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USA VC Update: Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It's back to Sega games this week, it seems. Today's new game is the second game in the Alex Kidd series.

Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars was the beginning of a steep slope downhill for Sega's original mascot. The first Alex Kidd game was fairly good (We gave it a 7/10), but for the second game Sega made a massive mistake - They basically completely changed the gameplay! Instead of featuring special gameplay elements like vehicles and breaking blocks, the game is basically just a really straight-forward platformer. It's still somewhat decent, but it's also the last "good" Alex Kidd game.

Watch out for our Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars review which should be up soon.

On the WiiWare side of things you can finally grab a Konami game they actually made themselves - Yes, it's the long-awaited Gradius ReBirth!

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slangman said:

I second that comment. I don't think I will get this when it comes out to Europe. Sounds a bit average



7th_lutz said:

I figured Alex Kidd: The lost Stars would be released today.

I wonder if Fantasy Zone 2 will be the next Sms vc game release next month.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I predicted this would come out today. I'm definitely getting this. It'll be my first Alex Kidd game.



blackknight77 said:

I was hoping for some more C64 games. I don't like Nintendo's release schedule, but there is nothing I can do

I would like to see Nintendo/Sega put out Shinobi, Afterburner, or Outrun as the next SMS game.



Pj1 said:

Nintendo and Sega really are good buddies these days!! Mega drive titles are proving ever more popular with VC releases. When will Nintendo publish a release schedule for Europe? This game will probably appear for Europe next week.....



Roo said:

A 2D platformer I've not played! I'll be downloading this when it's out over here.



Bass_X0 said:

This game will probably appear for Europe next week.....

If we don't get Hanabi, then its certainly possible.



touffeboy said:

No surprise, an Other Sega game!

I never like Alex kidd Series, but if i'm remember, Nintendo would release Mortal Kombat series with no blood?



Mike1 said:

"Remember when Grandma used to mark your height on the wall every so often, just to see how fast you were growing? Well, if the Wii™ Shop Channel had its own growth chart, she'd be impressed at how the selection of great games keeps getting bigger and bigger each week. "

The person who writes these stupid press releases every week, is the biggest waste of money of Nintendo's payroll. Gradius seems to be a pretty decent WiiWare game, but Alex Kidd seems like a pile of garbage.



The_Fox said:

Ehh, Alex Kid always sucked. Nothing good this week on the VC or WiiWare.



seanehawk said:

our steak of good VC games has ended. NOOO! Well on the bright side there's gradius rebirth and there's 1 less game getting in the way of SSB



Rapadash6 said:

Well, there goes my theory about Smash Bros. being the 300th VC release. I still have no doubt that it'll come out on April 27th anyway, though. Not terribly excited with this release but Gradius Rebirth picks up the slack, so no complaints from me.



sponge said:

really rapadash? was this the 300th release? pretty lame. but its cool, cuz im broke anyway haha. im glad its not something i want. master system needs quartet like a mofo!



Ricardo91 said:

"Our steak of good VC games has ended."

Well, it was good while it lasted. It was so tender too...

Well, it looks like another lame week for us. I wasn't that fond of the first Alex Kidd, so I'm surely not gonna like this. AK in Shinobi World looks pretty cool though. At least we FINALLY got Gradius Rebirth on WW.

A shame too, I was expecting another bunch of C64 games or Smash Bros.



Rapadash6 said:

@ sponge

In the Ogre Battle update I speculated and posted that Nintendo would alternate weeks between 3 C64 and single releases, which would make 300 games come April 27th (which is also the 10 year anniversary of the original Smash Bros.). Today only saw a single non C64 release, so that pretty much debunks my theory. This release brings the VC release total only to 285, so at the rate we're going it'll be a few months yet till the big 300.



Link79 said:

meh indeed. I don't see why anyone even likes the first Alex kid. I downloaded it after all the praise it was getting and thought it sucked. To each his own I guess but these games just don't excite me.



KingMike said:

Well, it's SMS game #10. Keeping the 1 game per week trend, we won't see VC game #300 until June 22.



Nin1Od0 said:

i know most of you are getting tired if the single game releases, i just got tired of it, starting today.

pick up the pace....i miss the good ol 3 vc 1 ww. : ( ***



Shinnok said:

The streak of good games has ended? Now that's news to me. I was expecting Super Smash Bros. or Bomberman '94, to be honest. But, Nintendo never misses a chance to disappoint!



punchout87 said:

Alex Kidd blows! I was hoping for Revenge of Shinobi or Super Punchout. I've been holding on to the same 900 points for months now, lol. I've already bought everything that's even remotely enjoyable. Damn you Nintendo!



Bendover83 said:

I haven't bought anything since December and that was Phantasy Star IV. I played the original Alex Kidd on the Ultimate Genesis Collection and its mediocre, so I will not get this.

I'm still predicting that C64 games come at the last Monday of the month since it did for February. If that were the case then 300 would come during the third of fourth week of May.



capcom83 said:

THis game is already on the xbox360 and PS3 with the 60hz option! For europe it's the best to get it (sega ultimate mega collection) for only 35 euro over 40 games! Glad I haven't bought all on the WII. And with achievements I've got at least a goal.



Ricardo91 said:

"Pick up the pace....i miss the good ol 3 vc 1 ww."

I hate to break it to ya, but we never had weeks like that...



Party_On_Dude said:

I was hoping to see a ton of complaining at this comment section to flood with 80-90 so comments already... why is that?

Let's just revolt against NOA and send them tons of hate mail about the VC until they do something about these stupid 1 VC game days!!!!

At this rate the VC library will never fill up with the classic SNES & N64 games they've been holding out on all of this time!

Once again NOA screws its perfect chances of giving us a perfect day for SSB64... we'll surely have to wait for another month on April 27th now... so until then?!!!!

Also why not now clean out your ears you freaking NOA, you're ruining your fans dreams for VC games!!!!! STOP WITH THE 1 VC GAME A WEEK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!



Shinnok said:

Hey, I complained! And I am not making excuses for Nintendo either, this was a terrible release!



Ragnor said:

Alex Kidd in Enchanted Castle is the one on the Megadrive Ultimate Collection, not Lost Stars or Miracle World

And no its not the game fore this, Miracle World is, and its the best in the series.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

That's not worth noting Jogurt.... It's OBVIOUS that this was released in Canada and I think we've well established that for a long time...

@NintendoBrad: 300th Game? That's what someone else told me.



Nin1Od0 said:

i don't think complaining works. it's pretty obvious if we are still getting paltry releases.

i think maybe some sort of mass internet sign ups, not pleaing, but like representing the voice of the wii gamer saying, or stating not just appreciation thus far, but let them know of our disappointment because we only expect the best from them.

lol like some reverse phsycology thing. and if we are to be given a bad release game, make it up with 2 ok titles, or 1 great title.

(IMO - i think they should at least release 3 vc and 1 ww title a week, how else will we fill up the other consoles....on top of that, game releases should be dependant via the vote channel!!!)



HVGN_Nerd said:

t's back to Sega games this week, it seems. Today's new game is the second game in the Alex Kidd series.

Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars was the beginning of a steep slope downhill for Sega's original mascot so they decided to dump this !@#$ on us.



Metroid133 said:

Downloaded the game today...also I beat the game today. It was fun and easy. I'll probably go back and play it again when I'm bored sometime.



WolfLink22 said:

Super Mario RPG was VC Game 250 so we will either get SSB or some other Big Nintendo or Sega Game as VC Game 300.

Shoot i'd settle for ClayFighter or something over some of the games that have been offered as of late.



Mario_maniac said:

Oh. Em. Gee.

I've been waiting for this game for quite a while, it's one of the few Master System games I remember playing. Though, this frustrated the hell out of me. Was still fun, though.



Mike1 said:

@45. Metroid133
You would rather have Clayfighter over Ogre Battle? Are you nuts?



WolfLink22 said:

Comment 49

"I Think for are 300th game we might get Sonic CD Mega man 4 or Smash Bros"

Mega Man 4 would be likely.

SSB is also very likely as well.

But Sonic CD i'd not only be suprised but shocked if USA got it because we all know that Sonic & Knuckles has been re rated by the esrb for as long as we can all remember.

I have the Sonic Mega Collection already so i would not need S&K.

Also the way things have been going Europe and those that get VC Games on Thursdays and or early fridays will be getting this Alex Kidd game the same week as USA if they don't already have it watch and see.

I just hope when USA gets VC Game 300 that it is nothing to do with the Sega Master System.

If you want far feched VC Game ideas for VC Game 300 then NOA could wake up and finally give us Super Mario Kart or Earthbound for those that want such ideas.



Party_On_Dude said:

Well I'm just throwing this out there... but maybe if some companies got a hold of their game licenses...

Like Konami/Ubisoft & just give us the 2nd NES Ninja Turtles game for CRYING out LOUD!!!

Or if Midway will ever see the light of day, even if they're done with for all we know it... who knows when the MK games will hit the VC?!

If ever one of those titles I mentioned hits the VC within... who knows... 2 more years (for all I know it'll be pretty far in the Wii's lifecycle); maybe it could be like within the 350, 400, 450 range of games on the Wii Shop Channel?!!!!

Just games I've ever so had WISHFUL thinking on ever since the Wii came into our lives!! Sigh!!



Chunky_Droid said:

Midway stated they'd bring MK to the Virtual Console, I'm guessing the fact they now have no money and are trying to sell Mortal Kombat's franchise isn't going to help matters.

I'd also love to see licensed games too, but wouldn't hold my breath.

As for Alex Kidd, he has his league of fans, I'm not a huge one myself so I'll skip it



CanisWolfred said:

I'm glad they finally got this out of the way, now they can get on to better games, like...something that isn't this.



Metroid133 said:

@47. Mike
You must be looking at the comment below mine. I have Ogre Battle and love it from what I've played. Clayfighter would be fun to play, but I can't tell how good Clayfighter is until I play it.



Chunky_Droid said:

@55: Simply because Nintendo haven't bothered finishing the emulator for FX Chip games, it'll come eventually, probably followed by the rest of the FX Chip games shortly afterwards.



WolfLink22 said:

#60 yeah but i was still replying to you any way.But you triple replied so it confused me.



Party_On_Dude said:

Check this news out though:

Its about:
Nintendo sends out a mysterious PR email saying something coming which has been a decade?!

I highly think/nah assume this is a prediction that none other than...

Super Smash bros 64 will be announced very shortly; and maybe it'll be for April 27th... who knows?!

But my prediction has been right all along!! Man, I'm smart!!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Heh, yeah. Y'know how I see it, the sooner it comes the better (kinda like shudders Pop-Up Pirate). Because that means better titles are that much more likely.



Bass_X0 said:

yeah. its no good for us now but a crappy present means a brighter future.



RadioShadow said:

"And with achievements I've got at least a goal."

Shame the achievements on the Xbox 360 Mega Collection were lame. "Collect 100 Rings with Tails on Sonic 3" (why Tails?), "Communicate with a Dolphin" (WTF kind of challenge is that), "Unlock Victy on Streets of Rage 3" (great SOR3 achievement...).



Bass_X0 said:

Why Tails? Presumably to make you use him instead of Sonic for once? And is getting Victy hard?



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

@62: I've already downloaded Star Fox 64, but I'd like a Star Fox from each generation

@61: When they do get the FX emulators ready, they should do Yoshi's Island as well.



Shinnok said:

I'm getting it tomorrow. I hate going to stores late. But I can't wait!

UPDATE: I just got Resident Evil 5, and it's such a disappointment. The controls, sound, storyline, and game play just don't stack up to its predecessor. Too bad, I had such high hopes.



Bendover83 said:

@RadioShadow: Ya, the PS3 trophies are the same for the collection and were all easy. I got every one actually, the hardest trophy IMO was beating Robotnik on Mean Bean Machine.
Trophies like:
Getting a chaos emerald
Tails gets 100 rings
cast magic 10 times in Golden Axe
Beat level 1 on Comic Zone
Etc. were all too easy.



Clayfrd said:

@bendover83 - I too got all of the achievements, but that's not why I got the game. I got it for the awesome Genesis games.

Off topic, has anyone seen that ridiculous ad for some Hatsworth or Hattington or whatever game? It makes the site look ridiculous...



Bendover83 said:

@Clayfrd: It might've been applied that I was playin the game just for the trophies but that's only one out of many reasons. I've been wanting those original arcade games for awhile now and all those rpg's games without paying the VC prices eventhough I did buy PSIV. I never played Beyond Oasis, Shining Force series, all the PS games, and GA games and now I can plus those other classics. The trophies was just to see if I could do it and get it out of the way.
Ya, I'd seen the site and thought something was wrong with it at first but nope just an advertisement taking over.



Bendover83 said:

@Bass XO: Depends on how u are in Streets of Rage 3. What u do is get halfway in stage one and a Clown Tamer shows up with Victy who fights you as a Midboss. Then you kill the Clown guy and Victy the kangeroo is yours.

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