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1000 Free Nintendo Points to EU Customers

Posted by Philip J Reed

Just a quick news item to share welcome news

According to Eurogamer, European gamers will also receive 1000 Nintendo Points free upon their first connection to the DSiShop.

This offer will be valid for a limited time, but we do not have information on just how limited that time might be.

The choice is yours: use the 1000 points to download a nice bunch of launch titles, or sit on them until the classic GB and GBA games start rolling in. Whatever you choose to do, though... make sure you remember to log on and collect your points before it's too late!

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Corbs said:

Yay! Free points for all! Good to hear.

Oh and yes I deleted the Military Madness news until I can find out why those were Xbox 360 shots instead of the WiiWare shots. Sorry for that.



King_Elemento said:

I've just decided to get a DSi. I still have a DS Lite that's good for GBA games, and a GBA itself, so those will suffice for the DSi's lack of a GBA slot.
Whatever other downsides there are (slightly reduced battery life, etc) I'll have to live with.



jangonov said:

Im glad europe gets it too. and didn't retract their statement about the gb and gba games? Isnt it only for japan right now?



Crazed said:

I won't be getting the DSi for some time, but it's a relief that everyone will be getting these free points. Just to be clear, when does this deal end?



Crazed said:

@ Jangonov- Thanks. Now, what's this about VC for DSi being only for Japan?



jangonov said:

go to and look at the edit on the article. Im supprised wiiware-world hasnt reported it yet.
to save you some time here it is....
"EDITOR'S NOTE: Nintendo called Kombo up today and requested that it be known that some of the above information is not officially announced for North America and as a result, may not be completely accurate.

Specifically, they told us that you will not be able to play GB and GBA games directly from your SD memory card. Also, downloadable GB and GBA games have not officially been announced for North America (only Japan, so far). "



jangonov said:

BUT I am going to the club nintendo event in orlando this sunday. There I will confirm what is going on and report to this website with the details
edit it is fun being a platinum member



Crazed said:

@Jangonov- Wow. Thanks for the update, and I'm glad that you get to go to sunny Orlando, but it's extremely unfortunate that VC will be released for Japan only (AS OF NOW). Hopefully US and EU will be in on the action soon (and hopefully Nintendo can do something about GBC and GBA games.)



jangonov said:

lol I live in in Florida so I HAVE to go. For all of you guys and girls sake. Plus I have to find out on my own what is going on.



Crazed said:

@jangonov- oh...

@Bahamut- Actually, if anyone screwed up, it was Chicken Brutus, since his caption under DSi is that Nintendo loves us all equally, and that isn't the case anymore (now that Japan gets their VC.)



Corbs said:

@ Bahamut ZERO - Actually I didn't screw up. Those who labeled these as WiiWare screenshots screwed up.
But I didn't catch it, so I guess I did screw up. Fine. You got me.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"if anyone screwed up, it was Chicken Brutus, since his caption under DSi is that Nintendo loves us all equally, and that isn't the case anymore (now that Japan gets their VC.)"

If Japan gets the VC, so will the Western regions; it's just a matter of when. Once they have the technology in place, it'd be outright foolish to offer the VC to only one region. And on that I'd make a very large and confident bet.

Also check the caption again. I put "this time" in parentheses for a reason.



jangonov said:

@ chicken brutus
yeah you are most likely right but how long did america have to wait to get wiiware after japan did? I just want it confirmed over here as to when it is, not whether or not we will get it.



Philip_J_Reed said:


Don't worry man, that was just my response to Crazed specifically. I encourage you to find out anything you can and let us know! I'd be very, very interested in hearing what you learn.

And yeah, it may turn out to be a bit of a wait (only time will tell), but if Japan gets the VC, we will get the VC. Thus spake the chicken.



Objection said:

Mistake time, huh? That's okay, you still beat other sites in the VC/WW department by a mile.



Terra said:

I just pre-ordered my DSi, so I'll need to find good use for these soon.



Outrunner said:

Free points! Thanks Ninty! I think I'll wait for the GB games though once I've collected them. Warioware does look fun though...



James said:

First you'd need to relocate to Europe and then build a time machine. Get that sorted and we'll talk some more.

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