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Weekly Virtual Console Round Up (4th Feb)

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Nintendo's Virtual Console shop has 1 new release this week, Sonic Chaos (SMS).

Sonic Chaos

System: Master System
Release Date: Mon 2nd Feb (US)

Play as Sonic or Tails in Sonic Chaos, which was originally made for the Sega Master System. Dr. Eggman (a.k.a. Dr. Robotnik) has stolen the Red Chaos Emerald to create nuclear weapons. This has thrown the remaining Chaos Emeralds off balance, causing them to transport to a parallel universe.

As a result, Sonic's home, South Island, is sinking into the ocean. Speed through various levels in your crusade for the six Chaos Emeralds. Perform Strike Dashes and Super-Peel Outs as Sonic, or Spin Dash and Fly as Tails, and restore order in Sonic Chaos.

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James said:

I remember when Sonic Chaos originally came out on Master System, and it was called "Sonic and the Red Chaos Emerald" in one of my Mum's catalogues. I now own two copies of Sonic Chaos, but no copies of Sonic and the Red Chaos Emerald.

There was never a more depressing allegory for the failure to deliver on youthful promise.

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