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Miyamoto: GameCube Made Me Sad

Posted by Damien McFerran

You’re not the only one, Shigsy

He may have created some of the most influential videogames of all time, but even Shigeru Miyamoto gets down in the dumps sometimes.

Speaking to Famitsu magazine the legendary developer revealed that during the GameCube era he was at a pretty low ebb:

This is a job where you have a plan and you polish it endlessly while getting help from others. If Nintendo's games fail to stand out as games that aren't made that way proliferate, then it shows that the creation process is for nothing, which made me very sad. That was especially obvious during the GameCube era; Nintendo titles were hardly even discussed by the general public back then.

Mario’s dad goes on to comment that he found himself getting caught up in the 3D ‘willy-waving’ race with rivals Sony and Microsoft, and that ultimately this was responsible for Nintendo’s low stock during the GameCube era.

There was an era when Nintendo was going in the direction of doing the same things other companies did. The more we competed with new companies entering the market, the more we started acting similar to them. But is being number one in that competition the same as being number one with the general public? That's the question we had.

Entertainment is something that you have to look at the world with a very wide eye as you create it. I always thought that, but there were a few years where I was unable to get off other people's trends. It was a dilemma in my mind.

Of course the situation couldn’t be more different today, but it’s interesting to hear such a highly respected developer come clean about his own insecurities.

Next week, Ken Kutagari will reveal how he was kept up late at night with PS3/PSP-related nightmares. Or not.


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antdickens said:

Yeah, I feel for him, he's always tried to innovate, Gamecube was trying too hard to compete with the other formats, much like the N64 it had some fantastic first party games, just never was super popular with the mass'



Cthuloops said:

The GC is my favorite console!
I LOVED the GC era! That was when I had the most fun as a gamer. The GC and the GBA were fantastic!



Dume said:

I know this may sound harsh, but he has nothing to worry about now! With the New Play Control (dare I say "rehashes"), he shouldn't have to be so down on the GCN. It was amazing, I loved my system. GameBoy Player all the way.



AVahne said:

he really shouldn't feel down,sure the masses didn't know much about gamecube games as a whole but the gamecube was my favorite system out of the last generation.the games were fun and replayable, the other systems just dont have the certain kind of fun that has always been with Nintendo even if its a little scarce on the Wii currently



Supermarioman said:

Now that is crap, the Gamecube was a great console with great games. Sure they had third place but it still had great games like Super Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, and Resident Evil 4. Plus it introduced Pikmin, Luigi's Mansion(NOT A GAY GAME!), and continued several other franchises.



ILoveWii said:

The GameCube was a legendary console. RE4, Wind Waker, Metroid Prime...It's home to some very influential and well made titles.



Chrono_Cross said:

The GameCube wasn`t a legendary console actually the GameCube had a lot wrong with it which made me surprised that it made as far as it did.
Lowest quality graphics, poor third party support, weak multi-platform games, and no online multiplayer.



Objection said:

^Crono-All of those are true except graphics. At least in the regard that the GCN was technically powerful than the PS2. (really! it just had less disc space.) Of course, devs have to use that power, AKA the current problem with the Wii...

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