have it). Contra? Why not? Where is it? I'm probably just going to start getting stuff on eBay if the output doesn't increase a little bit.



Mayhem said:

Indeed... but diss the C64 at your peril, you have me to deal with



Ricardo91 said:

@Punchout87. Have you even bothered to give any SMS or C64 games a chance? I heven't played any C64 games, but the SMS has a couple of really good games. Not a lot, but some.

Also, the C64 was one of tthe best-selling computers ever, so quite a few people like it.



touffeboy said:

Hey, if Bomberman 94 and twinbee release for the end of the month, Nintendo will have only one game for his consoles? WTF! I don't understand why Nintendo don't release her best hit! Nintendo 64 have a lot of games than nintendo don't release like Mario Party, Legend of Zelda Majora Mask, Bomberman 64, Super smash bros, etc...



Devastator said:

Nintendo needs to release Track and Field, and let people play it using the Wii Fit Balance Board. That would kick ass.



Drake said:

@ gishagos: The Wii already had a good release last month, The House of the Dead: Overkill



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

I suppose they focus on the lesser titles because it's easier to get the rights for them. Also, the lesser systems like C64 and TG16 are easier to emulate (C64 especially). N64 is probably the hardest for them. I've been hoping for Saturn, but that might be too complex for them.

I've beaten SBCG4AP episode 1, so maybe I could try beating the next four episodes and by then hopefully something will have come out.



Shinnok said:

@ Clayfrd
I despise the C64 and SMS, and I'm sure there's a few more people on this site who don't like them either. Not everyone has to like them. Oh, and the C64 and SMS aren't classics. "Classics" have to be unanimous favorites, like Paper Mario.

@ Mayhem
Nobody's afraid of incurring your wrath.



Jolted85 said:

A few more weeks from now we'll be at 300 games, but thats like 13 weeks if they keep releasing one at a time, still 300 is quite a bit.



Clayfrd said:

@Shinnok - A person mistaking this for a forum! What has the world come to?

Oh, and I bet I can find one person who doesn't like Paper Mario, making it not unanimous and therefore not a classic. Hooray for flawed logic.

@Ferret75 - I agree. It does look rather entertaining.



FunkMasterRitter said:

"Expect the other games in the series soon" Can't be too soon unless the definition was changed to painfully slow". Hmmm it's got to the point where I completely forget theres even updates on mondays. Maybe its just that I don't care anymore... with nothing coming out that interests me.



Adamant said:

Oh my, what ignorance from the silly kids who judge games based on what systems they're on rather than how fun they are.

(and why the hell do you care about Bomberman 94, anyway? It's the exact same game as Bomberman 93, just with a bit extra crap you won't ever care about. Plus, it's more expensive)



pikmin95 said:

Whats with this hatmania going on? VC reviews has it, WWW has it, IGN has it, and Gametrailers has it. A hack?



WarioFan63 said:

Its depressing isnt it? Gamers seem to have grown more and more greedy and hard to please as the years go by. I wish there was just some switch to reverse it all...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@pikmin95: Don't fight it! Embrace it! It's a shame some had no idea about this game's existence before this happened. And it's something called promotion/publicity.
@Ferret: Lemme know what you think of it!



StarDust4Ever said:

With the exception of the February 23rd C64 Launch, we haven't gotten a multiple [double] game week since November - that's over three months!!!

Also with the exception of the February 23rd C64 Launch, we haven't gotten a triple game week since December 31, 2007 - that's over a year, folks!!!

Nindento, this is completely unacceptable = FAIL, FAIL, FAIL!!!

Oh well, hopefully they'll get off their lazy rumps and give us Jumpman & Mayhem in Monster Land, as those are the only C64 titles I'm interested in besides Great Gianna Sisters...



Turtles89 said:

Hopefully we'll see Revenge of Shinobi or Super Punchout soon. I'd of course would love it if they put out Turtles 2: The Arcade Game for the NES. So many great games out there.



brooks83 said:

It's probably a fun game but I will hold off on buying any Wii points for now. I finally bought Mario Kart Wii so that will hold me over for awhile.



Shinnok said:

@ Clayfrd

Nobody dislikes Paper Mario. I would never believe anybody who said they did. If somebody ever claimed they hated Paper Mario, I would immediately know that they were the one person who has to disagree with everybody else.



brooks83 said:

@ Shinnok

Go back to 1989 and ask that same question about Summer Games II. Just because the game isn't as popular today as it was then, does not mean that it isn't a classic.



Shinnok said:

I seriously doubt Summer Games II was a phenomenon back in 1989, brooks83. Especially with Mario running around, stealing the spotlight.

And yes, it sounds a little dramatic, but I despise the C64 and SMS. It's okay though, I'm pretty sure the world won't stop spinning.



Kelvin said:

It's very strong language for what are, after all, just toys. I'm just surprised by the bizarre vehemence of your reaction.



Shinnok said:

Would it make you feel safer if I used a word like "dislike", Kelvin? Okay, I dislike the C64 and SMS.



Kelvin said:

"Safer"? What? No, not really. I just find it hard to believe that anyone who isn't, you know, deranged would actively "despise" a games console, that's all.



brooks83 said:

I know it sounds cliche, but games wouldn't be the same today without the C64 and SMS.



Shinnok said:

You're probably right brooks83. That does make some sense. Though, games today really aren't all that impressive. Especially first-person shooters, yuck!

You know, Summer Games II reminds me of a sports game I used to own for the Game Gear. I can't remember the name, but if memory serves, it was pretty entertaining.



Viral said:

I'm so glad that C64 games aren't coming as frequently here in the UK anymore. And yes, the Wii has a hot lineup coming this year:
House of the Dead : Overkill
Mushroom Men
Deadly Creatures (haven't tried it but it looks awesome)
The Conduit
Dead Space (prequel to the PS3 and 360 version, all new game)

And those are just what we know about!



Shinnok said:

@ Kelvin
No, it was "basically" a shrunken, portable Master System! It had a lower screen resolution, larger color palette, and could produce stereo sound. But "basically" doesn't cut it, they're still separate consoles (despite numerous similarities).

@ Viral
I want HOTD: Overkill and MadWorld. I really love HOTD, and MadWorld seems cool.



Kelvin said:

So why "despise" one and not the other, when they're largely the same, beyond some very minor technical differences?



Shinnok said:

You seriously need to get off this topic, Kelvin. We could pass comments back and forth all day with no resolution. I despise the SMS and C64, you can't seem to understand that. I'm done with this topic, let's please move on.



Adamant said:

Because he played one of them as a kid, and not the others, and doesn't like things he's never tried before. Duh.

I must also say I'm really happy Nintendo "sucks" as much as they do, releasing a variety of games from many different platforms, rather than doing what the fanboy whiners want, and only release those games they scream the loudest about. Variety is good.



sega_nerd said:

hmm.. if they're releasing only c64 games how about adding last ninja 2 to the list.



Ricardo91 said:

@Shinnok. Have you even bothered to play an SMS or C64 game? Just because it doesn't have the Nintendo logo slapped on it, or is something you aren't familiar with doesn't mean those systems are completely worthless.

Also, why would you actively despise a system you never had any experience with? Did a C64 and an SMS come to life one day and kill your father when you were a child?



Captain_Konami said:

Dahm, 100 posts already. VC Reviews is hoppin again.

Ok, great game. Not damh near enough. Not even the right system (and this is coming from a C64 lover......I mean "like"r ).

C64 now has a whopping FOUR games for it. Woot. Would not be so obnoxious if it weren't already out elsewhere with umpteen games (or is it umptwenty?). One C64 game, no console games, no where near satisfactory......well kinda near satisfactory, since Summer Games II WAS indeed a phenomenon back in the day (not for its innovation, but for it's tight quality action gameplay......very much a Mega Man 2 for it's system and time).

And the Master System and C64 are TOTALLY ....... undeniably (at least undeniable by those who are not BSing for self amusement or making extreme statements to draw more viewership.... ) foundation gaming platforms and true classics (in as much as a system can be a classic when it will always have a mix of both good and poor produced for it).

The only real clear cut flaw to the master system (IMHO) is that it was not promoted well enough to stand toe to toe with the NES, which pretty much completely owned the ground the Master System was standing on. The C64 did some things for gaming music and gameplay complexity that could probably only be done on a computer platform, yet it managed to make the games playable enough to stand up well next to dedicated gaming consoles. That is something that could not be convincingly claimed by any other computer system of the time. And the devotees' level of loyalty would seem to support that impressive reality.

Anyway, Summer Games is a VERY good game. For its level of graphics and sound, it is extremely playable and not a bad little challenge to boot. I would dearly love to have SG I and II, with the arcade version of Track and Field (but since this is VC we're talking about, I'd certainly settle for the NES Track and Field........still have my T&F 2 cart, but I'd at least consider buying it if it came out for VC). BTW, Summer Games Javelin Throw OWNS Track and Field Javelin Throw, just for those who may have been fooling themselves.

And @99, gave me a good chuckle.....for being true. And I second the vote for variety. The suck does not come from having more systems to be provided games from, the suck comes from not being given enough games per week to legitimately claim true support of ONE of the VC's emulated systems, much less a handful of them. Focus your Mana rage at the true source of the problem, the lack of throughput, not the bandwidth. (Whoh, too much geek, sorry about that.)

Oh, and I heartily second the speculation about hopefully still getting the I's (Pitstop and Summer Games for starters......Contra for seconders).

Edit: Well upon review.......BAM, text wall.....well, text Jenga maybe......sorry about that. I need to catch these threads early on so I can space out my own folksy brand of wisdom, insight, and BS.

Edit Edit: Hah, I just played (and faulted) my way thorough the Play All on my newly downloaded Summer Games II, and I must say that I really missed those Summer Games II closing ceremonies! Easily worth the 5 bucks just to have the closing ceremonies available again. Man I love those EPYX games. Now I want my old C64 Gi Joe game downloaded to my VC. I now own 3 of the 4 available C64 games.......Nintendo has GOT to get with it and get NA some more C64......



Bass_X0 said:

Dahm, 100 posts already. VC Reviews is hoppin again.

If we cut out all of the negative comments and those not talking about the game itself then we'll have far far less. And if you don't like the C64 then you don't like the NES either since many of the games on the C64 Virtual Console have also had ports on the NES. If you complained about C64 Nebulus, would you have complained about NES Tower Toppler too?

I'm so glad that C64 games aren't coming as frequently here in the UK anymore.

Neither are Virtual Console games in general. The equivalent of one every week is minimal.



Objection said:

Coming late into the party, what Shinnok has basically done is the "Start it, run" routine usually seen when lighting fireworks. In this context, you start a conversation, then refuse to talk about it when people ask questions. Interesting approach.



The_Fox said:

I highly recommend everyone pretend Shinnoks comments were never made. While the occasional nerd-off never hurt anything, when it dominates the bottom half of the thread it can quickly turn into an annoying flame war that noboby wants to read.



Viral said:

Bass, I'm praying for it. I need some classic gaming to get into. I'm ALMOST about to break down and get World of Goo finally and I still haven't broken down to get LostWinds (which, I know, I'm missing out on). I will get these titles EVENTUALLY. I'm hoping that the Strong Bad games are coming as a compilation cd for the Wii or something, it'd save me some £ but I doubt they'll do that. Anyone else interested in the following games since NOBODY remarked about it:

House of the Dead : Overkill
The Conduit (looks amazing!)
Dead Space (new one for Wii only)
Mushroom Men
Deadly Creatures

And anyone else interested in the Wii-Ware title Meat Boy?



Kelvin said:

I'm vaguely interested in The Conduit, although I must say that my interest in FPS has waned since Timesplitters 4 went off the radar. Madworld looks very interesting, but the graphics and ultraviolence make me wonder if they're trying to draw attention away from weaknesses elsewhere.

The Wii release to which I'm really looking forward (aside from N64 Mario Tennis) is the WiiWare version of Cave Story. I can't wait for that!



touffeboy said:


Variety it's bad in this case! Nintendo put more C64 and SMS games than Nintendo games! WTH?



Objection said:

Bass, you guys have enough games for nearly 2 Hanabi's. I think one should be coming very soon.



Clayfrd said:

@Kelvin - In terms of MadWorld, there really aren't many weaknesses. It's not a perfect game, and it's short, but I've loved every minute of it (I'm close to the end), and I've already played several stages twice just for fun.

@Shinnok - I think Kelvin (and I) want to know why you dislike it. All you've basically said is "I hate the MS, don't ask me why, go away." Then you just stop. What? Is it some kind of graphics deal, fanboyism, or what? There's really no reason to hate a system unless it has a game all about how terrible you are. Or if it's the PS3... (just kidding). I don't like the PS3, but I have a reason. Feel free to ask me why.



Adamant said:

@touffeboy: There are 10 Master System games, 4 C64 games and 134 Nintendo games currently on the VC.
I don't see the problem.
Let the new systems catch up a bit, you stupid fanboys who refuse to play anything that's not on Nintendo have already got a massive library to pick from.



WolfLink22 said:

For me it does not have to be a Nintendo made game for a bit.I would settle for ClayFighter for the Sega Genesis or something.



Mike1 said:

I hope Nintendo doesn't waste a VC week on a pile of garbage like Clayfighter.



Bendover83 said:

I for one loved Dead Space so I'm looking forward for that.
What about The boy and his Blob remake for the Wii. That game looks interesting.
I like seeing these different games on here I haven't played. NOA is just sooo slow at releasing them though. Contra III and II came out not too long from each other but whats with this span of over a year without another one. Also, what happened to NeoGeo are they done until the summer where its almost all NeoGeo games Edit: again.



Kelvin said:

@Clayfrd, that's good to know. I've got a backlog of games to get through already, but I may look into Madworld once I'm done.



Clayfrd said:

@Kelvin - Ha, I have plenty of games I need to finish as well. I plan on cutting back on buying games for a while, but MadWorld was definitely worth it.

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