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EU VC Update: Clu Clu Land and Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Let's see how generous Nintendo is for Europe this week - We get a game the US already has and a game which is already available in a superior form!

Clu Clu Land is likely the third-last non-import Nintendo game for the NES (The last remaining likely games being Golf and Pro Wrestling). You play as Bubbles as you float around a maze, grabbing poles to swing yourself around and uncovering gold bars to gradually reveal a picture. You also have to avoid the nasty Sea Urchins and other dangers which appear in the maze. The game is quite fun for a while, but like most old NES games it's extremely simplistic - Almost every level is the same, meaning it gets boring quite fast. Check out our Clu Clu Land review.

The other new game isn't a much better deal though - Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair is pretty much exactly the same as Monster Lair for the Turbografx-CD - Pretty much the only difference is that the Mega Drive version has worse graphics and music, making this release practically completely pointless. On top of that, the game itself isn't that hot either - It doesn't play at all like any other Wonder Boy game, it's more like a platformer mixed with a shoot 'em up. We'll have our review up soon, but until then you can check out the Monster Lair TG16 review to get an idea of what to expect.

Still no Hanabi Festival! Don't you hear all those sweet imports just begging to be released?

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marktheshark said:

The trash just has be released sometime sooner or later.

Can't keep it in the backburner for too long.



Pj1 said:

What? No exclusives! Rubbish week. I look forward to the fortnightly VC releases but on this occasion please wake me up again in two weeks.........



Kurachi said:

i dont know wonder boy, and dont really like the way its played
clu clu land, i had fun back then, maybe i buy it later, after my list is complete

i really prefered SSB



Ratengo said:

The Turbografx version of Monster Lair contains 14 levels and also has a better ending than the Mega Drive version, which has only 9 levels. Otherwise, what a crappy update...!



The_Fox said:

Wow, what a poopy week. For a while there Europe was faring better in releases than North America, but not so much recently.



Adamant said:

Well, uh...

We knew they were coming, so at least they're out of the way now.
Still, why release these two together?
I know some people like Clu Clu Land, but it's a rather aquired taste, and it's probably the least popular score-based NES game Nintendo has made.



Starwolf_UK said:

Don't you hear all those sweet imports just begging to be released?
They're begging but nobody is listening. Nintendo of Europe can't hear over the sound of cash registers.

As far as getting things over with I hope the next update is Golf and the Wonder boy version of Dragon's Curse just so we can have two things over and done with...unless I've missed some Wonder Boy games...which is very possible



Drake said:

Yes, The Dragon's Trap is the last remaining Wonder Boy game, not counting Monster World IV. Unless they start releasing the C64 versions too (And Europe got a Master System port of Wonder Boy in Monster World)



blackknight77 said:

I don't want to speak for everyone, but I hope this is the last version of Wonderboy. Nintendo you can move on to other games now



Drake said:

Keep in mind that Sega used to release three games a month in Europe in 2007 - Obviously the only way to get close to doing that now is releasing a game with every single update



Pj1 said:

I look forward to the fortnightly VC releases but on this occasion please wake me up again in two weeks........



KingMike said:

Last likely, but not last possible.
Then they'll probably move on to the Zapper games.
And I suppose they could do Power Pad, since isn't the Active Life pad essentially a re-branded Power Pad (successor to the Family Fun Fitness pad, as it was known in Japan and Europe).
Or they could move to the last first-party SNES games. Though EarthBound has been discusses as unlikely previously, there's still Super Punch-Out left (and TinStar, which I never played so I have no opinion on.).



Neomega said:

Why not release every game that had a trophy in SSBM

EU you need a hug?



sega_nerd said:

Wow this is very uninspiring release for EU gamers. Something like Ogre Battle or Super Punch-Out would have been acceptable.



brooks83 said:

Was Pro Wrestling an import for EU? Because that would make 2 Nintendo developed NES games we're missing.



Clayfrd said:

Wow, that's what I call a dissappointment. Clu-Clu Land is kind of fun, though.
On a completely unrelated note, I just started playing Ikaruga again, and it is superb. I love it. I recommend it to anyone that can take a challenge without whining.



Chunky_Droid said:

I love Wonderboy, and at least the Australians got 2 games this time instead of 1

So the TG-CD version is an ACTUAL Wonderboy title? Or is it sprite remodelled etc? I know about all the games except this one



Chunky_Droid said:

ouch! I mean.... un-ouch!!

I'm Australian too (just American console), Nintendo of Australia just suck IMO. Will be importing my DSi in April too



Adamant said:

"Was Pro Wrestling an import for EU?"

No, it was released there.

Ogre Battle, which was suggested above, was not, though, so we all knew that wasn't coming.
Plus, the lack of ratings and all.



MickEiA said:

#25 id rather nothing and wait another 2 weeks to hopefully lucasarts coming to VC



tootie_kicks said:

It's not that it's crap, it's just...

Yeah, it's crap.

At least this will stop my impulsive spending habits for another week, seeing as WiiPoints aren't real money.



brooks83 said:

The reason I asked if Pro Wrestling was an import is because in the news article it says that Golf is the only other Nintendo developed NES game that could come out. But that would be wrong, because they are forgetting Pro Wrestling...



Bass_X0 said:

Until Hanabi arrives, theres very little for us to catch up on now - just Powerball and Life Force Salamander. I wonder how soon it will be until we see those two games.



Golgo said:

crock of poo. aint bought a thing off vc since secret of mana, and not sure i ever will again at this rate.



Jono said:

I think they're forgetting about Popeye & Dr. Mario as well? They were released in Europe.



Ratengo said:

Clu Clu Land arrives to Japan in next week, but it seems that the Famicom Disk System version (aka Welcome to New Clu Clu Land) is coming instead. Are there bigger differences between the versions? I have never played so called "Clu Clu Land D" before - is it worth getting then...?



Betagam7 said:

I can see some parents complaining when they buy little Johnny another of those Wonderboy games he loves anly to find out its a WORSE VERSION of one he's already got.



Drake said:

Clu Clu Land D only has new levels, an extra enemy and two difficulty levels, I think. Nothing major!



Bass_X0 said:

#44: Popeye was a licensed game so that can't be done and Dr. Mario has a modern update on WiiWare that Nintendo would probably rather you buy instead.



EJD said:

Another lousy update.
I've been keeping my points in case of a good release but it looks like they may be unspent for another week.



slangman said:

Yay more crap, while NA is getting all the great games, we are getting garbage as an alternative. I am guessing we are getting more shovelware for Wiiware next week.



Bass_X0 said:

Don't know why people buy points in anticipation after being disappointed week after week waiting for something they particularly want. Me, I only buy points on the shop using a Visa Electron card when there's something I want already available to me.



Sean_Aaron said:

Seriously is that it? Do we not even get a new WiiWare game? WTF? In Japan they've been getting 4-7 releases for weeks (next week seems to be the first with only 3 titles I can remember) and clearly there's stuff that should be waiting for release.

Whatever, Japan gets The Super Shinobi on Megadrive next week and I still haven't bought Ai Cho Aniki, so that plus all the other stuff I've been downloading of late will do me (plus I still haven't finished Pikmin or touched Ookami).



Bass_X0 said:

Do we not even get a new WiiWare game?

Not this week. Thats next week. As has been the case for many months now.



slangman said:

I actually would like Ai Cho Aniki as a Hanabi Festival title. I envy anybody here who owns a Japanese Wii.



blackknight77 said:

Clu Clu Land D is an unlockable in Animal Crossing if anyone wants to try it out. I thought it was a little better than the original and the difficulty seemed toned down a little. I think its likely to make its way to the NA VC as an import.



Rapadash6 said:

I was kind of expecting a Hanabi to start with this update but I guess not. I'm sure things will pick up for you guys soon... I mean it has to some time, right?



Viral said:

I'm not impressed with this release week. As someone stated earlier, I haven't bought anything from the VC since Secret of Mana. I must agree as well. I'm almost finished with Lolo and Zack & Wiki.



ovaLs said:

Look on the bright side
you guys get all the C64 games

I want jumpman



Terra said:

Well, they're out of the way. That's something i guess but still, it should have been better.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I bought Ai Cho Aniki and Super Shinobi. The former is goofy as hell, though the controls are giving me some trouble so I need to find a FAQ to figure out how to pull off some of the shots. Still the music is awesome and the game is fun.

Super Shinobi, not so much. I had read reviews of this in the past which suggested as much. It's not like the arcade game; slower-paced, not enough enemies, shurikens that run out (who thought was a good idea?). I dunno. It's only 22 blocks so it can stay on my system for awhile, but I'm not feeling the love...



Kurachi said:

haha, most people who hate this weekend's update are american people
its not that bad... at least its not 2 of those stupid wonder boy games (or worse)
as i said: clu clu land isnt that bad, i liked it, and might buy after my lists are done for VC, but also after any better game i can and want to get which comes on it before i completed my lists

ps. nice to see american people feeling sry for us, while some said: let europe dont get SoM yet, when it wasnt here

oh well, i only wait really for SSB (n64) and Kirby Dreamland 3 (snes) for now
lets hope that the next hanabi will let me get Kirby 3

GreetZ Kurachi... Kirbyfan forever



MickEiA said:

ah back in the good old days when we got 2 vc titles this update we got 1 with no wiiware games

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