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A Boy and his Blob Gets the Remake Treatment

Posted by Damien McFerran

NES classic is coming to the Wii, thanks to the creator of Contra IV

Those of you old enough to remember the days when kids TV presenters weren’t covered with tattoos and Right Said Fred dominated the Top 10 will no doubt have fond memories of a NES game called A Boy and his Blob.

Coded by the legendary David Crane (co-founder of Activision and the creator of numerous classic games) and released way back in 1989, this unique piece of software was extremely well received and secured a massive cult following.

The new version is coming to the Wii. It's being coded by WayForward, the studio responsible for another excellent retro remake: Contra IV. The team are also the ones behind the recently released LIT on WiiWare. Little is known about the game so far, but WayForward have confirmed that it will showcase 2D hand-drawn visuals. Majesco is handling the publishing duties. There were rumours of a DS version also, but WayForward have yet to release any details on that score.


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motang said:

I am so looking forward to this one. It looks awesome! IGN posted couple of videos of it.



Damo said:

I'm so glad that a developer has the balls to release a hand-drawn 2D game on the Wii these days. This really does look gorgeous.



Dazza said:

This is looking seriously amazing, like a living breathing cartoon. I was a bit fan of the original so this is a day one purchase for me.



Adam said:

I've read that it's level based, which is somewhat disappointing, but who can complain when such a classic game is finally getting a sequel and with such gorgeous style! Please, please let this mean that the original will come out for the VC! I haven't played Contra 4, but I've heard only good things, and Lit is very good, so I'm anticipating this more than any other Wii title now.



WolfRamHeart said:

This game looks amazing! I love WayForward! Ever since Sigma Star Saga for GBA I have been pleased with the quality of the titles they have released. Contra 4 is a must own on DS! Lit was awesome too! This title along with Muramasa:The Demon Blade are the two Wii games I am anticipating the most this year! Long live 2D side-scrollers!

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