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The World’s First Lingerie Wii Bowling Tournament is Almost Here

Posted by Damien McFerran

To quote Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnell, what’s wrong with being sexy?

Much has been made of Nintendo’s recent success in attracting members of the fairer sex to the world of videogames via its super-popular Wii and DS consoles, but we can’t help but feel that some male members of the community are abusing this sudden influx of girl gamers.

Take Dark Oasis Pictures’ forthcoming ‘Oasis Girl Lingerie Wii Bowling Invitational Tournament and photo shoot’, for example. Now don't get us wrong - we’re all for seeing attractive girls in their underwear playing videogames (it’s like two of our favourite interests rolled into one) but we can’t see this particular event finding much favour with the vast majority of women out there.

Here’s the details, if you must know:

Dark Oasis Pictures, LLC presents

Looking for up to 24 cute girls… Interested ?

The First Annual “Oasis Girl Lingerie Wii Bowling Invitational Tournament” and photo shoot !!

This is a private event that will be held in NJ in Late March or Early April TBA with limited models and guests !!

Featuring : Appetizers, Top Shelf Liquor, Wine & Beer, Live DJ , a Movie screen sized projection of the Wii Tournament, and a Photo shoot area !!

Prizes :
1st place: $500
2nd place: $150
3rd place: 2 gift certs for local restaurants

Also T-shirts and other giveaways !!

Event and photo session will be taped ! and models that attend can request copy of finished product!!

Ladies must be 18 - 30 yrs old , nice face and lines and look great in Lingerie

Sigh. It’s like the women’s rights movement never happened.


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Dazza said:

That's funny I was thinking of running such a competition this weekend over here in the UK myself. Any takers?

I'll provide the Wii and booze, the lovely ladies can just bring themselves and a skimpy bikini. We'll have a whale of a time



James said:

Sounds to me like the Wii's got itself a new game - Wii Sports Bowling: Blackmail Edition.

Can't wait to hear the fallout from the girls smart enough to attend!

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