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Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (11th Mar)

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It's Wednesday again which can only mean one thing. It's time to take a look at the most popular WiiWare titles available in the Wii Shop. If you're feeling adventurous you can even take a look for yourself by simply logging on to your Wii Shop channel, heading into the WiiWare section and then viewing "Popular Games". It's that simple! Trust us, if we can do it, anyone can.

We compile this list using the USA region Wii Shop channel, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be quite a bit different. Please feel free to post your region's findings below as always.

Keep in mind that the list below is a measure of actual sales made recently, not of the total time the game has been available for sale.

Here is the list for the 11th of March:

1 (3) - Onslaught
2 (1) - Tetris Party
3 (2) - My Aquarium
4 (4) - World of Goo
5 (6) - Dr Mario Online Rx
6 (5) - Cue Sports - Pool Revolution
7 (7) - My Pokémon Ranch
8 (9) - Fun! Fun! Minigolf
9 (8) - Midnight Bowling
10 (10) - Brain Challenge
11 (11) - Target Toss Pro: Bags
12 (13) - Defend your Castle
13 (12) - TV Show King
14 (15) - Wild West Guns
15 (14) - Sandy Beach
16 (19) - Tiki Towers
17 (17) - Mega Man 9
18 (18) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
19 (16) - Snowboard Riot
20 (--) - Bomberman Blast

* (N) - Denotes a new entry on the Top 20

Onslaught completes its run up the Top 20 and lands in the top spot this week knocking out previous Top 20 powerhouse Tetris Party. As you can see, My Aquarium is still holding off World of Goo which is holding steady in the #4 spot for the time being.

The big climber this week was Tiki Towers, which jumped up 3 spots to #16 and is currently enjoying a bit of a resurgence. The big dropper this week was Hudson's Snowboard Riot, which fell 3 spots to #19.

Wayforward's LIT release didn't stick around on the chart too long, as it dropped off this week allowing Bomberman Blast to make a return appearance on the Top 20.

While we had quite a few games flip flop with other games, there wasn't a lot of movement this week. Maybe we'll see more changes on next week's Top 20.

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Mr_Saturn said:

Still, its hard to see some terrible games continue to stick around while true gems fall off/down the list.



KDR_11k said:


(2) 1 World of Goo
(3) 2 My Aquarium
(1) 3 Onslaught
(4) 4 FUN FUN Minigolf
(10) 5 Snowboard Riot
(5) 6 TV Show King
(8) 7 Tetris Party
(7) 8 Brain Challenge
(9) 9 Bomberman Blast
(6) 10 Pop-Up Pirate
(12) 11 Midnight Bowling
(11) 12 SAMEGAME
(13) 13 My Pokemon Ranch
(14) 14 CueSports
(15) 15 LostWinds
(18) 16 The Incredible Maze
(16) 17 Family Glide Hockey
(17) 18 Mega Man 9
(-) 19 FFCCMLaaK
(19) 20 Defend Your Castle

Orbient is out again due to FFCCMLaaK growing again. I'm sad to report that Onslaught has fallen two spots (it was at #2 a few hours ago...). Biggest riser was Snowboard Riot, possibly owing to the WW service's lack of racing games, biggest loser was Pop-Up Pirate, presumably russian roulette doesn't have many return customers. Fortunately Beer Pong has failed to make any showing so far.



Dazza said:

Good for Onslaught, it's nice to see a new game take the #1 spot.

LIT deserved to stick around for a little longer, booooo!!!!



WiiGuy said:

Goo is holding on!
I would love to see the total sales for everygame on WiiWare



Kaeobais said:

Onslaught number 1? Hmm. Well, apart from that nothing big has happened in the list this week. Good to see bomberman sneaking back onto the charts.



Pikamander2 said:

That's why you're still a kid!

I'm glad to see Bomberman Blast back on the list. Not that it will last long.



Wesker said:

@Chicken Brutus: Don't you think you should be downloading games like Onslaught? Thats if you want to become a 'fully fledged' member of the WiiWare-World team lol



subzerobf said:

I'm glad we finally have a new #1. But how is My Aquarium still #3. How many people can possibly like virtual fish, and it's not even a game.



Bops said:

Yes Onslaught! Not the deepest shooter but it is really fun!
It's a shame that LIT couldn't stick around in the top 20. Although it has its flaws, LIT is an underated game and more people should be willing to try playing it.



Philip_J_Reed said:

@Luigi La Bouncy:
I'll be honest: I still find it hard to believe we have a 9/10 FPS on WiiWare! Nothing against my fellow reviewers (they've never led me astray before!) but it's so hard to get it through my skull.

All I keep hearing is satisfied customers maybe it's about time I bit my lip and risked the points after all.

Oh, that, and I was kind of waiting for Bit Trip to get here. Let's hope I get it before my 60th birthday at this rate.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

For Canada: Onslaught is also number one! Wow.
And Ogre Battle is 11th. Definitely a feat when yuo see the other titles it beat (such as Pac-Man which is 15th IIRC).



Djungelurban said:

Swedish Top 20:
(2) 1 - World Of Goo
(1) 2 - Onslaught
(6) 3 - Snowboard Riot
(4) 4 - Fun! Fun! Minigolf
(3) 5 - Mega Man 9
(5) 6 - My Aquarium
(7) 7 - Defend Your Castle
(8) 8 - LostWinds
(12) 9 - My Pokémon Ranch
(9) 10 - Bomberman Blast
(11) 11 - Tetris Party
(16) 12 - Dr. Mario & Germ Buster
(15) 13 - Toki Tori
(-) 14 - Beer Pong! Frat Party Games
(10) 15 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King
(17) 16 - Family Glide Hockey
(20) 17 - Wild West Guns
(R) 18 - Pop Them, Drop Them SameGame
(14) 19 - Pop-Up Pirate!
(13) 20 - TV Show King



Cheezy said:

Apparently nobody's into Gradius. It's a good game. BTW, anybody who owns the game, check the Wi-Fi Rankings. I'm holding the 4th spot (my name is Brian C.)



Corbs said:

Don't worry, Gradius Rebirth will show up next week. Games hardly ever make it onto the Top 20 the same week they're released. And congrats on holding the 4th spot.



Rum_Rapture said:

Derpy derpy derp, UK!:

1 (2) - My Aquarium
2 (4) - World of Goo
3 (1) - Onslaught
4 (5) - Snowboard Riot
5 (3) - Pop-Up Pirate!
6 (6) - My Pokemon Ranch
7 (9) - TV Show King
8 (11) - Defend Your Castle
9 (10) - FUN! FUN! Minigolf
10 (8) - The Incredible Maze
11 (7) - Bomberman Blast
12 (14) - Brain Challenge
13 (13) - Tetris Party
14 (15) - CueSports - Snooker vs. Billiards
15 (12) - Pop Them, Drop Them SAMEGAME
16 (19) - LostWinds
17 (17) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King
18 (16) - Wild West Guns
19 (18) - Space Invaders Get Even
20 (N) - Art Style: ORBIENT

Lots of movers and shakers this week... My Aquarium reclaims the top spot and Art Style: ORBIENT re-enters the charts, knocking Sudoku Challenge out of them. Nay and yay!



Dume said:

I'm glad Onslaught is up that far on the list. I think it was handled really well.



Objection said:

Go Onslaught! I knew you could do it! And happy early birthday, Chicken_Brutus! (unless you were being sarcastic in which case you get no such thing~!)



Cheezy said:

@ Corbie Comment 19

Yeah that is true, I keep forgetting about that because we get more and more games it's hard for that to happen now adays. And thanks, though I should say it was on easy, lol.



BigLord said:


xD couldn't resist, haha.



MarkyVigoroth said:

You may execute me for this, but I bought My Aquarium for "The Moon" as a birthday present. (He asked for that!)

Heh. At least Beer Toss is still off the charts.



Corbs said:

I'm really surprised LIT didn't stay on the charts longer. It's a shame it dropped off so quickly.



CommanderVideo said:

@ Chicken Brutus:
Your wait is almost over. How's your Monday looking? Because I'll tell ya, mine is looking GOOD.



Party_On_Dude said:

All I can say is DEAR GOD... why STUPID Onslaught is #1 I may never know... but I guess those who like STUPID FPS's go crazy over them; yet it still makes me SICK!!!!

Also I only like that Orge Battle in the the Top VC 20!



Party_On_Dude said:

Note: I only stated my personal opinion about the new top #1; so don't get mad at me, (or delete my above post), even if I hate Onslaught... I just can't stand FPS or the fact that people play them for a reason this day and age, when there are so many shooting/violent games in this video game industry!!
Also I'm not going to stick around and talk about why... I just don't like FPS, PERIOD!!
End of rant!



Bass_X0 said:

I just don't like FPS,

Okay. Me neither. But I don't go around forums saying the entire genre is bad, stupid or whatever. Just that they are not my kinda game although I do recognise a good FPS when its made and why people enjoy them. I am quite glad that Onslaught is at #1 this week.



Philip_J_Reed said:


You'd better not be toying with me!

I picked up Onslaught last night after all, but I've been excited for Bit Trip since the first news I read, so believe me, I'll be buying more points the moment I see it available.



KDR_11k said:

Heh, just checked again, WoG and My Aquarium have traded places, now My Aquarium is #1 here.



Ren said:

Need to get to Onslaught. I actually meant to get it and Tetris with my last 20 points. I got Tetris and then never stopped playing long enough to go back and get Onslaught. I have work to do so I've been afraid to get Onslaught as well.
Whats the deal with Midnight bowling? It looks horrible to me, whats it doing there? Tiki Towers wins smartest marketing approach ever. mediocre, knockoff of a great game at the lowest possible price. wins every time. I think there a lot of 1000 points games here that would better fit 500 and sell like hotcakes if they did.



Rockbandmonkey said:

I'm not surprised Onslaught has risen up so quickly. With FPS's becoming so popular it was just a matter of time before some publisher took advantage of the fact that there one yet on Wiiware. Me in particular, I buy all genres of games. I have FPS's, puzzlers, action/adventure games, and platformers. Strategy is a genre I have yet to see on Wiware.



chris3116 said:

Canada list at this moment:
1-Tetris Party
3-World of Goo
4-My Aquarium
5-Dr. Mario Online Rx
6-Brain Challenge
7-My Pokemon Ranch
8-Cue Sports: Pool Revolution
9-Bomberman Blast
10-Fun Fun Minigolf
11-Defend your Castle
12-FFCC My LIfe as a King
13-Mega Man 9
14-Sandy Beach
15-TV Show King
16-Hockey AllStar Shootout
17-Tiki Towers
18-Wild West Guns
19-Snowboard Riot
20-Family & Friends Party



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Okay, some more people must've bought Tetris Party because when I checked on Monday or Tuesday, Onslaught was first. Unless my eyes were playing tricks on me...?

Funny how SNOWBOARD RIOT is high and yet, I've only seen like 3 Canadian people online (well, ones I've faced anyway).

And wow, F&FP made the list.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm so pleased to still see Space Invaders in the UK charts. Truly a great game; especially with all the DLC (pity it's so massive. If they did a disc release I'd buy it again just to free up the memory).

And I also don't get Midnight Bowling doing so well in multiple territories. It sounds like a pretty crap bowling game compared to Wii Sports Bowling. Midnight Pool, on the other hand, is a nice game of 8/9 ball and I like Gameloft's Wild West Guns as well.

Add me to the list of people that isn't buying Onslaught, but I'm gratified Hudson is doing well with it.

Bit.Trip.Beat! Bit.Trip.Beat!



Neomega said:

Bit Trip Beat, Cave Story, and Eduardo the Samurai Toaster!

I'm hopin' they make top 3 when they debut.



chris3116 said:


I made this list on Wednesday night. So it could be that Onslaught was first on Monday and at Wednesday Tetris made a come back. Next week, if you want to put the list go for it. I'll make another list after you. We could compare our lists.

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