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New Harry Potter And Indy LEGO Titles In The Works

Posted by Damien McFerran

Traveller's Tales working on new block-based licences

A former employee of UK studio Traveller’s Tales has inadvertently spilled the beans on two of the company’s new projects. Charlotte Parker’s CV claims she was working on new instalments in its long-running partnership with LEGO – namely a Harry Potter game (presumably based on the forthcoming Half Blood Prince film) and Indiana Jones 2: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Parker has since been contacted and has confirmed that her CV is correct; she also revealed that Traveller’s Tales has undertaken work on a Hobbit game, which would apparently tie-in with the new movie that is currently in development.

Traveller’s Tales has a long and proud history stretching way back to the 16-bit era and has already enjoyed considerable success with other LEGO games, including ones based in the Batman and Star Wars universes.


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James said:

I loved the original Lego Indiana Jones, and even really enjoyed Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but it'll be interesting to see how long the game's sequel can be if it's based on a two-hour film rather than a trilogy. Personally I wouldn't mind a few levels based on the Young Indiana Jones series, but then that's just me.

Also, I thought EA were the only ones releasing a HP game this year and that Lego HP was delayed to give EA full breathing space? Lego HP for Christmas number one!



Corbs said:

I like these Lego titles. They're not anything revolutionary, but they're generally fun to play just the same.

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