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First Military Madness Screenshots!

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Well all of you Military Madness fans out there can now officially jump for joy. Although Hudson's Military Madness WiiWare title was only recently even announced, the first group of screenshots from this new version of the game is now in our midst.

Apparently, the game is quite a bit further along in development than many originally thought, which is certainly good news for those of us who are excited about the prospect of a new Military Madness title after all these years of waiting.

You can check out the screenshots below in all their glory and we'll have more information on Military Madness as it becomes available.

The screenshots have the Xbox 360 controller button icons, but we're told that all three versions of the game are basically the same, other than the high-definition output of the XBLA and PSN versions of the game.

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Corbs said:

There, that's better.
And good catch to those who spotted the Xbox 360 controller button icons.



Crazed said:

Cool, intresting look. Have never played the series, but looks like a game to look out for in the coming weeks.



Nat_J said:

this game looks interesting.. is it like Command and Conquer??



Objection said:

Annoying, my comment went on vacation. Anyway, this is already shaping up nicely.



Corbs said:

When I deleted the previous article it deleted the comments. Nothing I could do about it.



Kawaiipikachu said:

So it wasn't a highy sensetive over the top mods trying to make this site look good.
When I noticed the fact the it was an XBLA screenshot I coudent see anything that exceads what the Wii can do.
Still I be looking forward to it.



BulbasaurusRex said:

This looks good. I like turn-based strategy a lot better than real-time strategy (mostly because I stink at RTS).



Corbs said:

No I copied the text and deleted it before I even realized that the comments wouldn't make the trip over to the new article. It was my mistake. But I did want to find out why these screenshots had been labeled as WiiWare shots when in fact they were XBLA shots. As it turns out, the shots are the same for all three download services so I reposted the news story. Get all that.



TRON said:

Military Madness is one of my all time favorites, and I will be happy with this even if it's just a 3d-remake. Hopefully it has new maps though, which would make me happy, quite happy indeed.




Its good to see a strategy game coming to wiiware. I'm not into them, but this is interesting nonetheless. I won't be downloading it though.

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