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Brand New Harvest Moon Series: Ranch Store Screenshots

Posted by Corbie Dillard

We've just gotten our hands on a brand new set of Harvest Moon Series: Ranch Store screenshots. As you can see from the new shots, the game has a very different look from the previous Harvest Moon titles, so this game should prove to be quite interesting.

We'll have more information on Harvest Moon Series: Ranch Store as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service. Until then you can take a look at the new batch of screenshots below.

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Digiki said:

I'm not a fan of the huge white outlines, they might as well write "paper" on them too.

Are stupid titles "in" these days?

It looks nice though, minus the borders.



ouenben said:

Congrats Bahamut! You've been nominated for the Douche awards 2009!

This game looks bizarre. I love my harvest moon but they all play very similarly so it could be nice to see something a little different.

then again this looks worryingly like a bunch of minigames (Milk the cow! shear the sheep! etc)



mojo25 said:

"Congrats Bahamut! You've been nominated for the Douche awards 2009!"

lol what? Anyway, I've never been really interested in Harvest Moon yep, I think I'll just save future Wii Points on something I'm more in to.



anthonyb said:

@ouenben: OMG I don't know if it's cuz I've been sitting at a desk all day or what, but that douche awards comment made me laugh out loud for real. Of course that gives away the fact that I'm not really working... :/



anthonyb said:

And bahamut, I don't think you're a douche. I just thought the award was hilarious. I'm usually pretty thrilled to get first comments as well hehe.



ouenben said:

I just think the whole saying "FIRST" on an article is a very dumb and pointless thing. At least you actually said something after it i guess



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@anthonyb: I dont mind if it was a joke. I can have a good laugh at myself too, Im not boring

Unless he was serious. Then Im mad >=(

EDIT: Hey, at least I didnt make a big deal about it. You should see people on other sites (Gamesradar, Screwattack, Im looking at you).



anthonyb said:

I think a bigger challenge would be getting "LAST!" comment. Go ahead. Try it.



Objection said:

"Congrats Bahamut! You've been nominated for the Douche awards 2009!" Remember that those who nominate are up for nomination. I applaud Bahamut for not taking this seriously, because as long as a comment has other things, there's nothing wrong with saying "first."



Corbs said:

Are the Douche Awards televised on a major network or is this going to be one of those crappy Spike TV debacles? And remember, it's an honor just being nominated!



lockelocke said:

what is this? Harvest Moon: Shovelware Store? I'm soooo sick of minigame oriented Wii titles. C'mon!



subzerobf said:

Meh, I'm a huge fan of Harvest Moon, but this new style and store thing just doesn't look too appealing. I'm still hoping for Harvest Moon 64 on the VC. Classic and traditional.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@O_B: I dont take it seriously because I dont wnat to get in a fight and banned.
@Corbie: They're on G4 on December 18, 2009. Dont forget to vote
The "Best use of the Nuumber 7" air right after. Ill be sure to nominate you



Popyman said:

I still don't get why they are milking a series as niche as Harvest Moon. Just because it's got cows in it, doesn't mean it should be milked >_>



Popyman said:

@Bahamut: You're right. But, I have played (and watched) everything else with FFVII on the box.

But really, HM is being milked. There's this, some puzzle games, and a number of other things. Whatever, I don't care,



Party_On_Dude said:

I don't know what your guys' beef is with arguing with each other about first comments or things being aimed at people on here... but some of you need to stop using comments on a way of chatting... more like things should only be for the subject matter of the article!
Glad I'm staying out of it!

But I know about the Harvest Moon series, (I know its been milked way too many times far as the eye can see); but I think this new WiiWare version will be indeed GOOD & AWESOME, for those who like the series or never gotten into it!

Namely me for example; I've never played a HM game! I also like the screenshots in this article! Very pretty for HM graphics! Love the cows & milk containers a lot so far!! (Cute Cow Sound): MOOO!!

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