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EU WiiWare Update: Family Table Tennis and Jungle Speed

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It's another catch-up week for Europe, with one game the US has had forever and a game they got about two months ago.

Family Table Tennis came out two weeks after WiiWare's launch in the US, so they've almost had it for an entire year! It's the true first game in the "Family" series, but like the rest it's not really spectacular in any way - We thought it was very average when we reviewed it. The European version of the game is even less appealing however, for some ungodly reason the game now costs 800 Wii Points instead of 500!

Jungle Speed is a card game which can be played with up to 8 people. It requires fast reaction speed and quick thinking. When it was first announced we honestly didn't have too much hope for it - But when it was released in the US it actually proved rather fun, and is definitely worth the 1000 Wii Points if you've got friends to play with.

That's all this week - No Gradius just yet, sorry!

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Corbs said:

Wow no Gradius Rebirth or Bit.Trip.Beat. Bummer. But Jungle Speed is fun.



Starwolf_UK said:

Family Table Tennis was bealry worth 500 Wii Points when it first came out in othe rplaces back in 1955 so why has it gone up in price now?

Also, I question weather releasing Jungle Speed at 1000 points (a price it has bombed it in America) was a good idea on anybodies watch?

So what is it that now, 8 more catch-up weeks and USA getting 0 WiiWare games for Europe to have the same number of WiiWare games as the US?



Kawaiipikachu said:

Unfortunately Corbie i won't be enjoying BitTrip: Beat for a while now .
It is a sad day that me Kawaiipikachu Can't enjoy that game yet .



AngelBlack187 said:

i wish nintendo would offer something good. i have not given them any money on vc/wiiware since secret of mana. i remember the good times. shame what its like now. sucks. anyway at least resident evil5 is out tmz. back to killzone



blackknight77 said:

Wow I can't imagine why they raised the price of FTT. It's not terrrible but overpriced at 800 points



Nintendork said:

Ouch, you guys really got screwed.
Well, I'm going back to playing with my Gradius Rebirth.

..............Which is only in America.

EDIT: Funny WWW staff. very funny



tootie_kicks said:

Well, initially I was a bit reluctant to pay $15 (Wii points are extra expensive is the land downunder. Yay.) for what is essentially a card game, but after reading the comments to the review, I'm gonna get it. Not right now, but sometime in the next few weeks. It just sounds like a simple, fun multiplayer game, and being WiiWare, means no disc swapping. A hit at parties, like TV Show King.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Guys, Jungle Speed is a great game and I hope more people get it. It was one of the better WiiWare titles we got at the start of the year and boy is it ever fun with friends. You guys didn't get screwed at all. Jungle Speed may seem "overpriced" to the untrained eye but I've had so many gaming experiences with it already, I've completely overlooked the 1,000 Points price tag. In fact, I think it's completely worth it provided you get a group of friends. We play this game all the time now.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about it for I'd hate to see someone get deterred from this game just because it may seem to cost a bit much.

And FTT for 800 Points?! Are you serious? It's barely worth 500 Points. It's so barebones and shallow!



Pablo17 said:

Jungle Speed is a fantastic game and in my opinion, well worth the 1000 points they are asking for it. I really didn't think this game would work on WiiWare but the controls are spot on and it is one of the better party games out there.

I will say that Jungle Speed is at it's most fun when there are at least three players playing though. If you have some friends to play the game with, you might want to give Jungle Speed a closer look.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Glad you think so too, Pablo! And yes, it is a fantastic game. 4 Person matches alone are a blast. Can just imagine with more!



Corbs said:

I was rather surprised at Jungle Speed myself. My whole family loves it.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

So you've said, Corbie.
I've always appreciated the stance you took on writing that review. I dunno if I've ever made it clear or not but it was a great review, just like the one for HRS.



Ratengo said:

It's understandable due to upcoming Smash Ping Pong for the VC. Why should you pay 600 points for that Hanabi game instead of buying a superior WW game for even 100 points less...?

Hudson Soft's Cue Sports: Snooker vs Billiards also costs 800 points in the PAL region. The higher price tag was particularly done in the respect for Break In on the VC. In return, Pit Crew Panic costs 800 points in North America.

My best bet is that the next Family (Pirate Party?) game will cost 800 points in North America while PAL region will get that for a cheap 500 points.



Djungelurban said:

New publisher. Both Aksys and 505 Games has to get paid I guess... I actually kinda do hope FTT is a hit in Europe. 505 Games has a history of picking up the slack from other publishers in the past, releasing stuff in the PAL region that would otherwise probably never get here at all and there are a few games that I really would like to see released over here where the original publisher doesn't seem to be interested to do that (especially Gyrostarr). So let's hope 505's first experience with the service is a positive one.

And in related news... WTF?!! Where's Gradius?! I mean, it's nice and all to finally fill a few annoying holes in the release history but none of that matters really when the US has Gradius and the PAL region doesn't!!! GRRRRR...



Yasume said:

Another crap week? Totally unexpected.

Good games we still need to get:

Gradius Rebirth
Groovin' Blocks
High Voltage Hot Rod Show
Tiki Towers

Good games NA still need to get:

Pop Them, Drop Them SameGame



Sean_Aaron said:

A virtual card game and virtual table tennis game instead of Gradius Rebirth. I don't think I need to say any more, but I'll probably also be playing Gradius ReBirth tonight and not spending any points in the PAL shop for what is possibly the 4th or 5th week in a row!



calculon said:

Two games I can't be bothered with. I bought the Soldier Blade VC title instead - well worth the points.



Bass_X0 said:

WTF?!! Where's Gradius?!

Its only just come out in America. Releases aren't usually close together.

Hope next week we get somehing like Bit.Trip

It would have to be two weeks. We get VC games next week, hopefully the Hanabi will start.



Spiky_Idiot said:

i guess they're bringing back all the games we missed out to the service before new ones come like Adventure Island and Gradius ReBirth.



EJD said:

Not a very satisfying update again.
I'm holding out for Bit Trip or next week's VC releases if they're good.



slangman said:

Whats up with the lame weeks us europeans are getting? Jungle Speed only sounds ok and FTT sounds a bit rubbish. The higher price tag is just stupid.

Can we please have Hanabi next week Nintendo? I am getting sick of the rubbish updates.



KDR_11k said:

Spiky: Adventure Island already has been announced for an April release by Hudson in europe (however that was in the same list that marked Onslaught as March).



xesbeth said:

No Gradius. Two wonderful overpriced CRAPPY games.

My nightmare come true! Thank you Nintendo!



Sean_Aaron said:

Can we stop with the alternating weeks as well? Why is Japan so blessed whilst NA and PAL territories feel like there's war rationing in effect?



Starwolf_UK said:

Oh snap I left the reply window open for 90 minutes

So let's hope 505's first experience with the service is a positive one.
Ah I didn't realise. I know they've handled a few VC releases in the past (such as River city Ra...I mean "Street Gangs")

Whats up with the lame weeks us europeans are getting?
I think the pot of releases is running very dry. It only takes that company whose name starts with N to publish some America or Japan only games but that wouldn't be fair if people decide to publish those games 8 months later...



Sean_Aaron said:

Incredibly it appears no WiiWare is getting released in Japan next week, so Starwolf could be right about the well running dry for now.



Bass_X0 said:

Can we stop with the alternating weeks as well?

I believe its to give WiiWare developers longer to translate the game and its online info into all the different languages. Games made for America and Japan will obviously be plentiful because thats where the developers are usually based. Also some WiiWare developers/publishers are not interested or just plain unable to release their games in Europe for whatever reason. So clearly Europe will have a much less number of games available to be released. Yeah, like you said - the well is running dry on games ready to be put up on the shop.



timp29 said:

Wow, none of this appeals to me. Damn you nintendo... I just got my tetris party points and now I have to troll the back catalogue. :/



KDR_11k said:

Bass: But some games simply come out untranslated like FFCCMLaaK or SBCG4AP.



Bass_X0 said:

I don't know how many games remain untranslated. Is that a problem for you?



Golgo said:

Poo upon poo upon poo. My points remain safe for yet another week. Shame I can't get interest on them.



Doogle said:

What a crappy update! Hopefully Adventure Island will be out next fortnight and give me some cause to buy more Wii points.

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