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Major League Eating Coming to Japan Next Week

Posted by Sean Aaron

Looks like Nintendo Japan has been feeling a little awkward by showering download titles upon the Japanese population whilst Europe and North America have to make due with what's slowly rationed out to them. At last the jealousy can ease a little!

Next week only two releases, both of them WiiWare:

Major League Eating -- 500pts (half the price of the US release!). This has already been released in the States, courtesy of Mastiff. Really it's a shame such a quality release hasn't graced Europe yet!

Hachiwan Diver (81 Diver) -- 1000pts. Another shogi (Japanese chess) game on the WiiWare service. This one is from Silver Star and has a story mode which has a maid amongst the opponents players will meet.

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Objection said:

Japan's number of titles going down isn't exactly a great sign for us either though.



Popyman said:

I'd love for a shogi game to come out here. That and Go are two games I'd like to learn how to play.



Starwolf_UK said:

Consider the Platchen Twist N' Pain price drop never happened in Europe (and that was a massive 500 points difference due to the game coming out 3 days later) and nor did the Pop price drop (it is 500 points in Japan...but with EA publishing Nnooo are getting less money both ways).

It isn't all bad news. Commonly, in Japan the prices of RPGs and other "long games" is increased. For instance thier Ocarina of Time is 1200 points.

Still, despite not being interested in the game I'm upset it hasn't made it accross to Europe. That said, I can swear this Japanese release was meant to happen months ago as I remember screenshots showing the characters that got changed to be more Japanese.



Sean_Aaron said:

In case it isn't obvious I'm taking the piss on Major League Eating; I sincerely hope that title never gets released here!

Thanks for the info Ratengo and the catch on my misreading of the katakana -- can someone in editor-land please change Daida to Daiba? It appears my new items have disappeared from the editable doc list...



Terra said:

Unlucky Japan. I honestly can't see this selling at all in Japan, even at 500 points. Oh well, it's only shovelware. Seeing that Japan have got it, it wouldn't be too unrealistic for Europe to get it (unfortunately)

Oh, a bit off-topic but i just wanted to say this to the WWW team. I was looking round the PEGI website and found a new game for WiiWare. Manic Monkey Mayhem by Pinnacle Entertainment, an "Other/Arcade" game. There's even a trailer on Youtube, Don't know if you guys were aware of this but, just so you know. Also, how do you filter the search on the OFLC website so you can only look for VC or WiiWare games or Wii in General?



Starwolf_UK said:

I sincerely hope that title never gets released here!
The thing is represents a bite of the bigger problem. There are too many games coming out in America and never making it to Europe. I want to play Lit and Groovin' Blocks but it just isn't going to happen since they won't come out in Europe...

Consider Major League Eating may well have sold better than those two (I remember it fareing far better in the charts) and even the almighty Pong Toss took about 6 months...



Sean_Aaron said:

Yeah, Groovin' Blocks...that did look interesting, but it's so long ago I can barely remember what that game was about...

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