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Korner Entertainment Announces Math Blazer For WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

We've got yet another publisher tossing their hat into the WiiWare ring this week with the announcement by Korner Entertainment that they'll now be publishing titles for Nintendo's WiiWare service starting with their board game hit Math Blazer.

Below is a copy of their official press release that was sent out to the media this afternoon.

Korner Entertainment S.L. announces its launch as a video game production company in Spain. The company has born as spin off from the spanish production company, Gammick Entertainment, SL.

The new production company is based in the heart of Barcelona and is headed up by Sergio Rincón, who has more than sixteen years in the industry as a former Managing Director for Planeta DeAgostini Interactive, On Games and Gammick Entertainment. The team includes specialists with up to fifteen years’ experience in video game development, production and international distribution.

“Our vision is to create a company that brings casual concepts with very accessible gameplay and good feeling to casual players, most of them based on well known licenses from other entertainment formats” says Sergio Rincón, managing director of Korner Entertainment S.L. “It’s a really exciting challenge for us to create playable concepts taken from other entertainment and media formats and give them life in the videogame language.”

Korner will focus on video game production for PCs, new generation consoles and portables, as well as on-line contens. Its first project for PC and Wiiware is Math Blazer, a multi-award board game that will be converted to videogame format.

Korner has production deals for different platforms with several Spanish developers with large previous experience. The company currently has three projects in production and development for PC and Wii that will come out in 2009.

We'll have more information on Korner Entertainment and Math Blazer as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game when it hits the WiiWare service.

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Philip_J_Reed said:

Alright! Math! Whee! Awesome! I hope there's some SERIOUS long division to be done. Oh man. This is going to rock! I can't even wait; I'm going to get a compass and a big stack of graph paper and just go to town.



Corbs said:

Wow, the sarcasm was thick in that comment. Absolutely OOZING!



Ferret75 said:

Great, now we'll have to wait another week for Bubble Bobble Plus or Cave Story because Nintendo always manages to have some moronic reason to put random casual games like this on only ONE PER WEEK AT A TIME.



Wiiloveit said:

WOO!!!! MATHS!!! I CAN'T Wa... oh. Chicken Brutus beat me to the sarcasm. Ah well. Erm... * awkward silence *
Moving on from this news story...



gig said:

My folks bought me maths games for my C64 when I was a kid, I remember one, Pirates it was called, the quicker you answered the question the more accurate the cannon ball fired at the pirate ship was, as bad as it sounds it was actually pretty good, maybe shooting stuff helped



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Hey, not all educational games suck. The one with that guy climbing up that math mountain for PC was okay......right?

akward silence

Yeah, I thought so too



Starwolf_UK said:

Despite The Oregon Trail being a stratagy game, I've heared numerous accounts of it being a game instaled on school computers so in a sense it is a trojan edutainment title (or is it trojan stratagy as teachers think it is teaches kids why getting dysentery is bad). That game manages to justify the edutainment genre...well that and Brain Training (which justifies it to Nintendo from a money printing perspective as it must be responsible for ludicrous sums of sold DS systems and games by now...)

As for Math Blazer it may just set the world alight...

The press release say it is a multi-award winning baord game only problem searching for Math Blazer only finds thing related to the very press release



anthonyb said:

It'd be cool to have one of those Super Muncher games. But we're not 6, sooo. But those were fun.

@Brutus: Good call! Deathmatch hahaha!

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