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EU WiiWare Update: Texas Hold'em Tournament

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It seems like Nintendo of Europe thought that four arcade games were more than enough for this week, because today brings only one new WiiWare title to the table.

Texas Hold'em Tournament is the newest game from Digital Leisure, who already released The Incredible Maze and Sudoku Challenge! on WiiWare.

We didn't think much of their previous efforts, but perhaps this one will be better - For just 500 Wii Points, you get a single player mode, in which you start as a small-time hold'em player and try to make it big, and you get an online multiplayer mode which supports up to 5 people per match. On top of that, the game features Mii support and also has online leaderboards.

That's it for this time, check back in two weeks for the next batch of WiiWare games, as usual!

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PALgamer said:

Exclusive title!!!!! NoE is really spoiling us in the WiiWare front lately.



Starwolf_UK said:

No comments yet... why not be the first?
Let's try. Well its 500 points...shames that the only positive thing I'll say.

Incoming rant…

It has been roughly 3 months since I last connected to the Wii shop. These 1 game every two weeks updates don’t help the situation. I know why it is, the pot has run dry of titles. It is a shame NOE are too dumb to figure out there are about 16 games in English (WiiWare games out in America but not Europe) that they could publish after a bit of paperwork (ratings basically) and testing. Heck if they feel adventurous they could translating Japanese games.

But no, they’ll let WiiWare rot and drive me bonkers in the process as I get to watch everyone else have fun with games I won’t be able to buy (or play) because of the stupid Wii Shops region locking.

Why am I so annoyed? WiiWare was one of the main reasons I bought the Wii but I didn't expect it to become a fragmented mess where no region is best off so soon...



Taiyou said:

I hope Bit Trip Beat comes here soon. Any news on the increase of price on Nintendo points when DSi comes here? I've read on some sites that 1000 points = 15€ and so on...



WarioFan63 said:

This feels very "calm before the storm."

The last two weeks of singularity were probably because of the 4 VC games sandwiched in between them.

It'll probably go back to doubles next week.



Ratengo said:

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Texas Hold'em Tournament is a good game. By this release, the PAL region has gotten ten games during March. Amazingly, isn't it...? Especially when Japan got the same amount (6 VC titles and 4 WW titles) only during this week - or even better - within 48 hours...!



danik said:

@starwolf_UK. I feel your pain. i had a time where i was downloading a fair few wiware titles (some bad ones before i found this site) but i must admit i havnt been on my wii shop to get some new wiware titles in ages as theres just not enough good games coming out for it.

500 points aint bad for this, looks reasonable, mainly due to online support. not sure ill get it. see what the review is like first.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I feel so bad for you guys... every two weeks...

That aside, for only 500 Points, it'll be interesting to see how it holds up. WFC is the main appeal of this, I imagine.



tkubas1 said:

Wow I love Poker! I'll download this one As soon as I read the review( Just in case) ohh,and when it comes out in the US.



Objection said:

Only 1 game? I wonder if NA will suffer similarily this coming Monday...anyway, I like Texas Hold 'Em IRL, so I hope this game is decent.



worrybomb said:

Yeah it does stink to have 2 games in the span of two weeks compared to what the US or Japan gets. Sorry guys. =(

As far as Texas Hold'em goes, if it's rated nicely depending on the local and online gameplay then maybe I would get something like this. I think this game would benefit if it had Wii Speak functionality too. Who knows when we'll get a game with Wii Speak functionality.



Wiiloveit said:

Why does Nintendo hate us so? 0.5 games per week, and not even a good one at that (sorry for being prejudiced, but look who the developer is). Just when I thought I'd got Nintendo wrong (after the Sd update), they go and do this.

@KS8: I was just about to say the same thing.

Next update: Bit.Tip BEAT and New Adventure Island?



KeeperBvK said:

What the...? I've bought a new points card two weeks ago hoping for Gradius Rebirth and now we get two lackluster WW updates in a row? So the Arcade update wasn't truly a nice little gift, but rather the balancing for what they had in mind for WiiWare. -.-0
I just hope this Poker game turns out to be good. Online support at least doesn't sound too shabby.



RGVEDA said:

Only in english Ok, maybe not worse to translate a Pokergame, but it would be nice, if they had translate this game.



KDR_11k said:

I can't think of anything better to say than: F*%K YOU NOE!

I hope Bit Trip Beat comes here soon. Any news on the increase of price on Nintendo points when DSi comes here? I've read on some sites that 1000 points = 15€ and so on...

Retailer markup, some stores just up the prices on the cards. Happens to Microsoft too.



Hawker said:

I play poker online & at home for real money so there's really not much reason for me to get this & play just for fun. Still with online support it might prove interesting for those that either can't play for money, or want to learn how to play.



calculon said:

I really don't care this week. I'm too busy gloating over the 70 good VC/WiiWare titles now in my SD channel and I've still got to download another 15. Gave me a perfect opportunity to revisit some of my favourites.

Currently replaying FFCC:MLaaK, Snowboard Riot and Secret of Mana.



Bass_X0 said:

hasn't it already been stated that several WiiWare publishers just find it to expensive to release their games in Europe? I'm sure I read this in an interview here sometime. And if Europe were to get one or two WiiWare titles every week, how long do you think it would be before there just weren't any more WiiWare titles available until more publishers/developers have finished coding/rating/whatever a game to be released in Europe? We may only get one game every update but we do get at least one game every update. Of course I do suspect that there will be people who wouldn't care if we got the games now than later even if we do have to go through some weeks without a WiiWare update at all.



slangman said:

Garbage. Another Wiiware game that looks like a N64 title. I doubt we would have gotten 2 Wiiware games this week anyway, because of VC arcade Even so, it's no excuse for this crap.



Starwolf_UK said:

hasn't it already been stated that several WiiWare publishers just find it to expensive to release their games in Europe?
Indeed it is why it looks unlikely Europe will ever get...

Bruiser & Scratch,Gyrostarr,LiT,Major League Eating: The Game,Sandy Beach,Protöthea,V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack,Target Toss Pro: Bags,MadStone,Gradius ReBirth,Big Kahuna Party,Hockey Allstar Shootout,Groovin' Blocks,Boingz,Planet Pachinko,High Voltage Hot Rod Show,Evasive Space and Tiki Towers.

True, only a handful of those are good but I'd rather two crap games than one (or none).

But my rant was calling on Nintendo to care about WiiWare and publish these games themselves (money is clearly no issue for them), not pretend to care about the Wii Shop by putting a fat iron curtain over* it and say "we're helping the indies, look here is this USA only contest on Gamestrailers for a world of goo videos".

*-How is a region lock helping anyone? I could pirate Groovin' Blocks and LiT but I won't as I want to spend actual Wii Points on them



Objection said:

Yup, some of the above comments need to be trimmed, censored, etc.
EDIT: Thank you, mods. Anyone download this yet? Thoughts please.



Bass_X0 said:

I've bought a new points card two weeks ago hoping for Gradius Rebirth

Yeah... don't do that. It doesn't do you any good buying points in the hope of a specific game coming soon. Best just to buy the points after the game has been released.



Terra said:

Ouch, this is one ugly game. Reminds me of More Game Party; Double Ouch. Maybe what it lacks in graphics, it'll make up for in gameplay and online multi. That's just being optimistic though. Realistically, the odds of that are slim to zero based on past experience.



Wiiloveit said:

@Starwolf: A couple of those games have already been PEGI rated, so it would seem daft not to release them here now after spending the money on rating it. I can't remember the PEGI list off by heart, but Groovin' Blocks and Sandy Beach definitely came to mind.



calculon said:

Meh. I decided to stop worrying about what comes out on WiiWare two weeks ago. Life's just too short people.



rayword45 said:

You people are so biased. DL got Sudoku right, why not Poker? Let's think of RealArcade. Boingz was bad, Tiki Towers was good. Give the damned game a chance!



Sean_Aaron said:

Another card game...well, I guess we should be happy to get anything at all.

I've got two 3000 point cards coming to me thanks to a mistake by Amazon listing them for £14.99 instead of £29.99 (looks like some kind of increase is coming -- hopefully it's only for retail points cards and not online ones as well or have Nintendo decided that US$=€=¥?).

Hopefully the VC Arcade will give me something to spend them on because WiiWare isn't looking like it will (Bit.Trip.Beat come soon!).

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