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Project Ringo Updated

Posted by James Newton

"Whats Mean 247?" Yet more mysterious teasing from Sega!

As Ant predicted, Sega's curious Project Ringo site received an update today, replacing the Flash animation teasing a date with a different Flash animation teasing a different date. Good work Sega!

Despite not revealing much, the website throws up lots of mathematical equations to which the answer is 247, presumably meaning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, although it's not impossible for it to mean the 24th of July as a potential date.

And that's pretty much it. You can still make out the silhouette of a mysterious character and there's more apples to be seen, but we're no closer to knowing what Project Ringo is all about. Personally I'd like to see a cutesy MMORPG based around 16-bit-style characters, but we'll have to wait for more information when the next update lands on March the 12th.


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-TR said:

Speculation on a new IP when there's not even a genuine title? My, this is something new.



James said:

Yep, looks like it. I just thought though - has it actually been confirmed for a particular platform? I don't remember seeing a Wii or DS logo anywhere, although they're the surest fits for it.



Wiiloveit said:

Can't wait for more info, but does anyone else think that "what's mean 247" may just be a bit of bad Engrish, rather than a riddle?

@Prosody: maybe, but it could easily be an attempt from Sega to widen the casual demographics on other consoles - although I suppose this is unlikely. Maybe it's multiformat?



Zenman said:

interesting... to me the character looks a bit like a nightmaren in this one, when in the last one a sonic character....
anyway this is an interesting buildup!



y2josh said:

Maybe Chris Jericho is coming back to the video game world. SaveUs_222.

Oh wait... lol nvm



Zolga said:

This looks interesting...
I personaly would love to see some new RPGs from Sega.

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