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Pop Plus: Solo Coming to DSiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

Following the announcement of the rather spiffy looking Mighty Flip Champs! by WayForward, we were wondering who would be the next dev to reveal their plans for DSiWare.

Before we could even catch our breath Australian developement team Nnooo sent us a press release about their plans to port Pop to DSiWare under the name of Pop Plus: Solo. Since its WiiWare debut (which scored 8/10 with us), a version of Pop has even been released for the iPhone (rated 8/10 by Pocket Gamer), so we’re hopeful that the DSiWare version will be every bit as good.

It seems that there are more game modes in this version than you can shake a stick at too. For 500 Nintendo points this should be a real bargain. More from the press release:

Following the success of Pop™ on WiiWare™ as well as the iPhone® and iPod Touch® Nnooo are pleased to announce the development of their first DSiWare™ title Pop Plus: Solo™.

Pop Plus: Solo includes not only all the great modes from the WiiWare and iPhone versions; Training, Normal, Advanced, Chill, Bonus Mode and Timed Mode; it also includes two brand new modes, Adventure and Challenges as well as two new bonus rounds and many new badges to collect.

"Pop Plus: Solo takes the great foundation of past Pop games and adds some cool new features and modes," said Nic Watt, Creative Director, Nnooo.

Adventure mode takes the existing bubble bursting framework and adds boss battles, a first for the series. As the player progresses through the game these bosses will make themselves known and make life a little harder.

The new Challenge mode will allow players to create their own custom challenges. Want to see if you can beat 'Wave 5' in two minutes? Or try to pop 5,000 bubbles on 'Wave 7' in sixty seconds? Create a custom challenge and find out.

"The two brand new modes, Adventure with its four boss battles and Challenges means that Pop Plus: Solo now features a total of eight modes and five bonus round types. We think this will be a compelling purchase for new Nintendo DSi™ owners."

The website for Pop Plus: Solo is up and running at and new content will be added on a regular basis.

For those of our readers who plan to pick up a DSi on launch, let us know if this will be on your day one DSiWare shopping list.

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Trucker said:

Ah Pop, I remember buying this when WiiWare first came out. It was a pretty good game, but I must admit I grew bored of it pretty quickly and never went back to it.

If it’s cheap enough I might get it on DSiWare, but probably not. I’ll wait for the review to see if it’s significantly better than the WiiWare version before taking the plunge I think.



Stilly said:

Shovelware alert! Its bad enough that Nintendo plan to release cut down versions of their games on DSiWare like that paper plane and birdo minigame from WarioWare... the last thing we need are more "ports" such as this. B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!



worrybomb said:

It's great Nnooo is bringing the Pop series to the DS but it kind of stinks to have to buy the solo and Vs. versions instead of one complete package. Still, the DSi launch is coming along nicely with this and Wayforward's own game. Here's hoping for more 3rd party announcements in the coming weeks.



ReZon said:

Looking forward to this - I'm much more likely to download this on the DSi instead of the Wii, simply because it'll be portable.

If this is available at launch (which Nnooo is apparently working hard to make it such), it's definitely got my interest. I think it's nifty that the upcoming Versus mode version will feature DSi to DS download multiplay. Nice touch.



ReZon said:


They said in an interview that once Pop Plus was finished, they hoped to have an announcement in that regard.



Nnooo said:

Darren thanks for posting this up it is great to get you and your fans feedback. I hope that the interview we did with you will be available soon too as I love working with you guys!

Don't worry guys Nnooo have other things planed other than Pop!! We have a great ghost hunting idea we'd like to work on next so watch this space.

Also the reason we have split Pop into two parts is firstly so we can get a great game out soon and also offer people some choice. Rather than spend 800 points on a game with solo and multiplayer we are splitting them up so you can just by the part you need. I hope you understand that for us the testing involved even in local multiplayer is a lot and for us that could mean months until it is available.

We wanted to get something out early in the DSiWare lifespan and then plan on following that up with more software in the future!





Dazza said:

Hey Nic, you're welcome as always!

For those who are worried that this will just be just another shovelware port, I really don’t think that will be the case. Pocket Gamer called the iPhone version of Pop “The Dom Perignon of casual gaming” and gave it a really solid review.

Nic told us the rate of bubbles has been changed for the DSiWare version to take into account that the DSi stylus is so much more precise than using your finger on the iPhone to pop the bubbles.

We'll put up our interview with Nnooo over the next day or so. Watch this space!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

DSiWare I hope becomes more than stripped down games. Thats good and all, but I want original titles.



-TR said:

If I'm honest, this is going to be so much more fun on DS.



gig said:

Pop was fun for a night, but I've never been back. That doesn't make it a bad game, for less than the cost of a couple of pints a nights entertainment is pretty good value.

Looking at some of the apps available for the Iphone most are fairly one trick ponies giving brief fun on the go, and that model is working pretty well for apple so I don't see why Nintendo need to break the mold of casual gaming it's so fond of at the moment.

Hopefully Frontier will come on board the DSiware, there was talk along time ago of a version of Elite for the GBA so maybe Frontier could make it happen on the DSi. Now that would be cool.



Dazza said:

Nic - I suggest sticking to the 3 letter naming convention and calling your ghost game bOo - how do you like that idea?



Clayfrd said:

Ahh... Pop. I had a lot of fun with this for a few days after I got it, and then it kind of got boring, and I moved it to my SD card never to play it again. It was pretty fun, but can't Nnooo come up with something else?



Corbs said:

@ ReZon - I was just kidding around with you. But for a second there you sounded a bit like the "ShamWow" guy.



worrybomb said:

@ Nic:

I can definitely understand wanting to have a product in time for DSi launch but while you say 800 Points would be the complete package, I'm seeing it'll cost 500 Points to download Solo and I sincerely doubt the Vs. version will cost 300 Points. And I'm not really looking forward to spending 1,000 Points for both versions when past complete versions cost much less. I'm hoping to hear the official pricing for both versions soon.

Still, I'm excited to hear more ideas coming from you guys whether its DSiWare or WiiWare. Good luck!



Ricardo91 said:

@TwistedVivid. I think it's good that they include Dsiware stuff here. We don't need a whole other site for it. Prevents clutter, ya know?

I never bothered with the original pOp. It looked too simplistic and repetitive for me at 700 points, though this sounds good at 500 points. Too bad I'm not getting a DSi...

@Stilly. This isn't a "cut down" port. It has all the features of the Wiiware game, plus 2 more modes. Did you even read the article?
I see your point though, and I agree. That's why the only DSiware games I'm even remotely interested in are those Art Styles.

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