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New Muramasa: The Demon Blade Gameplay Trailer

Posted by Christopher Clark

More in-game footage of Vanillaware's stunning Wii-exclusive action-RPG.

Japanese publishers Marvelous have released a new trailer for the upcoming 2D action-RPG Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

Designed and developed by Vanillaware (Princess Crown, Odin Sphere), Muramasa is set for release in Japan on April 9. North American readers can expect the game sometime late in 2009, with a European release scheduled for April 2010. From the looks of things it'll be well worth the wait.

Check out the intense 2D action:

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Expect more news, previews and reviews on all things Muramasa in the coming months here at NintendoLife!


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Cthuloops said:

This game's beautiful art caught my eye the day it was announced. Easily one of my most wanted games. Cannot wait!



Damo said:

I'm a MASSIVE fan of Princess Crown and have been since I got it on the Saturn way back in 1998, so I'll be following this closely.



Adam said:

Make this game come out now, please. Odin Sphere was so great but too hard for me. Hopefully this one will have sheep trees, too!



Nintendophile said:

I cannot tell you how glad I am that 2-D side scrollers seem to be making a come back! And with hand-drawn animation ta-boot! This game looks amazing. I will buy this without question.



Objection said:

This game is looking good. I really like the art style. Hopefully I'll like the gameplay as well.



WolfRamHeart said:

AWESOME!!! Its Odin Sphere meets Okami! If we can't have sequels to either of those then this looks like it will fill that void nicely! Could be the best game of the year hands down! Too bad we have to wait so long to find out.



Popyman said:

"All the beauty of Odin Sphere with none of the slowdown!"

I'm pretty sure they fixed that in the "Player's Choice" version.

Anyway, I can't wait for this game! I love Odin Sphere, but I've yet to beat it...I think I'm on the fairy princess chapter.



motang said:

Man that game looks awesome! Just like Odin Sphere did (which by the way is awesome game!)

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