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New Pikmin hat available in Animal Crossing: City Folk!

Posted by Eric O

Pete’s waiting at your door with yet another gift for you.

It’s been a mere week since Nintendo of America started presenting Animal Crossing: City Folk players with gifts, even though other areas of the world have been receiving them for months already. And it’s only been a day since I made mention of our lack of having a Pikmin hat!

Well, cheer up Animal Crossing: City Folk lovers, as your red Pikmin hat should be waiting outside your house in Pete’s mailbag. Likely in honor of the New Play Control Pikmin released on March 9 in NA, Nintendo decided to share the love.

Upon signing in, Pete will once again greet you, and tell you that you have a special letter from Nintendo. At the time of this posting, the Animal Crossing: City Folk DLC hub hasn’t been updated yet, and if you don’t see Pete waiting for you when you log in, be sure to check the hub to make sure you’ve got your Wii set up to receive gifts!

Nintendo is definitely making up for the time when North America was sans DLC, and in my opinion, all is forgiven.

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SmaMan said:

I logged in today and I didn't see Pete at my door or got a letter of any sort. I even double checked my WiiConnect24 settings... maybe it'll just take a while... is a letter supposed to show up on your message board perhaps?



ReZon said:

@SmaMan - no, Pete ought to be waiting outside your house. The hub says that there's a possibility of variation in the dates, and the Pikmin hat is available until April 1.

I hope he shows up for you soon.



SmaMan said:

Ah ok, just logged in, and he's there! Yay! Now hopefully I can find someone kind enough to give me a St. Patrick's Hat... hint hint...



James said:

SmaMan - if you want to exchange Friend Codes I'll be more than happy to send you a hat



Slyraccoon1 said:

Can someone please give me a Pikmin Hat? I kept trying for the event, but Pete never showed up. Please somebody.

FC: Sly,Cocoa 4597-4872-1160



bsbe said:

Does anyone out there know how to get the pikmin hat? Can someone with it please exchange friend codes with me?

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