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Podcast: Episode 1

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Nintendo Life steps into the world of Podcasting, our very first episode is available now, presented by our very own James Newton.

In our first ever podcast episode James takes a look back at 2008, looking specifically at three outstanding Wii titles, Zack & Wiki, Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Next on the agenda is 2009, where we take a look at Wii games Punch Out!!, Wii Sports Resort and Sin & Punishment 2, closely followed by DS titles Pokemon Platinum, Professor Layton and the latest Mario & Luigi title.

James then looks forward to details of new Mario and Zelda games, before looking at what SEGA has on offer over the next couple of months.

If that wasn't enough, we wrap up with details of our Big Bang Mini Competition before signing off with our contact details.

You can Subscribe to our Podcast (using itunes) or listen to it right here:

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If you'd like to get involved with the Podcast team, or have any suggestions, ideas or topics for the next episode, Contact Us or leave your comments below.

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motang said:

Any link on downloading the mp3 file to I can listen to it in my car? Thanks.



Wiiloveit said:

That was fairly good (and I've subscribed via iTunes), although the music started to get a teeny bit annoying as the podcast went on. Otherwise, very well done and very fluent. Maybe you could have somebody else join in as well in future?
You may wish to mention that the phone number is only for Britain as well...



James said:

Cheers for the feedback so far guys, much appreciated.

Wiiloveit - both Ant and Damien were far too wimpy to record anything for the podcast, and we planned to chat to someone at Sega as well, but that missed the deadline. I'd be more than happy if you want to contribute to the next episode - get back to me if you're interested!

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