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Cave Story Development Nearing Completion

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Judging from the newest entry in the Nicalis Blog, the WiiWare version of Cave Story seems to be nearing completion.

According to the blog, Cave Story fans will likely be playing the game by the end of April or early May if all goes according to plans. The team is currently putting the finishing touches on the game and the online manual that will accompany it when it's released on the WiiWare service.

The team is also working to fix any bugs and iron out the final kinks before the game will be submitted to Nintendo for approval.

You can check out the Nicalis Blog for a detailed account from the various development team members on the current state of Cave Story.

We'll have more information on Cave Story as it become available as well as a full review once the game hits the WiiWare service. Let's hope the wait won't be too excruciating.

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WolfRamHeart said:

So, where is Cave Story and why isn't it here yet?! All joking aside, this is fantastic news! So close, yet so far. Why must you torture me Nicalis! Oh well, hopefully this turns out to be the next best WiiWare title since World of Goo and Lost Winds. I also hope they take a cue from Wayforward's Lit with a similar price point! Yeah, while 800 points may not be likely stranger things have happened. It would be great if enough people buy this game so perhaps we may one day see a Cave Story sequel!



Link79 said:

As long as they are taking the time to make it great that's fine by me.
A rushed game is a bad game. The wait is killing me but it will be well worth it.



Kamuki said:

I've heard of the cave story series but never played it. This looks good but I just used all my wii points gifting Bomberman Blast! :/



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm surprised that WiiWare World didn't mention in their news post that the game has some DLC planned for it also.



naut said:

Good good. Cave Story is awesome BUT. Is it worth paying vs. just playing the PC version?



Popyman said:

This is going to be a EPIC Easter gift =P

@Nintendo-Naut: It's worth getting the WiiWare game, just to give Pixel money. Cave Story is a true work of art, and if you play it, and don't want to throw money at Pixel, you shouldn't have played it in the first place, and are a bad, bad, person.



Ricardo91 said:

YEEESS!! At last we have some sort of date to look forward to! It's gonna be a pain waiting an entire month, but it'll surely be worth the wait!

@Popyman. Actually, given that Pixel never wanted credit for his game in the first place, I don't think he'd mind if one of his customers didn't pay money for his game. He's such a saint.



naut said:

Heh heh. Well the problem here is, Nintendo should have just done MONEY for the Wii Shop channel, like the PSN. Wii Points are delicate since you can only buy them in $20 intervals at a time. (I'm not using a credit card 'k. And even then it's still $10 min.) If I could choose the amount of points I was getting, let me tell you, I would have a lot more VC/WiiWare games. When you pay $20, you wanna make wise choices. Do I really wanna pay some of that to get, 2 more save slots and some updated graphics? Cave Story IS a work of art but...I don't think it makes me a bad person to deprive Pixel of about $10. And of course, it doesn't mean I'm NOT getting it either, I'm just weighing the scales.



Outrunner said:

The Wii version has updated visuals too though... if that's a plus or negative to ye I wouldn't know.
I'm looking forward to this game, not having played it myself.



Rockbandmonkey said:

Having never played or seen the original version, I'll have to keep on eye on this. Can't wait until it comes out!



MarioCrazy said:

I can hardly wait. Hopefully, if this does well, more developers will make side-scrolling adventure games. Or maybe it's wishful thinking. Regardless, this game is gonna ROCK!



MarkyVigoroth said:

How many people think that the guy in that picture looks like Ash Ketchum?

(By the way, I am saving my Wii Points for Mayhem in Monsterland, so I may pas up in this...)



Stuffgamer1 said:

@MarioCrazy: The genre's doing pretty well lately, actually. The new A Boy and His Blob game was just announced (looking similar in 2D graphics quality to Wario Land: Shake It!), and Klonoa is upcoming (okay, so that's 2 1/2D, but you get the picture).

On the other hand, the genre is severely lacking until Nintendo gets around to making another 2D Metroid game.

@MarkyVigoroth: That's the first thing I thought of upon seeing that picture. Weird.

Anyway, looking forward to this game's release.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@MrPinguy: I feel like I've just been insulted...

I must admit, I don't know all THAT much about Cave Story. I've wanted to play it ever since I watched the first episode of DeceasedCrab's Let's Play of the PC version, though. And you've gotta admit, there IS a striking similarity in that picture. Of course I know it isn't REALLY Ash, but you get the point.



Kid_A said:

SO EXCITED! May's looking like a great month for Nintendo

Cavestory+Punchout=my wii exploding from so much awsomeness.



MrPinguy said:

It wasn't my intention to insult, but anyway your avatar show that you indead are worthy of forgiveness ;P

Other than wearing a red cap (that is very common, ponting at Ness in your avatar), and have (not-so) similar haircut, there is no real similarity.
I would say why, but everything about the "hero" is spoiler since he wake up without memory in the begining of the game.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@MrPinguy: Ah, it's okay. Just something about that "guess why" looked insulting to me. Like the obvious answer was a put-down or something.

I admit that red caps are common enough, but it's the white patch at the front that looks like Ash. True, it has no logo in the middle, but you get the point. I point to that cap with that patch as the sole reason the dude looks anything like Ash whatsoever. Nothing I can explain. I'm no brain expert. It's just what popped into my head when I saw it.

You're the first person to say anything about my "new" avatar (which I changed at least two weeks ago). I kept ragging on people who change their avatars all the time, then I finally did so myself. I did it to show Earthbound support when that rumor post came up a couple weeks ago, but nobody noticed. Oh, well.



BigLord said:

@MrPinguy: There are more portuguese folks here? What are the odds?

I feel like I REALLY should buy this game, everyone around me loves it and I'm saving myself to play it in WiiWare so... Guys should I just go ahead and play the free PC version anyway?



MrPinguy said:

Jogar a versão de pc FOI o ke me fez desejar a versão de Wiiware.
se consegues esperar, espera. Mas se queres experimentar força que vale a pena.

And no, portuguese around here are very few.
I bought my Wii for two reasons, i wanted to buy a PS3 but my brother wanted a Wii so i bought it instead. And with the Wii i could buy Mega Drive (My favorite home console) games that i couldn't bought in the past.

But of course, since i got one anyway, i wanted to use all the potential that the Wii have so i bought, Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man 9 etc...
And lurk around here to find some more gems.



Wolfcoyote said:

I've never heard of Cave Story but there was so much buzz all around the 'net that I finally did research and saw the trailers. Even though there's an option to play the game for free on the PC there's a good reason why I will be one of the Wii owners who will gladly give Studio Pixel/Nicalis my money:

1) I can vote with my dollars. These are the kinds that the Wii download service needs, not cheap cash-ins like Crystal Defenders R1 (even though the game looks amusing) or those horrible Gameloft ports, and

2) The game has that Metroid/Zelda/Kid Icarus vibe. It looks dated but that's part of the charm. It would be awesome just to come home from a hard day at work and saving some rabbits and a damsel in distress.

Cave Story, Adventure Island: the Beginning, Explodemon...WiiWare is blowing up!

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