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Night Game - New Game Play Video

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Having only recently announced their newest WiiWare title Night Game, Nicalis took us by surprise this week with the unexpected release of the game's official game play trailer.

As you can see in the trailer below, the game looks like a bedtime version of Loco Roco with its soothing colors and hypnotic musical score. Let's hope gamers can stay awake long enough to finish the levels as this is shaping up to be a very interesting WiiWare title.

We'll have more information on Night Game as it becomes available, as well as a full review once the game hits the WiiWare service.

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Corbs said:

This one just jumped onto my most-anticipated WiiWare list. I love Loco Roco and this seems a bit similar in style.



Chrono_Cross said:

Wow with such similarities as to Loco Roco this is one of the more promising upcoming Wiiware titles.



Ricardo91 said:

Aw hell, maybe I will get this after all. I won't be able to resist it's LocoRoco-like gameplay!



HOT-ROD said:

It looks pretty cool. Simple yet unique. I really like the relaxing guitar theme played in the video, it sounded nice. It looks like a fun unique and chill game. Definitely on my top games list =D



Virus said:

Looks pretty cool to me. Gameplay looks a bit too precise to calm me down any though, soothing music or not. Then again, most games with any difficulty tend to piss me off...



Dazza said:

Ths music reminds me of Braid, which is a good thing. This looks like it will be a really fun game, I could do with something uncomplicated for a change!



themortalangel said:

Definately thinking that I will drop some cash on this. However forgive me for asking what the hell is LocoRoco cuz I've never heard of it.



ThreadShadow said:

This is in my top 5 list. I've been so excited to see what Nifflas' "Night Game" would be and he has not disappointed. And now it's coming to WiiWare! This is beautiful and very promising! Big thanks to Nicalis for bringing it to WiiWare. Really looking forward to it.

I don't think this will play like Loco Roco, as it can be seen in the trailer how the ball changes colour indicating direct control over the ball is taking place. (i.e. moving, slowing, and putting on the brakes.)



KeeperBvK said:

Seems like WiiWare might finally be picking up with Gradius Rebirth, Pole no Daibouken, Bubble Bobble, Night, FF IV The After and Crystal Defenders R1 and 2 on the horizon.
Now if only Nintendo could deliver something...



Omega said:

@TheMortalAngel (#7): LocoRoco is a popular 2D platform/action game which was released 2006 exclusively for the Play Station Portable. Although I do not have a PSP and do not know the game either, the similarities seem to be obvious. At least as far as the silhouette like graphic-style is concerned. If you look at pictures from LocoRoco, you see what is meant. For example here:

I think Night Game could be in the same category as World of Goo, although I'm not sure if it can achieve the same quality in terms of innovative gameplay. But one thing is for sure: I am very interested to find out more about it. It could get juicy. (While I do not think that there will ever be a game that is better than Beer Pong. )



Corbs said:

Anyone that hasn't played Loco Roco doesn't know what they're missing. Easily one of the best games I've played in the last decade of gaming. And Loco Roco 2 is almost as good. I can't believe there are still those who do not own a PSP. Madness, I tell you!



EJD said:

@Corbie: I think it's because the DS is advertised a lot more than the PSP. I was considering getting one but there are only a few games that interest me and I only one know one person that has one. I stick to home consoles mainly but my mind may change.

As for Night Game, it looks great graphically and similar to World of Goo. Can't wait to find out more about it.



Wiiloveit said:

I don't have a PSP, and I don't want a PSP. Except maybe for playing my classic PSone games on the move. And maybe LittleBigPlanet. And... Loco Roco, of course. And anyway - I don't like the design - in particular the analogue stick, and I'm gonna be quite alright with my DSi soon enough anyway.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Corbie: Agreed. LR is the second best PSP game (Crisis Core beats it in my book). But I dont see the similarities. You dont tilt the world or nothin'. It seems more like Niki than LR.

@Wiiloveit: LBP is for PS*3* not PSP.



Olimar_91 said:


I believe LBP is coming to PSP,if I heard correctly.
Anyway, I also do not particularly want a PSP. Like with all platforms, there are a few games on it that I'd want, but nothing worth paying for the platform itself.

I'm not really sure why people keep relating this to Loco Roco either. Just because they both feature round characters? I know it's not as widely known, but it reminds me most of Nifflas' other games like Knytt and Knytt stories. Hopefully it's as good as those two. Can't wait to download this game.



Mik said:

DS > PSP. I've been a long-time Nintendo fan. Sony's consoles annoy me in every conceivable way



Objection said:

I'd get a PSP if there were more than 5 games on it that I want (and that includes 1 that isn't out yet.) It's just not worth the price of admission yet.
As for NIght Game, it looks good. Very good.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Olimar: No way LBP is going to PSP. Its nigh impossible. YOu must have heard it from a bad source or something.
@Milk: DS is defidently better than the PSP, no question. However, the PSP still has some great games.
@O_B: Ahem:

FFVII: Crisis Core
Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Wipeout PurE
Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters
Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles
Mega Man Powered Up
FF Tactics: War of the Lions
Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadran
MGS Portable Ops........

Need I go on?



Cthuloops said:

Looks fantastic! The soundtrack is so soothing...
This is now on my WiiWare wishlist.



Objection said:

I said that I want...some of those games are debatable, especially as they are versions of games that can be found elsewhere. I can't even think of 5 I want, only 3: FFVII: Crisis Core, the KH PSP game, God of War CoO,



Corbs said:

I have about 30 DS games and about 63 PSP games. I think that speaks for itself as far as how much I love the PSP.

As for Night Game, we don't know a lot about the actual control yet, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see how many similarities it actually has to Loco Roco, but that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the game play video.



SilentJ said:

That one screenshot from before did nothing for me but the trailer certainly changed that. I can't wait for more info!



Corbs said:

Little Big Planet is coming to PSP. Sony has already announced that. Should be cool.

As for Night Game, it would lend itself to tilting the Wii Remote, but until we hear official word from the developers, it's anyone's guess at this point.



Wiiloveit said:

@Bahamut_ZERO: Little Big Planet was announced for PSP the other day, and whilst I would normally prefer the home console version, I always prefer 2D platformers on handhelds.

EDIT: See, Corbie agrees



CanisWolfred said:

I'm not too interested in this one, reminds me a bit too much of that Niki game.

And I might look into that LBP Portable game, if only because I don't have to buy a $400 machine in order to play it.

I really wish they'd port the Pixeljunk series to the PSP.

As for good PSP games, I'd also like to mention Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, Resistance: Retribution, Prinny: Can I Really Be A Hero?, Crush, Gradius Collection, and Echochrome. And don't forget the PSOne classics. There's not a lot there, but what is there is great. Oh, and Guilty Gear Judgment. In fact, all of the PSP fighting games are great.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Corbie: I'm itching to try both LR and LR2!

@Mickeymac: I knew Crush was good! Thanks for the re-affirmation! Even more reason for me to get it.

On this news, though, I'm definitely getting this. I already said I would when I learned more about the Background info but now I'm even more resolute about the potential this game has.



Ricardo91 said:

@Bahamut. You forgot Burnout Legends, God of War: Chains of Olympus (very important!), and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X!

I'd also like to mention that the PSP has a bunch of great classic game collections as well.

The PSP's got a lot of good games, but the DS is still the superior system by a long shot IMO.

@Corbie. Yes! With that and Resistance: Retribution, that makes for 2 less games that'll drive me to buy a PS3!



Adam said:

@ Mickeymac
I would really be hesitant to compare it to Niki Rolly whatever. Obviously we don't know how it plays yet, but Nifflas is a very good indie developer.
Although the game shouldn't be similar whatsoever other than the art style somewhat, his game Knytt should be a good example of the quality he's capable of, if you haven't played it before:

While the gameplay style will obviously be different, it looks like there is a similar approach at work, where the game is more focused on mood than being highly challenging, but that's pure speculation. I am definitely looking forward to this.



CanisWolfred said:


Yes, Crush is very good! It's a really creative puzzler that'll really rack your brain at times. I like it a lot.

And you just reminded me, I keep forgetting to get LocoRoco 1 & 2!

@Ricardo91 Yes! With that and Resistance: Retribution, that makes for 2 less games that'll drive me to buy a PS3!

Same with me, although, to be quite honest, I had very little interest in their PS3 counterparts. What I need is for the Pixeljunk series to come to the PSP, Folklore and Valkarie Chronicles to come to the Xbox 360, and TimeCrisis 4 to come to the Wii, then I'll have almost no reason to get a PS3(sadly, nothing will save Wipeout HD, Ratchet & Clank Future, and FF Verses XIII ). Oh well.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Ricardoc: Im not a GoW person, so thats why it wasnt there.

Also, how do you get PSOne games anyway? Ive never been able to figure that out



CanisWolfred said:

@Bahamut ZERO

You have to get them off of the Playstation Store, via the PS Store option in the Main Menu.

And yeah, I'm not a GoW fan, either. I played the Chains of Olypus demo, and while it was alright my first time through, it bored me to tears on my second playthrough, and I prefer to play a game that I can play through multiple times without getting bored.



Popyman said:

@Bahamut: Your list of good PSP games, is lacking Gitaroo Man. Search for it on Youtube.

And on this topic: It looks pretty awesome! Love the art design! Now if only the Super Meat Boy dudes would port Gish, we'd have two cool LocoRoco-ish games!



accc said:

Man, I wanted to be the first to bring up Gish but Popyman beat me to it. Loved that game!

Wasn't much of a fan of LocoRoco though, the platforming controls were way too clunky.



Popyman said:

@accc: Sorry dude! =P
I love Gish too. Never beat it, and it died with my laptop...It would fit so well on WiiWare.

@Mickey: It's a music game. Every song is an epic battle between you, and the games many weird enemies.



Ricardo91 said:

@Popyman. Gitaroo Man is alright. I played a demo of it from an OPM demo disk, and couldn't really get the hang of it...

@Mickeymac. Yeah, all they need to do is make PSP versions of Uncharted and Valkyria Chronicles, make a few PSN games (particularly Pixeljunk) downloadable to PSP, and I'll have barely any reason to get a PS3 either. With FFXIII coming to 360, that knocks another game off my wanted list. Though there's no hope of GoW III or MGS 4 getting release on other platforms, I guess I'll have to manage.

Also, I wouldn't bother with Time Crisis 4. I heard it was terrible, sadly.



CanisWolfred said:


Kind of like Elite Beat Agents? Sweet! Although I don't think I'd jump on it just yet, since music games aren't really my thing.


Yeah, a PSP Uncharted might be nice, but I don't think I'd jump on a portable Valkaria Chronicles.

I'd much rather play Verses XIII than FFXIII, but unfortunately, that wasn't the one that got a port to the Xbox360.

And Time Crisis 4 was bad? That's too bad. Well, at the very least the Wii should have a Time Crisis 1 & 2 port. Edit: I read up on it, and it sounds like a pretty good game to me. In fact, only negative most reviews cite seems to be that it's a Lightgun game(including the light gun itself). I think I'll get it if I ever get a PS3 (or if they make a Wii port).



Popyman said:

@Ricardo: Well it IS a demo, you shouldn't judge it by one stage, every one has a different genre of music. And the demo is the Bee dude, right? That's the third level, so if you found it hard, that's why.

@Mickey: It's made by the same people as EBA! I don't care much for music games, but that's because they usually have just one genre of music, that I don't like. Gitaroo Man's music covers almost everything, and all the songs were made for it. By just one band too, which is even more amazing.



Ricardo91 said:

Oh wait, did I say I wanted Valkyria on a portable? I definitely wouldn't want that. I meant to say I wanted it on 360.

And yes, they definitely need to make a Time Crisis game for Wii. Time Crisis kicks ass.

EDIT: Actually, the review I read was a Game Informer review, and they aren't exactly the most relieable source (), so maybe it actually isn't that bad.

@Popy. Don't remember what stage it was. I haven't touched the disk in ages. Need to dust it off and see which one it was. Might've been the Bee one.



gameking23 said:

Yay another game to add to my wish list. Now if only they would release the games that are already on my wish list.



CanisWolfred said:


Okay, now don't get me wrong: from what I've read, the controller is pretty crappy, although the game itself is pretty good. I think a Wii port would work out perfectly.



Mayhem said:

Interesting... could be good. Controls will be all important though.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

How do you acess the PSP Store. Its not on the menu anywhere.

PS (punh intended ) I dont have a PS3.



Ren said:

Wow this looks cool.
don't have a PSP, I'm sure it's neat but I'm not really interested. I have a really old DS clamshell and can't afford any new system, specially not a sony that costs what another wii would. Why else would I be here if I didn't want cheap, interesting games at bargain basement prices? Anyway can't wait for more games like this, seems like everything is bumping up a notch on WW thanks to stuff like Goo.



CanisWolfred said:

@Bahamut ZERO

You need Firmwares 5.00 and up to access the PS Store. I highly suggest updating your PSP sometime soon (which you can do by accessing the Network Update option in the Settings tab on the main menu).



Popyman said:

^ Before you do that, is your PSP used? It might be modded or something...



CanisWolfred said:

@Bahamut ZERO

...that...that can't be right. It even says on the Sony Website that the newest version is 5.03. You're PSP must be havin' some major problems, man...unless...are you updating through the UMDs?

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