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Hudson Entertainment Announce Three New WiiWare Titles

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Hudson Entertainment USA have been busy, it seems. There are now three more WiiWare titles to look out for!

By far the biggest announcement is a new installment in the Military Madness series (Also known as Nectaris). As you might know, the games are quite a bit like Nintendo's "Wars" series, with turn-based combat involving military units. This new version of the game will not only feature new missions and units, but also online co-op and versus modes! The game's not just being released on WiiWare - Xbox 360 and PS3 users will be able to get it too.

We now also know what the mysterious Water Warfare is. This game was rated by the OFLC and USK not too long ago, but Hudson did not want to disclose any information - Until now! The game is another FPS, although this time it's not a "shooter", but a "soaker". Perhaps a response to Onslaught's lack of a versus mode, this game has you duking it out on playgrounds and beaches online, trying to hit up to 7 other kids with water from a water gun.

Hudson's last new game is a bit of a surprise as well - It's a port of the popular PC game Diner Dash. It doesn't seem to be much different from the original, featuring the same gameplay of rollerblading around the restaurant and serving customers what you want. The game will also have multiplayer, but Hudson didn't mention online, so we assume it's local only. Like Military Madness, this will be available on all three consoles.

So, which of these do you think will be released first? Place your bets now! It should be noted that nothing about a North American release of Adventure Island: The Beginning has been mentioned in today's news splurge. Perhaps North American gamers will have to wait a little while longer for this?

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Corbs said:

I love the Nectaris games so this announcement alone is exciting.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Wow, Hudon is really rocking lately.

Count me as excited for Water Warfare. I think this is a really, really clever way to circumvent the violence of a "deathmatch" while still (hopefully) retaining all the fun.



KDR_11k said:

Hm, so the deathmatch FPS is coming with water guns... Seems like an appropriate way to keep the age restriction low though it might hurt sales with the traditional FPS userbase (OTOH it might give it some family sales, especially if it has local MP). I don't see a problem with non-lethal deathmatch games though, I've liked both Laser Arena and Nerf Arena Blast.

The graphics style doesn't look good though, emphasizes the low poly counts and texture sizes... The HUD is also huge, maybe the result of complaints about the lack of readability of the Onslaught HUD...

I wonder if it'll have local multiplayer...



gig said:

An updated Military Madness would be sweet, looking forward to that.



Terra said:

Did not see Military Madness happening so soon. I reckoned that they'd do it, just later on for WiiWare. It's brilliant to see Hudson reviving their classic series. I reckon Bonk will be next, then maybe a new Star Soldier or a Puzzle series game.



BigLord said:

Interesting, Water Warfare huh? This could be good, awaiting further news and reviews



Flaviohmg said:

Hudson rules on WiiWare! I'd like to see all kinds of games from Hudson, so, that's good!



Wiiloveit said:

Not too bothered about DD, but Water Warfare looks interesting, even if the focus on the playground landscapes seem a bit childish. Either way, if this does have some proper versus multiplayer (as WWW said, the mode that was missing from Onslaught), and another good bit of Engrish to make us all chuckle (that's why you're still a kid) then it will be a must buy.
Oh, and MM coming soon as well - Hudson are just too kind

And we've still got Adventure Island and Bonk to look forward to (as if we need confimation for the latter).



naut said:

I'm ashamed to say I've never heard of Military Madness. As for Diner Dash, I'm not a big casual gamer. I bought the PC copy for $3 one day. It gets so hard that it becomes unenjoyable. Hey but this Water Warfare impresses me! Yeah, the whole "kid friendly" thing is kinda stupid but heck. It's online FPS. And it's cheap. I'm sold.



Kawaiipikachu said:

A new Military Madness but here i am hoping that they release Neo Nectaris as a Hanabi Festival game & now a completly new title .



RadioShadow said:


Okay Military Madness, but I'll wait and see screenshots before getting exited. I never was keen on the original.

I like the DS version of Diner Dash (even if unresponsive at times) but as this port is by Hudson, it shouldn't be a problem and I'm getting it.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Unlike most "manly" FPS fans, I dont care if Im playing with water guns, as long as the gameplay is good.



Objection said:

Amazing! I never tried out MM but it looked good. The FPS (sorta) title sound sgood if it has splitscreen and DINER DASH? That's my favorite casual PC title! Coolios.



Hudson is giving wii ware a great support. Capcom , sega and even Nintendo should learn from them!



Adam said:

I didn't like the Military Madness on VC too much because I got stuck early on, but I would assume a WW entry would be closer to my skill level, so I look forward to it. The shooting game might be good, but I doubt it'll have local play since Onslaught didn't, so I'm not interested.



KDR_11k said:

I think Hudson also has the most games of any publisher on WiiWare. Looking at their site they seem to be mostly focussed on smaller games these days. I wonder how it pays off...



Chunky_Droid said:

Wow, go Hudson

I'm so glad that there's a company rampantly supporting WiiWare, though I've only downloaded Tetris Party (That's Hudson right?)

I really want the retail Bomberman game to come out over here, personally.



Crazed said:

I'm excited about both Water Warfare and Military Madness. If Water Warfare is like Onslaught, just with water guns, I'll probably get it over Military Madness, but both games sound appealing.



-TR said:

Water Warfare looks pretty awesome already. It's also conveincing me to go and make me buy OnSlaught, now I'm not disgusted at it's lack of Vs. and they've made up for it.

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