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USA WiiWare Update: Evasive Space

Posted by Darren Calvert

Today’s solo release for North American WiiWare is Evasive Space. A causal glance at one of the many screenshots in our gallery below might lead you to conclude that this is a shoot-em-up game. In fact the idea in this game is to avoid things instead, which is a novel idea. The game has been developed by High Voltage for newly formed Akinai Games (YUKES of America).

From what we have seen so far and heard in our exclusive interview we’re expecting this to be a solid purchase. Competing for the best times on the online leaderboards should be a whole heap of fun. Evasive Space costs 1000 Wii points, if in doubt wait for our review which should be ready in the next couple of days.

Congratulations go to reader PDTempest who won our Evasive Space competion with a quite frankly unbelievable example of death-avoidance that even Frogger would be proud of!

If evading things sounds like a drag and you want to shoot and destroy instead then you might want to check out Life Force on the NES. For just 500 Wii points with 2 player co-op this is a game worth investigating.

What will you be downloading this week?

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Rage_zoned said:

Hmm...only 1 ....strange and dissapointing...i only hope Europe gets more next time.



Bass_X0 said:

there's some kind of surprise... i'm expecting its nothing major though.



Wiiloveit said:

Nice one - even if you didn't get any other WiiWare games. Hopefully soon you can get SAMEGAME or Onslaught.



opeter said:

If EU doesn't get Evasive Space the next time i sure hope the US doesn't get Onslaught either.



PALgamer said:

I get a feeling we wont see this one over in PALand.
But nevertheless have fun with it America.

There is one thing we have in common right now, the ridiculous slow pace. Step it up NoJ!!!



Starwolf_UK said:

Despite the fact its high voltage games therefore I won't allow myself to care (if I do care i'll get upset at it not coming to Europe*) I am pleased to see you finally got it.

*-Its simple, they can't find a publisher that is interested. Frankly Nintendo should be stepping in but I think they don't want to be seen as having too much power on WiiWare...



Loopstar said:

Not a single HVS game has been released in Europe so far and I doubt that Evasive Space will be an exception. It's a shame, too, as their games look so interesting - especially Evasive Space. Can't wait for the review.
I also hoped that the USA would join in the Onslaught fun but I guess they already had their Hudson game for the month with Snowboard Riot.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Wow. Barely any positive thoughts for this game...

I've been REALLY looking forward to this. This is a must-buy. I'm kinda disappointed, though, that like last week, it's a solo release.



odd69 said:

geeze i was waitng for onslaught.... instead this garbage... whatever.if you ask me wiiware is getting clouded with crap. besides megaman 9 we need more games with meat on them seriously core gamers need games to.but this weeks releases = let down.



Sean_Aaron said:

Yeah, I'd like to get my hands on this: very pretty and not shooting things for a change. Naturally it's the one American WiiWare title I really want and it's not coming over here.


Well, I've got Super Darius II on the Japanese VC to look forward to tomorrow...



ness said:

@ odd69: How can you know that this game is garbage?

And funny that you say core gamers need more games...



WarioFan63 said:

If EU doesn't get Evasive Space the next time i sure hope the US doesn't get Onslaught either.

Woah, hey! I wouldnt wish NOT getting a game on anybody!



Awesome5 said:

I was hoping for Onslaught too. Let's cross our fingers for next week!
Anyways, Evasive Space doesn't appeal to me much, so I'm going to have to pass.



odd69 said:

@ness: it might not be garbage to you and alot of players out there. it just doesn't appeal to me.

core gamers DO need more games on the wiiware service .sorry to have to say this BUT in my opinion we do not have enough. by core games i do mean platformers, fps,adventure,rpg's

we will be getting some of those great games soon enough i'm just complaining because i personally am not satisfied with the loads of puzzlers and whatnot's inbetween.

@opeter : i'd trade you this game for onslought anyday of the week.



XCWarrior said:

Was hoping for Onslaught. Maybe next week. This 1 VC and 1 WW game a week is starting to stink.



XCWarrior said:

@odd69 I think there are plenty of core games on WW, not sure what you are getting at. There is only so much they can fit on a 40 mb space. Plus you have VC as well....



PALgamer said:

The people who where looking forward for Onslaught should notice that they already have a Hudson game by the name of Snowboard Riot this month (like Loopstar has pointed out). You already have your Hudson game of the month, so you'll be waiting next month for either Pop Them, Drop Them SameGame or Onslaught.

That is unless NoA changes their policy (like they have done before for Hudson and Gameloft).



Bahamut_ZERO said:

No Onsluahgt

Its an FPS. Im in America. Americans love FPS. Why couldnt Hudson put 2 and 2 together

"Caboose that wasnt a test!"



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Enough about Onsalught. Geez. Even when a potentially great WiiWare title is staring you right in the face, people still aren't happy.

And besides, I dunno why everyone was expecting it when Snowboard Riot just came out not 2 weeks ago.



Adam said:

An HVS game is not a potentially great WiiWare title.
Just kidding. This looks at the very least decent. I'm more excited about Life Force though. A co-op shooter on VC!!! Finally I can replace the boring Gyrostarr.



Wiiloveit said:

@opeter: Don't be mean - as Starwolf pointed out, it's not going to released here for a long time, if at all. And besides - don't you want some more people to play against/with on Onslaught?



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Knuckles:Cuz you're hyped for it.

Its kind of like the release of Halo 3 or Psychonauts. They're both great, but Halo 3 (playing Onsluaght) has much more of a hype, so people are waiting for its release more.



Popyman said:

You people do know that this was made by High Voltage? You know, those developers you love just because they're making a FPS? Yeah, this might be their first great game.



Objection said:

I'm going to say it: No Onslaught,as we all knew, but it still sucks. I really hope we get it soon. As for ES, no matter how it's reviewed I still want Onslaught first.



odd69 said:

if you guys think that this is a core game you should stick with your sandy beaches. (im not downing people that play any of these games buy the way, it's an just opinion)
im not just an fps junkie, i actually play other games as well. american gamers who just play fps should go play sandybeach LOL.

oops i was not aware that hudson cant release two games a month. but really what kind of rule is that why should it even matter? explain me please .

oh by the way name me one rpg game on cant because we dont even have any.
if capcom can make an awesome game with the little space given on wiiware then there should be no excuses on why core games seem thin on wiiware. look at lost winds it's a very short core game but a core game it is, all that in a little space. from what i seen and what the wiiware is capable of i have high expectations for wiiware games and i have every right too, no everyone has the right too. i'm sure i'm not the only one yearning for a game that we can chew on..
on my final word one great example of what i mean : Cave Story. more games like that and nintendo couldnt keep money in my pocket.

anyway i didnt mean to go way off topic so discuss evasive space.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I predict a 7 for this. HV seems to make a lot of 7/10. Untill the Conduit, they remain "Good, but not great" developers.

@odd69: This is a core game. Believe it or not, core games are most games. Things like mini game collections arent core games. The top-down shooter used to be a popular core genre. I dont see how you dont think this is core. And I can assume you're immature due to the letters in your name. Prove me wrong in a civilzed, intellectual disagreement. That means facts, and no stupid sandy beach comments.



KDR_11k said:

The concept of avoiding everything worked pretty well for Kurukuru Kururin, of course it depends on the implementation.

I would guess the releases per month thing depends more on how much is in the queue, Nintendo seems to be kinda low on games to enqueue ATM which is why the updates are so slim.

I guess whether you call this core depends on whether you're thinking like Sean Malstrom who claims that the new market is really arcade-like while the core is more about story and epicness than plain gameplay (talking about old core genres doesn't work because the core has shifted since then which is why the Wii was able to revitalize gaming by embracing arcade-style games again and blah). I'm not sure Onslaught would really count as fully core in that definition...

I sure hope HVS will overcome the "good but not great" label with The Conduit. I also hope they'll overcome their no-release-for-europe pattern then too...



odd69 said:

@ Bahamut ZERO : excuse me?? if you have a problem with my handle you can suck it. THESE ARE OPINIONS i dont flame you for yours and i dont flame your online handle either.



blockhead said:

@ odd69
calm down. All Bahamut ZERO wanted was to have a civilized conversation, but instead you show your immaturity by flipping out on him. If you dont like the game you can go back to playing your FPS. I for one like the idea of evading over shooting, but i guess its everyone to his own. (end mini-rant)



Outrunner said:

Shame America didn't get Onslaught. I was lookin forward to playin Co-op with my mate from Canada.
Edit: All this talk about core games is ridiculous. a game is a game and it's either fun or ot isn't. Some of the criteria that people think makes a game hardcore, (blood, guts and bad language), I find to be pretty immature. Give me a good shmup any day.



Maderek said:

I was really hoping for Onslaught. Oh well, we'll see how this turns out.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@odd69: I wasnt flaming. Flaming often invlolves hostile reactions. I didnt seem very hostile did I? All I wanted was to engage in a civilized discussion to understand your opinion. So, just chill.
@Outrunner: I agree with the whole fun comment. Casual games are great fun too sometimes, but they are casual games. Odd thought that ES was not hardcore, so I was trying to show him that it was. And I also agree on your whole criteria comment too. It really makes me upset when people think Mario and co isnt hardcore because its not rated M.



BulbasaurusRex said:

This game isn't for me. If I'm going to fly a video game spaceship, I want to shoot stuff, not dodge stuff. This dodging idea makes it almost like a puzzle game, which as we all know is a very overdone genre on WiiWare.

Hopefully, we get Onslaught soon. If we have to wait until next month for another Hudson game, I hope we get Onslaught on March 2.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Pika: Actually, WW is getting better. Sure, I would have much rather had Onsluaght, but I still think this will get a 7/10.



CanisWolfred said:

I'm not enthusiastic about this at all. I thought this was gonna suck the first time I laid eyes on it, and since then it hasn't gotten any more appealing. Pass.

@Sean Aaron

Lucky bugger!



Ricardo91 said:

Damn, no Onslaught. Ah well, there's still next week.

@KS8. It's an HVS game. Therefor it's a "potentially mediocre" game, not a "potentially great" one.



Philip_J_Reed said:

@Pikamander 2:
"Nintendo is running out of Wiiware games."

Bit Trip
Cave Story
Eduardo the Samurai Toaster
Adventure Island Wii
Bubble Bobble Plus
Lost Winds 2
Super Meat Boy, yeah. Poor us.



WarioFan63 said:

oh by the way name me one rpg game on cant because we dont even have any.
Youre expecting a lot there. I dont think theres even that many RPGs on XBLA or PSN so why should WiiWare be any different?

And I understand there is a one month thing going on here but the rules have been bended before. Nobody remembers? There was at least one occasion where we got 2 Gameloft games in a month and back in September we got both My Aquarium and Bomberman Blast in the same month, so dont rule out the possibility of Onslaught or Samegame coming out this month or more likely, both coming out next month.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Ricardo91: HVHRS was "potentially medicore" (in fact, before I had no intention of buying it unless it had online play) and it turned out fine.

Annnnyway, downloading it now. It's 283 Blocks IIRC. Anyone want impressions or is everyone to afraid I'll be to excited about it? >_>
Download just finished. Hope to play shortly!

@Bahamut: What's that supposed to mean? >__>

Well while everyone here is busy being obsessed with the obscure FPS, I'll be off playing Evasive Space which has potential to be a great WiiWare game.

@Chicken Brutus: You tell em! Plus there are others you haven't mentioned. WiiWare scene this year is solid!

@blockhead: That makes two of us!

@Popy: Tell me about it! >__>

I still don't get why everyone was so bent on Onslaught today when SNOWBOARD RIOT just came out?!



KDR_11k said:

There actually is an RPG for WW in the works but I don't remember what it was called.



Olimar_91 said:

Why is everyone complaining about this? Honestly...
Onslaught just came out in Europe, why should it be assumed that within the next couple days here? Especially since Evasive Space was confirmed for today awhile back.

Between the two, ES is much higher on my list of games I'm interested in.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Olimar: Oh, Im not upset about ES. I actually was moderatley looking forward to this. I just happen to be looking forwrd to Onsluahgt more. But if this gets a 9/10, then I will forget about Onsluaght for a while

@KS8: Some impressions would be nice. I think all of us here are saving our 1000 for Onslaught, so maybe you, somebody with an enormous wallet (seriously, you've bought like every WW game ) can give the rest of us here a reason to actually talk about Evasive Space in this comments



Adam said:

I downloaded Evasive Space on a whim because I had points left over. I literally played for a minute before having to go to work, but from what I played it seemed potentially good, though not amazing or must-buy or anything. Certainly better than Gyrostarr. Well, that is if you value a one-minute impression at all.
Looking forward to trying it out more tonight. Should have more detailed impressions 3-4 hours from now.



RGVEDA said:

First: Gratz for this game, US and Canada! I hope, that the Review will show, that this game is good or great

But Second....when will the US Only Games be released in Europe? We are sooo far behind

Here is the US and EU Only List, Release Date German spelling:

US Only:

01. 12.05.08 V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack (High Voltage Software)
02. 26.05.08 Family Table Tennis (Aksys Games)
03. 02.06.08 Protöthea (Two Tribes)
04. 23.06.08 Gyrostarr (High Voltage Software)
05. 14.07.08 Major League Eating: The Game (Mastiff)
06. 28.07.08 Frat Party Games - Pong Toss (JV Games)
07. 08.09.08 Groovin' Blocks (Empty Clip Studios)
08. 06.10.08 MadStone (RiverMan Media)
09. 17.11.08 Target Toss Pro: Bags (Incredible Technologies)
10. 24.11.08 Boingz (RealArcade)
11. 08.12.08 Bruiser & Scratch (Steel Penny Games)
12. 08.12.08 Hockey Allstar Shootout (Big Blue Bubble)
13. 15.12.08 Big Kahuna Party (Reflexive Entertainment)
14. 22.12.08 Tiki Towers (RealArcade)
15. 05.01.09 Sandy Beach (Konami)
16. 12.01.09 Planet Pachinko (Allied Kingdoms)
17. 12.01.09 Jungle Speed (Playful Entertainment Inc.)
18. 19.01.09 High Voltage Hot Rod Show (High Voltage Software)
19. 02.02.09 Snowboard Riot (Hudson)
20. 09.02.09 LIT (WayForward Technologies)
21. 16.02.09 Evasive Space (Akinai Games)

EU Only

01. 05.12.08 Bang! (Engine Software)
02. 30.01.09 Pop Them, Drop Them Samegame (Hudson)
03. 13.02.09 Onslaught (Hudson)
04. 13.02.09 Pop-Up Pirate! (Tomy)



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@RGVEDA: Well, most of those US Only games are terrible. But still, I feel bad for you.

Anyway, any news on a review WWW? When can we expect it, Wednesday?



Adam said:

You really don't want most of those games. Lit is probably the best of the bunch, though I haven't tried Hot Rod Show and barely tried Evasive Space.

Still, that's three games out of twenty-one, and you have Onslaught to balance it a bit.

Looking at the list though, I take it HVS doesn't plan to release their games in Europe?



anthonyb said:

I hope this one turns out w/ an 8 or 9. I doubt it, so I won't buy unless I see that in the review.



-TR said:

An RPG? Well, there's a WiiWare-exclusive Final Fantasy...

I like the look of this game. Perhaps if it was cheaper...

Stop complaing about Onslaught. We had to wait TWO MONTHS more than you to get Strogn Bad 4, which was actualy my second-favorate WiiWare game to World of Goo. And I reckon Onslaught's just going to disapoint.



odd69 said:

@blockhead : if you were paying attention the conversation it was civilized until my online handle was brought up. if you were paying attention to the conversation you would have read that im not an fps whatever you say.

on the other note im going to pick this up just to see how it is. why not.

@TR final fantasy my life as a king isn't an rpg. its a simulation game. it rocks by the way!!!

@Bahamut ZERO : core games in my opinion may differ from what others may feel is a core game. so im gonna purchace this game later on and find out . i doubt it will be my thing though but i always keep an open mind on what i play.example: space invaders was a great hardcore game , i picked it up thinking it was casual but i was wrong!



KDR_11k said:

Core is an established term meaning the incumbent's current market that he holds dear (usually his most profitable segment). It's not personal oppinion.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@TR: FFCCMLaaK is a simulation, nor an RPG. I do think there is one about magic and stuff in the make though.

@odd69: Thank you for being civilized. So, what is your definition of hardcore?



odd69 said:

@ness: awesome. but one that actually is going to be released in usa. 20% chance of being released outside of japan isnt enough for me to get excited about.=(

there really isnt a definition for hardcore games because it differs on the player playing them.i feel that super mario, megaman,wonderboy games are hardcore games while others may not. i feel that fallout 3 and oblivion are hardcore rpg's along with action rpg's like secret of mana. if it keeps me on the edge of my seat then for me, its hardcore.
evasive space just doesnt seem to be hardcore to me only because its not normally like shooters we are used to.



Dazza said:

Btw., why there are actually so many (6, and 3 of them are Germans^^) Paper Mario avatars with the exact same picture? Don't imitate, innovate!

Haha that is the new default avatar which shows if readers don't upload one of their own!



ness said:

@ odd69: The RPG game is from Kemco, so I think the chance is a little bit higher .

@ Hardcore/Shooter: The shooter genre is one of the most hardcore genre at all.

@ Dazza: All right, thank you, that explains much^^.



Adam said:

Home finally to play with my new game.
Three levels in and my instincts about this game were definitely right:
The game is better than Gyrostarr, though this is coming from someone who thinks Gyrostarr is overrated. To me Gyrostarr was average, and this is slightly above average. The controls work very well. It's one of the few games where you won't wish for traditional controls (though I don't think they're even offered). The graphics are the same vibrant, pretty colors of Gyrostarr, but the environments and levels are more varied (not that more variety than Gyrostarr should ever be a benchmark, but it's at least an improvement).
I don't think anyone will regret getting it, but you also should not regret passing it up if you don't have the points.
Haven't touched multiplayer yet, so I don't know what to expect there, but I'm hoping that will be the reason to play this game.

If anyone has any questions, I'm playing through it right now, so I should be able to give more detailed impressions on anything other than multi-player for the time being.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

So guys, I can tell you right now that the game's pretty good. I'm having mixed thoughts about it though...

For one, one thing that bugs me is accessing Wi-fi Leaderboards isn't as easy as it should've been. You gotta physically go into a level, Pause it, click to check the Leaderboard (and thereby lose your progress) and then it'll update. It's quite tedious and I have no idea why access to the Wi-fi Leaderboards isn't made available on the "Leaderboards" menu which would make sense... Unless there's something I missed, it's basically. On that note, I checked the Leaderboard on one of the levels on a whim. I'm the 2nd person on there. O_o There's noone else. I don't think people know how to access the Leaderboard... from those that DID buy it that is.

I can assure you that it's better than Gyrostarr but that's just my opinion. I was disappointed with Gyrostarr. Evasive Space is quite compelling, actually.

But here's a glaring problem I can't seem to avoid: I'm on Act 3/4 right now and I'm starting to question a few things about the game...

If there's anything of you wanna know, lemme know...
I can verify for you right now, this is not gonna get a 9/10. Not even in my books I'd rate it that high. As it stands, the game is much more likely t get reviewed for a 6 or a 7. As for what score I'd award? Well, it's very debatable and I gotta finish playing all the levels before I can formulate an honest opinion.

@Bahamut: No I haven't bought every single WW game but I've bought over 15. And don't think my wallet is enormous... It's not. Trust me. It's a long story... Very long story.

@Mickeymac: Touche!

edit: Wow. Weird how you type up your impressions at the same time as me! LOL!
And yeah, I thought Gyrostarr was overrated too.
Evasive Space's graphics are quite impressive, IMO, similar to (if not better than) HVHRS. I haven't touched Multiplayer either but I've unlocked a few stages for it, that's about it.



Adam said:

Knuckles, do you have any idea how to get past the worms in level five (the level that looks like level one)? I was enjoying the game up until this point, but this is really annoying. There are several corridors only as wide as your ship, and a worm pops up right when you get to the spot, so you get hit every time, making it seemingly impossible to finish the level on time.



Adam said:

Nevermind. Apparently it is just a very tight timer.
EDIT: Finally beat it. That level is insanely cheap.



chris3116 said:

I just bought Evasive Space. I like it. It's pretty weird to use the IR controls with the B button to advance. Sometimes, the wiimote doesn't detect my sensor bar. But the sensor bar is above the TV not in the bottom. The game is hardcore with its levels to finish them before the time goes up. I don't know why people say it's not while it is. It's like an old arcade game. I'll give it a 7.5 or 8. The 1000 wiipoints is well worth.



Adam said:

Who cares if it is hardcore or not? It's just a pointless label. I haven't seen anyone who has played it saying one way or the other. It definitely has an arcadey feel. My main complaint so far is the absurd difficulty curve at level 5. How far are you, Chris?

Also, I haven't had any trouble with the remote being picked up. I would suggest fidgeting with your settings in the Wii menu.

EDIT: Actually, scratch that about the difficulty curve. A more significant complaint, perhaps: the music is exceedingly dull. For a game with such a frantic pace, this seriously detracts from the experience. Normally I couldn't care less about the superficial stuff like graphics and music, but it does affect the game play experience if you feel relaxed and unpressured constantly when you really should be in a rush. On a similar note, the timer starts beeping a bit too late to be of use most of the time. It is easy to lose track of time when you are so focused on avoiding walls and obstacles.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@KS8: You buy everything that matters though I guess this means my 7/10 prediction is right. Another 7 from HVS it looks.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Bahamut: lol. doesn't everybody? Does that include Critter Round-Up? LOL. XD

@Carlos27: Yeah, it is fun. Not that repetitive, IMO. Levels are quite varied.

@Adam: Yeah, the timer IS tight for those levels. But the difficulty isn't THAT bad. And at least the Timer makes the screen border flash red even if it is a bit late. lol.

@chris3116: Glad you're enjoying it! I'm thinking along the same lines as you.



professorlayton said:

Hi everyone,

I'm the new reviewer who's reviewing Evasive Space. I downloaded the title earlier today and from what I've played thus far, I'm not too impressed. The main problem I had with the game is that it isn't really all that fun. Who knows, maybe I'll end up liking in the end.

@ Bahamut ZERO - From what I've played thus far, the game will be lucky to get a six from me. No matter how much I play it, I just can't get into it.



CanisWolfred said:

A Paper Mario default avatar? That sounds pretty familiar...

"The main problem I had with the game is that it isn't really all that fun."

That sounds about right.



Adam said:

6 sounds about right, Professor. It is an above average experience, but barely. Have you tried multi-player? I am hoping that is more fun.
At least today brought Life Force, too.



Chrono_Cross said:

If you`d read my previous comment before I`m new and from what I`ve seen and read so far I`m very impressed. One thing I truely like about this site is the option to have an Avatar next to your screen name.
Other than mine I really like Dazza`s, Bahumut Zero`s, and KnucklesSonic8`s(Sonics awesome) Avatars lol

As from all the reviews I`ve read on WWW that are from HVS seem to be average. Not too much innovative and not too much addictive fun gameplay from this developer or atleast so far.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Thanks Crono!! And welcome to WWW!

@professorlayton: Finally a fellow Layton fan!! It's a shame you can't enjoy it. "Lucky to get a 6" does not sound good. Hopefully I can at least concur with your gripes whatever they may be. Hopefully you'll back it up enough. I think I've become known, now, for the controversy (for lack of a better term) I've stirred up in recent reviews, particularly with SNOWBOARD RIOT. lol.

The game gets a 7 in my eyes and I'm around Act 4. I think, though, I expected potential from it and I was a tad let-down. It held promise. It kinda lived up but not all the way.

Oh and guys one more thing: When you realize that the game highly resembles Star Soldier R in structure (that is, in going for high-scores to aim for the fastest time), you'll keep a more open mind and hopefully enjoy it more like I have. Like I said, it's not bad but it's not a must-buy like I thought it'd be.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@KS8: Yes we here at WWW all know your controversy. For better or for worse

@Crono: SMRPG was amazing. For me its in the Top 5 SNES games, and Top 15 Games Ever. Geno was so awsome. I really cant explain why, he just was



Demonic_St33V said:

Personally, I was really hoping for Onslaught.

At the same time I'm rather glad Onslaught wasn't released, as it would have been one more obstacle in a long line of distractions that's been conspiring to prevent me from making time to beat Gears of War 2's single player campaign.

Every day is a struggle.... Battling my wife for control of the consoles and battling my ADD-like tendency to jump randomly from game to game. Hell, I still haven't managed to beat MP3... Can't seem to find the focus.



Chrono_Cross said:

@Bahumut ZERO
SMRPG was just epic!
Thinking of Mario in an RPG you wouldn`t think it`d be good but it was and thanks to the help of Square it was everything I would ever ask for.
Geno was awesome because he rarely talked, always serious, and had so many amazing moves `n weapons he was just so superior to everyone else...especially Mallow...freaking cloud.



Razoredge17 said:

An Avoid'em all huh? Might be interesting. I await the review. I hope this turns out better than High Voltage's other games, which were promising, but were never great.



Carlos27 said:

i was watching IGN Gameplay videos and it seem a frustrating game .. not hard.. but frustrating.



Adam said:

That is accurate. Most of the levels aren't frustrating, but a couple most certainly are, and I'm not halfway done, probably.



fixjuxa said:

I love all the people coming down on this game because it's not some other release they were waiting for. Had you actually taken the time to download it you would likely find that it's a pretty fun and unique little title.

It certainly doesn't play like anything I've played before and the controls, while they take a little getting used to, work perfectly and really give the game a unique feel. It wouldn't be nearly as fun if you played it with a d-pad or analog stick. It's really quite surprisingly how proficient you get with the seemingly hard to handle controls. With a little bit of practice you'll be zigging and zagging through mazes, and dodging asteroids like a champ.

I like that there's different levels with different physics as well. The open arena style levels have physics that remind me of those moon lander games because you keep a lot of your momentum after you let off the accelerator.

Like most WiiWare games though the game makes me think "Geez, there's so much more they could do with this concept". But what do you expect when you're only paying $10? For my money the game is easily worth that. If you're into classic 2D gaming you should pick this up. There's a good chance you'll like it.



accc said:

Why do you think the game isn't fun, Layton? Do the controls not work as well as they should, or are the levels and missions somewhat lacking? Or maybe you just aren't interested in the game's concept in the first place?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Bahamut: lol.

@Crono: Well, I dunno. It's hard to say. I miss playing Snowboard Riot all the time, honestly. There are many times where I'm like "I wanna go online in SR" but I can't and that just drives me more when I DO play. For Evasive Space, when I got it, I had to hold off on playing it for a few hours because of stuff and I kept saying "I wanna play Evasive Space already". lol. After I tried it once, like right now, I'm like "I wonder what the next level is gonna be like?" and "I wonder how I can get a better time on such-and-such a level". It's not THAT addicting as some other titles but it can hold its own. Really, it depends on your attitude towards it!

@accc: The controls are fine. I didn't like the control scheme at first but that was mostly because I thought it would be controlled using the Nunchuk. It grows on you though as fixjuxa mentioned and it's definitely not poorly-mapped or anything. The escort missions are a tad tedious at times but otherwise, the levels are varied enough that you actually feel compelled to get better times and runthroughs. As for whether its fun or not, it's more fun when you're TA'ing and going for Speed Runs. Take it from someone who's a heavy TA'er.

@Carlos27: Not as frustrating as some other WiiWare titles. It's challenging at first because of the tight timer on certain missions but after a while, you get used to it.

@fixjuxa: Glad to find someone else who appreciates the game! And yeah, a top-down space adventure game that strikes up nostalgic thoughts of 2D gameplay - that's exactly how I feel!

The physics of the "arena levels" as you so call them are nicely done. They certainly add to the variety of the game. And although your recommendation is valid, many won't take the risk since many are stingy with their Wii Points, especially for something priced at 1,000 Points - they just don't wanna get disappointed. Well I'm not disappointed with my purchase.

And you address something I touched on earlier: that the game held promise in that there maybe could've been more they could've experimented with it but for what it's worth, I really like the way it turned out. I didn't expect the variety of missions, honestly, not to mention the physics element brought in by the open field areas.



Twilight_Crow said:

To be honest if I had have the points, I'd have downloaded this right away, I wasn't expecting it to be that great but, at least, is a tad diferent, like Gyrostar, and I guess some 2D nostalgia draws me to it too, I'll end up buying it some day. Anyway, I hope you people get your Onslaugh soon, not for me thou, fps give me motion sickness .

@KS8, Adam, fixjuxa
Thanks for sharing your points of view .



fixjuxa said:

If I were reviewing this game I'd give it a 9/10. 2D games that used the IR pointer in unique ways is the first thing I started thinking about when WiiWare was announced. There's so many possibilities I find it mind-boggling we haven't seen more quality games that use the IR pointer to great effect. Lost Winds is the only other game that comes to mind.

Anyway, I love this game. It doesn't play like anything else out there and I think the reason for that is the controls. This game would be no fun on an XBox 360. Controlling your 2D ship with an IR pointer is a distinctly different experience(and in the case of Evasive Space, more fun) than playing it with a d-pad or analog stick. Instead of holding a controller in both hands and twiddling an analog stick under your left thumb, you're more likely to sit in a chair with your elbows tucked to your side, or braced on your lap, while you grip the wii remote with two hands so you can aim more steady and make faster, more crisp movements with your wrist. This is all the difference in the world. It's make the game feel different than most other games and because it works it makes the game more enjoyable.

So there it is, my review. 9/10. And to the folks at High Voltage:

More please.

Also, just in case somebody from High Voltage IS reading this: Was this game at all inspired by the minigame on Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz where you race the monkeys through 2D, top-down mazes? Because that minigame controls just like Evasive Space's maze levels.



Sean_Aaron said:

Still interested and still have 1800 points laying about after getting a 2000 point card with Deadly Creatures using my trades. Probably be gone if/when this comes out. Ah well, it does sound interesting.

There is an RPG out on WiiWare in Japan, for those that are interested; no I'm not going to download it because I don't know Japanese and I would play such a game for the story; not the action.



Rage_zoned said:

Oh Deadly Creatures hmm...reminds me on the IGN review...1st i wanted to get this game too but after i had read the review i changed my mind. It only has a 10 h story line and nothing more else as some bonuses.
Good game but to short -you can`t compare it with lost winds but if i had enough money i would definitely buy it.
Looking for funny videos ? click here:
This is from GameOne the funniest and best game show in Germany,yeah!
(it is / was THEIR Deadly Creatures preview-review)



Adam said:

You might say that. 700 points would have seemed reasonable to me, but price is a funny thing. There's no way to establish an objective dollar to fun ratio.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@fixjuxa: Excellent analogy. Appreciated especially since I'm a big SMBBB fan. And yes, it controls similar except much more polished and fleshed out! I'm looking forward to what else HV has in store also. I'm glad you like the game so much!

@Bahamut: It's debatable. Like I said earlier, some may find it's worth 1,000 and others who are stingy might think 800 would've been more reasonable.

And yeah, it is hard to determine so it all depends on how you react to the game.

I'll be playing more later so we'll see if I develop more positive thoughts towards it so I can decide on a score I'd be willing to award it.



Sean_Aaron said:

It can be difficult to put price in perspective. Space Invaders Get Even is 2000 points including all the DLC, but that's only £14 in real money for what is basically a full disc release.

I don't expect anything other than a good time, but 1000 is getting towards the high end for an arcade game -- still it's from a developer rather than a big outfit like Hudson or Taito; if it's quality I can cut them some slack.



MadMartigan said:

I live with fixjuxa and I totally agree with his assesment on this game although I would give it an 8/10 instead of 9/10. My reason being is that I wish more of the levels were completely linear instead of having warp zones all over the place. We were playing it last night and he was spot on when he said "It really feels like moon lander" I love that game's simplicity and difficulty.

It's really to bad when a game like this gets ignored becuase people won't spend 10 bucks on a good game they could have forever. I can't tell you how many times I've spent 10 bucks at a bar in 5 minutes.

Props to HVS and their commitment to the Wii and Wii Ware



Adam said:

I don't know that 10 bucks for an arcade game is bad. I still spend a dollar or two every time I see a Ms. Pacman or Galaga machine. You'd think I'd learn, but maybe it is more fun to play the machine in public than on a compilation disc. It's hard to say.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Wow. A review from IGN that isn't sub-par? Lately, their reviews haven't been good (save for Deadly Creatures' Review). At least this one is a little better. I still say their review for Snowboard Riot was not only unfair (the final score), but it wasn't even fleshed out enough.

@MadMartigan: Especially in the Ice Level (I'm on the end of Act 3) I'm glad it's NOT linear. Having many branching paths is welcomed in a game of this nature!



MadMartigan said:

Here, here, Mr. MadMartigan! When I see people complaining about a $10 price tag I often wonder "Are all these people twelve years old? Is $10, like, two weeks allowance to all these people or what?". $10 ain't worth **** these days. In the current videogame world of $60 games people should be happy to have the option the download fun, simplistic games at a fraction of that cost. Games that would never see the light of day if not for these downloadable game services. Instead you've got people constantly complaining that $10 is too much for a game that got a 7 or some damn thing. ****ing people.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

There are a lot of cynics here, MM. And as I said before, many are stingy about their points. You'll get used to it...



Adam said:

Um, $10 is a lot. I could eat for a day on that. Don't judge what is expensive for others. You don't know everyone else's circumstances. That is presuming too much.



Adam said:

I just got to the last level! There are some super frustrating levels here, not the least of which being the last one, but it is a decent game at worst. I would have personally preferred shorter levels. It is stupidly annoying to spend ten minutes collecting power-ups in one level to get stuck in one black hole or hit one asteroid to close to the edge and lose everything to start the level over again. The last level is similarly frustrating in that it is huge, very very easy to die in, and has no checkpoints whatsoever (no levels do). I still haven't beaten it but will keep trying.

Once you've finished the game, you'll know which levels you liked and those will be fun to replay a few times for time trial enthusiasts, and multi-player should be fun, too, with co-operative and competitive modes. I particularly like all the levels where you're inside a base of some sort -- well, except the last level. Timing runs through tiny corridors guarded by sentry guns is quite a thrill.

Still waiting to try out multi-player, but in the meantime I can say I'm not disappointed to have bought it, but it's not a favorite either.



Objection said:

@MadMartigan-Does money grow on trees where you live? Because I need to steal some agriculture then. But really, $10 is a lot to pay for anything if you don't like it. Would you not complain about a crappy movie after seeing it in theatre? People just want to get their money's worth.

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