New Golf Game Coming To Japanese WiiWare Next Week

Arc System Works is bringing out what appears to be the sole new WiiWare release on the Japanese service next Tuesday, a game centred around golf putting called Okiraku Pata-Gorufu (Family Golf Putter). You're able to choose from four characters (a cute anime family rendered in cel-animation style) and try to putt your ball into a series of holes doing various trick shots. Wiimote control only with use of a simple arm swing after setting shot power to get the ball rolling appears to be the interface. The game will be 500 points, we expect Aksys Games will publish this in North America and Europe sometime later this year.

Video and screenshots are available here:

Additionally in an unusual show of restraint there will be only two VC releases:

Clu Clu Land D for the Famicom for 500pts (It's a revised version of the Clu Clu Land we got).
Super Shinobi (Revenge of Shinobi in the West) for Megadrive for 600pts.