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Japanese Releases 31 March 2009

Posted by Sean Aaron

More? They get more?!?

Incredibly after a super Thursday in Japan which saw a six title release on the brand new Virtual Console Arcade and two new WiiWare releases from Nintendo, Japanese Wii owners are still getting two new WiiWare releases and two new VC releases!

I hope the rest of the world gets treated equally well for a change.

WiiWare releases are:

Let's Hitchhike from Nippon 1 for 1000 points -- Some kind of hitch-hiking game?

Atsui 12 Furi Furi Party! from Tecmo for 500 points -- A mini-game collection with cute colourful blobby things. I think it's tied into an animated TV show.

And the VC releases are the infamous Takeshi's Challenge for the Famicom for 500 points and action platformer Genpei Toumaden for the Virtual Console Arcade for 800 points.

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danik said:

Takeshi's challenge got anything to do with the tv program takeshi's castle? lol



Djungelurban said:

Hey, I have an idea... How about losing the ratings for downloadable titles, alright? That way anyone can download any game from any region. How's that? Yeah... I'm getting so sick a tired of things like this. I'm like this close to giving up and going pirate all the way. Not because it's cheap, but because it's user-friendly... Unlike some other things... I know I sorta digressed there but I felt like venting. Seriously Nintendo, get your frakking act together...



Sean_Aaron said:

I don't condone piracy myself, but I agree that the region coding would appear to serve little purpose.

I don't know how publishers on the service get paid, but pricing in points should mean people get paid regardless of where the person is located and where they're downloading from.

One shop should be able to fit all of us. The only thing I can see as a possible issue is licensing across territories. We really should be given the choice if we want to wait for a game to get translated into our local language or not.



KDR_11k said:

I read a claim that Let's Hitchhike! is about using hitchhiking to get away from a psychopathic serial killer...



Sean_Aaron said:

As long as there's a happy cartoon ending of a face off with a shotgun, I think the whole family will be able to enjoy that .



Wiiloveit said:

Takeshi's Challenge? Yes please!

Hitch-hiking game? (considers entering a really OTT sarcastic comment, then decides otherwise). Nah.



Sean_Aaron said:

Yeah, I guess they figured we should be so lucky to have four VC releases Wednesday (and I'm not complaining, well, okay, I am) -- if they had one shop everything would be golden. But I guess they couldn't jack the Japanese Wii owners for the Arcade and everybody else for the Megadrive, now could they?



Adam said:

Region coding is smart business in most cases. If a game comes out in Japan first and later in America, of course Nintendo of America would want to force you to wait and get the game when it comes out here. Even if a game comes out in Japan that doesn't come out here, the attitude is that it would be better for you to spend that money on an American Nintendo game than a Japanese one because they need those sales to keep the American branch afloat (not that they are financially hurting at the moment, but in theory ).

At least, that's what I take from it. I don't think it has much to do with the publishers getting paid, though since exchange rates vary from day to day, Nintendo Points isn't exactly universally the same, so there is some difference. Not to mention taxes (though that affects the consumer more than publisher).

As for the extra releases... well, they all sound pretty awful, so I won't complain.



Objection said:

I won't complain since we got 4 extra games. I'm used to seeing Japan get twice as many games as NA and PAL.



accc said:

So Japan gets as many games in 1 week as we get in 1 month. GG NOA



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Oh they finally got Let's Hitchhike, hm? I had my eye on that for a while. Certainly unique. Run away from the stalker. lol.

FFP sounded AWFULLY close to Furu Furu Party....



-TR said:

@Danik: Yup, it's a game by him. As he puts it, "The video game by the man who hates Videogames"



Sean_Aaron said:

There's subtitled video of a Japanese tv show on YouTube where the host is tasked with playing Takeshi's Challenge all the way through. It is infamous as the most difficult NES game ever. In order to complete it he ends up using two official strategy guides; the game is impossible to play without them.

Well worth viewing, but again, I cannot imagine who would buy this or how the karaoke segment works which used the Famicom microphone (dropped from the NES).



Starwolf_UK said:

Run away from the stalker. lol.
I thought it was a chainsaw wielding maniac...I guess babelfish and a few rounds of chinese whispers can really distort the truth

how the karaoke segment works which used the Famicom microphone (dropped from the NES)
Later Famicom models also lacked the microphone. The solution is to press buttons on controller 2 (the microphone was on controller 2 originally). The Famicom was so primitive it interprets the microphone inputs the same way as button presses (it also means you can hum the singing bit).

My beef with digital distribution is it was supposed to liberate us from the problems of the past like region locking, games being more expensive for some and games not being available in certain parts of the globe. Con of the century that was. When the "top Dog" Steam is region locked, has Euorpe overpriced and some games not available it is clear some people are trying to block this. Then there is the other top dog gametap...oh you have to be North American otherwise you can't use it...



Sean_Aaron said:

Damn, when you see the video of the guy trying to do the karaoke bit, you really wouldn't know it was button-press equivalents he has such a hard time with it.

Agreed Starwolf, if they're blocking access to stuff like PC download services, well, I don't see how it can really replace packaged media. I'm enjoying the WiiWare/VC service on the Wii, but if I didn't have both a PAL and a Japanese system, I'd be pretty irritated by the selectivity and timing of the overseas releases.

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