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Defend Your Castle receives 2009 ELAN Awards nomination

Posted by Darren Calvert

When Defend Your Castle was first released on WiiWare, many people scoffed at what they believed to be nothing more than a Flash title with improved visuals and an unwelcome price tag. However, XGen Studios must have been onto something as the game has been nominated in the 2009 ELAN Awards.

Here's the official word, in full:

Having been consistently ranked among the top-selling titles on Nintendo’s WiiWare™ service, Defend Your Castle™ has received recent recognition in the form of a nomination in the 2009 ELAN Awards. The game has been selected by a panel of seven judges for a shot at the Best Casual / Arcade Game category in this year’s event, the 3rd annual iteration of the Canadian awards program. Developed by a small team with big ideas, Defend Your Castle invites up to 4 players to become commanders of their kingdom and fight off relentless hordes of invading enemies through a mixture of cooperative and competitive play.

Acclaimed casual game developer, XGen Studios Inc. is pleased to receive this acknowledgement from the industry professionals involved in the ELAN evaluation panel.

“We crafted DyC to be the game we, ourselves, wanted to play; its exciting to hear that our industry peers share our enthusiasm for Defend your Castle” said Skye Boyes, founder of XGen Studios. He continued “In light of the overwhelming response to Defend Your Castle on WiiWare, we’re also pleased to announce the availability of Defend Your Castle on iPhone and iPod Touch devices, via the iTunes App Store, beginning in late March/early April”.

Jordan Dubuc, director of operations for XGen added “we’re thrilled to receive this recognition and validation of our significant efforts in crafting a unique gaming experience like Defend Your Castle.”

Defend Your Castle has met with much critical acclaim, with Wired Magazine exclaiming “Defend Your Castle is five bucks worth of awesome”, while IGN’s review calls Defend Your Castle “a fun WiiWare game and a perfect example of what the service can bring to Wii owners”.

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gig said:

Good for Xgen, defend your castle, it's a nice little game and strangely captivating, I've since descovered a joy for tower defence games in general.



KDR_11k said:

Dunno, I got bored some way into one session. New stuff just happens too infrequently and there's only so much you can do during each day.




this was the 1st wiiware title i downloaded i thought it was a good game



Objection said:

I downloaded this at launch and still boot it up now and then for an hour here and there. If it goes onto the iPod market, why not the DS? Touch screen and multiplayer over multiple systems!



SilentJ said:

I'm with KDR_11k on this one. It's a pretty cool game but I quickly got bored with it. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I got someone to play it with me but my siblings both saw it and wanted nothing to do with it.



Atlantis1982 said:

I enjoyed this title, but some has mentioned other things kept popping up; plus I seem to recall I had internet issues when I bought it, and shortly after I bought this I got Samurai Shodown 2.



Ricardo91 said:

I liked the Wiiware version (despite getting boring after a while), but didn't think it was good enough to win any awards. Congrats Xgen!

@ALDAWGZ. Same here. I got it cuz it was the cheapest game on the service at the time.



Twilight_Crow said:

I liked the on line version of the game and bought it for wiiware, I play it now and then, I enjoy it a lot. One day a friend of mine came to my place to play some Brawl, I was playing DYC and he joined in, we keep playing it together for hours instead; frankly I believe it deserves the prize.

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