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New Play Control! Metroid Prime is HOT.

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Trailers for the "new" Wii version of Metroid Prime start hitting the internet, prepare excited Metroid fans.

It might be true that Nintendo are just re-releasing a game, it's true that we've all paid for it before Metroid Prime was probably my favourite Gamecube game - ever.

When Metroid Prime 3 came to Wii it completely reinvented the controls, the Wiimote and Nunchuck, in my opinion, were perfect. It makes perfect sense for Nintendo to update both previous Prime's and get them all polished up for Wii, I'm sure I'm not alone in wanted to snap them up pronto.

The game is set for release in Japan in a couple of weeks and therefore trailers have started to appear online, you can one watch here:

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Mmm... I can't wait to play this classic with t'wiimote!

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Zenman said:

hopefully they will include a lot of uses for a grapple lasso, like ripping jet packs off of space pirates and such. that would be really fun. otherwise i am exited for this!



Wiiloveit said:

I'm in agreement with LTTF, and since I never played MP3 - I'm most intrigued as to how the grapple controls feel. Also, is anyone else worried about what incident cause the players arms to be so oddly positioned during that video?



James said:

I don't want to sound like a killjoy (I believe that position is taken!), but will this really be worth putting thirty quid down for when the original Gamecube version costs 90% less? Don't get me wrong - I love Metroid Prime as much as the next man, but £30 for a remake is just too much unless there's some serious extra content in it.



antdickens said:

James, for me, yes it is worth it. Metroid Prime with Wii controls will be a better game than ALOT of Wii releases this year, and therefore justifies it for me. Like most games, it'll be cheaper online, Amazon are doing Pikmin at £24.99 so I'm sure the same for Metroid.



ZeD said:

I think what Nintendo is doing is fantasic! Im happy Pikmin has come out, but I am waiting for Pikmin 2. MP looks ace and I have had a go of Mario Tennis(JP) - it is very good!



Cthuloops said:

Already have it and love it on my GC, so I won't buy this one or Prime 2 Redone. I will however probably buy Pikmin 1+2 when they are re-released.

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