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Luc Bernard Is Back With New Studio, Oyaji Games

Posted by Darren Calvert

It’s been a long while since we’ve had anything to report on our friend Luc Bernard.

There was a time when every other day we faithfully posted something about his antics, despite the fact the infamous Eternity’s Child is still yet to appear on WiiWare (of course this is Alten8’s problem now!).

After a drunken hissy fit following bad reviews of the Steam version of Eternity’s Child on Destructoid, Luc declared himself finished with the videogames industry and jetted off to sunny Florida, perhaps to work on his tan?

His love of videogames and all things artistic couldn’t be contained for long however, Luc has now revealed to us that he has founded a new company called Oyaji Games whose mission is "to deliver to its users, fantasy and escape beyond the realms of reality. Breaking the bounds of the norm with every gaming experience". At the moment we can expect to see only games for iPhone and the PC, but Luc has assured us that he is in the process of applying for a license from Nintendo to develop for both the WiiWare and DSiWare services.

Watch this space, it might not be long until we see a port of his iPhone extravaganza Mecho Wars on WiiWare or DSiWare.

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Corbs said:

I was beginning to wonder. I hadn't hear from Luc in awhile. I was getting a bit concerned. Glad to see him back.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Great, now all is need is Luc to actually release a game so I can get excited about this guy.



A1234 said:

sounds promising. only interested in Wii and DSiWare.
I wonder if his company is in Florida?



HOT-ROD said:

Lol I really hope Eternity's Child is good. It's been so long since its announcement and almost seems like it will be a huge deal. There is hype that I hope it lives up to. It looks great, but I hope it plays great.
Otherwise, it's good to hear he is back in the game business =D



worrybomb said:

When is Eternity's Child coming to WiiWare? I'm thinking Alten8 is taking their sweet time thanks to Luc's "encouraging" words for them.

In other news, you guys sold out!!! At least it's for a game that deserves the promotion. =P



Corbs said:

Now it's time for the big money to start rolling in. I guess I should put in my Lamborghini order now and beat the summer rush.



odd69 said:

i hope that oyaji makes a bunch of good games so we can see independent developers/studios succeed. when and "if" we see eternity's child on wiiware i will be the first to download it in support of Bernard and indie developers.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Corbie: What, no Ferrari

And let's be honest, you'll just put all that cash onto new arcade machines

On a somewhat unrelated note, I thought you guys didnt get paid to do this and you have actually jobs. Or was I wrong. It would make sense, especially after your Vc_Reviews away message (the one about having nothing better to do on a Friday night)



Objection said:

Yeah the main pages surprised me. I'm glad to hear Luc is back in the game. (See what I did there?) What does Oyaji mean?



Corbs said:

And let's be honest, you'll just put all that cash onto new arcade machines

Man you know me too well.

I thought you guys didnt get paid to do this and you have actually jobs.

You don't actually think we just do this out of the kindness of our hearts do you?



SilentJ said:

Whoah! I didn't expect that main page. I hope Oyaji gets it's Nintendo license soon.



jangonov said:

I love Luc's artistic design! I've wanted to play eternity's child on wiiware for a looong time



LucBernard said:

we've actually had publishers contact us to release Mecho Wars on DSiware and Wiiware but I'm hoping that it doesn't take us long to be approved so we can release them ourselves soon

The company is in Orlando, Disney obsessed city

Drunken hissy fit what are you talking about lol



Dazza said:

@Luc - LOL I seem to remember a lot of talk about vodka back in the dark Destructoid days. What is your favourite tipple now you live near Disney World?



themortalangel said:


Great to have you back Luc...I remember you starting to announce Eternity's Child for steam and WiiWare way back. I was so amazed at the nickname several people described you with..."the Tim Burton of Video Games." Now to be perfectly honest your not...yet. In my opinion you have the imagination and creativity to become just that. I hope that with this second birth in the Gaming Industry and the backing of your own team, you will fulfill the "prophecy."

Here's to good times ahead with creative minds.



LucBernard said:


Well I am not alone, that is why I set up a company so that the team that works with me now get credit also

@Dazza We have a small office, hopefully if our games do well we can get a bigger one and in Florida what I prefer is the Beach. Summer will be nice. I was quite a mess last year, now I guess I am more professional, but will still be honest.

The Dtoid days seem never ending btw look at this I actually find it quite funny.



Omega said:

I think Luc's clothes and hairstyle are really cool. Maybe he should try his luck as lead guitarist in a heavy metal band. And Nazerine is songwriter? This fits quite well.

BTW: What has happened to the WWW Homepage? So much advertising? Apparently you need urgently some money. Well, yes. Who does not?



LucBernard said:


I actually talked to WWW about doing advertising too, so in the future when our games come out we'll be sure to do the same



Omega said:

Yes, that's great. The more banner ads adorn a website, the more colourful and cheerful it looks. I think anyway, that it was time to abolish this clear light blue and white design. And now, excuse me. I suddenly feel the urge to go to a store and buy a copy of "Henry Hatsworth In The Puzzling Adventure". :->



worrybomb said:

Well we know what Corbie's gonna do with the money. I wonder what Dazza would spend his fortune on... =P



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Dazza: I vote to the United States. You can witness the fat, stupid, Halo-playing wonders that are us Americans for yourself from a safe distance

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