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Pokémon Platinum Makes its U.S. Arrival Well Known

Posted by Nathanial Burrer

Pokémon Platinum hits U.S. shelves March twenty-second. Does Nintendo have any special preparations for this next installment? You sure can bet they do!

Believe it or not, March twenty-second marks the launch of Pokémon Platinum. It doesn't seem that long since Diamond and Pearl arrived, or is it just me?

In Platinum, expect a plethora of features and locations, from the new Distortion world, more Pokémon, to more options in the shiny new Wi-Fi Plaza. Fans of the previous Pokémon titles won’t be disappointed, no doubt about that!

Nintendo plans on hosting, on March twenty-first, a launch celebration at the Nintendo World store in New York. Here, fans can play a demo of the title and can even purchase it before it releases at any other retailer! Rockefeller Plaza will also host some activities dubbed “Pokémon Platinum Plunge”, where you can chance a win a copy of Pokémon Platinum or even take photos with your favorite Pokémon. That is, of course, if Nintendo somehow managed to get a suit for every single Pokémon out there. That would really be impressive, let alone huge.

This certainly is made out to be the biggest release of a Pokémon title yet, and we sure hope it won’t disappoint. To make sure of this yourself, check out our review, coming up in just a few days, here at Nintendo Life!


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AVahne said:

biggest launch for a pokemon game...too bad i dont have a DS and too bad i dont live in any of those places



Corbs said:

I've tried various Pokemon games over the years and I haven't liked a single one yet. I'll stick with the Dragon Quest Monster titles myself.



Zenman said:

waitin for this one, ever since i saw the reverse world in trailers and the high probabilaty of an actual story about giratina this time (as opposed to wandering into a graveyard somewhere and BINK it's giratina)



Platinum_Master said:

I have had alot of fun playing this game I give it a 9.5 and you might ask why 9.5 well the fact giratina can't stay origin form but other then that people who wanna know if they should get this yes you should

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