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More Details About Swords & Soldiers

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

As Swords & Soldiers nears its expected Q1 release date, it's only natural that Dutch developer Ronimo Games is trying to stir up some more hype for the game.

Today they've released a whole bunch of new things - Aside from a whole bunch of new screens which can be found below in our gallery, they've released a new trailer, and an official website for the game, which can be found here.

On the website, you can find some more information on the two currently known factions, the Vikings and the Aztecs, including the specific skills of each unit.

The press release offers even more information:

Ronimo Games Announces New Details For Its Forthcoming WiiWare Title, Swords & Soldiers

Dutch Studio Melds 2D Side-Scrolling Action with Real-Time Strategy in Genre-Bending Debut

UTRECHT, The Netherlands – February 18, 2009 – Ronimo Games, best known as the development team behind the original version of De Blob, today announced new details surrounding its debut title for WiiWare, Swords & Soldiers. New features such as historical inaccuracy (yes we said that), uncompromising style, some random stuff, and Morefun™ have been added to the game.

“WiiWare is the perfect platform for a Ronimo game, which we hope becomes something people expect to be unique in style, and most importantly, really fun,” said Fabian Akker, president of Romino Games. “We want to make games that the entire family can play, wants to play, and actually plays. Swords & Soldiers is one of those game that we hope really takes off and finds its audience.”

About Swords & Soldiers

Swords & Soldiers is the first side-scrolling strategy game on the Wii, allowing for accessible and deep gameplay, a clear overview of the battlefield, and most importantly, for our artists to show off their beard-drawing skills. Players can choose from three powerful and unique factions as they let loose their armies and cast awesome spells to destroy the enemies’ castle. Swords & Soldiers is developed and published by Ronimo games and features:

  • Strategic Depth - Even though dishing out commands is easy as pie, that doesn't mean you can just click buttons and expect to walk all over the enemy. Choosing the right guy for the job and zapping the proper enemy at the right time is what this game is all about. So put on your thinking cap and get to strategizin'.
  • Style - Thinking up new strategies is hard. But luckily you won't have to look at some wooden blocks or plastic tokens while doing it. A fresh style, full of character greets you when playing Swords & Soldiers. You'll traverse lush jungles and sun-soaked deserts while you humiliate your opponents.
  • Modes Galore - We tried our best to squeeze every last drop of gameplay from our mechanics in all kinds of modes. To start you out, we have 10 level campaigns for each of the three factions. These start out easy to teach you the basics, but they build up to some seriously epic final conflicts. Then there are the skirmish modes, in which you can crush human or AI in customizable battles. And, to top it all off, there are three distinct challenge modes which twist specific parts of the gameplay into crazy high-score based time devourers.
  • Historical Inaccuracy - We've done plenty of research into the historic background of the three factions. And then we threw all of it out of the window, but made up some entertaining bits which seemed sort of more fun. Finally, we added some other totally irrelevant funny bits about hot sauce and bolted them on for maximum absurdity.
  • Easy Wiimote Controls - Everything in Swords & Soldiers is done using the pointer functionality of the innovative Wii Remote. Just click on the icons at the top to select the unit or spell you want to use against your enemies. In fact, playing Swords & Soldiers only requires one hand. So that leaves the other hand free for petting your cat while laughing maniacally.
  • Morefun™ - Created in a lab by Dutch researchers, Morefun™ is Ronimo’s patent pending version of fun that makes games interesting and enjoyable to play. Imagine playing a game, that at the same time is actually fun. Powerful stuff.
  • Achievements - Yes.

You can view some of the units' abilities in the new screenshots, as well as in the trailer:

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Swords & Soldiers is still on track for a Q1 release, with no exact date currently known.

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Philip_J_Reed said:

Awesome! Yet another title to add to the list next time someone says, "WiiWare is running out of titles."



Adam said:

Add to the list? This has been at the top of my same list for a long time.
I am glad they researched each faction to make sure it is historically inaccurate. It would be a huge disappointment if we actually learned something while playing. That would be Lessfun.
Can't wait for this!



anthonyb said:

This one looks like one of the Worms Armageddon games- but way cooler. Been watching this one, can't wait for release.



Popyman said:

This is what I wanted when WiiWare came out. Awesome art design, awesome gameplay, humour, and doing some new things. This has all of that. I am very happy.



Ian_Daemon said:

"Swords & Soldiers" looks good, but I don't play RTS games. (Actually, this appears to be targeting the same demographic as "Defend Your Castle"...and we all know how that sold.)



Nickname said:

One of the most anticipated games for WiiWare this year... in my opinion of course...



Gabbo said:

Hmmm. This 'patent pending version of fun' they speak of is nowhere to be found in the US Patent and Trademark database. I wonder if they are registering it in the Netherlands?



themortalangel said:

I agree with Bahamut Epic although I still kinda wanna know what the third faction is....ninjas maybe?



Popyman said:

@themortalangel: Why zombies or skelleton warriors of cource =P

Ninjas would be cool, but then they'd have to have pirates...Maybe some Ninja-Pirate Monkeys?



CanisWolfred said:

I'll put this one back on the list. Congratulations, there are now a total of 4 wiiware games that I'm looking forward to.



Yasume said:

It looks nice and all and I''m really looking forward too it, but I'm a bit afraid that it's going to have the same problem as Planet Pachinko. Too chaotic.



Chrono_Cross said:

S&S looks promising. One of the better looking Wiiware games to come out in the near future.
Though Cave Story also looks awesome.

You also forgot Bubble Bobble



odd69 said:

would platformer and rts be an accurate way to describe this game? my eyes are on this one, and mabey a purchase as well.



KDR_11k said:

They definitely make it sound good. Let's hope it'll be properly balanced and everything.



Adam said:

@ Crono: I was just trying to guess his list. For me, it would just be the first three. The Bubble Bobble impression article doesn't sound like much of an improvement over the original, which I already have. I guessed Icarian because I forgot Onslaught wasn't out in America.



Big_Sexy said:

This has got to be the best company line I have ever read. Now I'm really interested.

Though, I wish the video showed the VS component instead of just single player. It looks great, but I'd like to see if there's too much on screen to sufficiently pay attention during VS - mostly, if the screen squish is doable while in action.



naut said:

Not impressed. Too much going on! Can't we just have an old-school side-scroller type game like Braid! And I'm NOT talking about this Pole's Big Adventure crap...



Objection said:

This looks to be wrapping up its dev cycle and shaping up nicely. I hope it reviews/is received well upon its release.



Awesome5 said:

Looks great! I bet that their going to have to bump the price up to 1500 points with all of that extra content and stuff.
@tkubas1: That would definately be the perfect week.



kaerlis said:

@bahamut zero: their site faq says they're aiming for a 1000 points or less price point. where did you get the idea of 1500p?.



Xandecs said:

I also don't thing they're gonna raise the prise up to 1500. They said less than 1000, so I believe them.

But I can't wait!



Ricardo91 said:

@#13. How about... Ninja pirate robot monkeys?

@Awesome5. It can't be a perfect week without Cave Story!

This definitely looks like a very promising Wiiware title, even though I'm not that big on RTSs. Wiiware just keeps getting better and better! With all those features, it's likely gonna be 1500 points, which sucks cuz I'm already having a hard enough time trying to save that much for WoG.



kaerlis said:

This amused me, swords and soldiers achievements from the translations examples update on their site:

  • Rick rolled:
    An achievement you get for destroying the enemy castle using the rolling boulder spell. (see our trailer)
  • Fortification:
    An achievement you get for keeping four towers alive during a level where you're flooded by enemies.
  • Boulder mode:
    A special mode around the boulder spell.
  • Cooking by the book:
    An achievement you get for finishing the campaign about hot sauce.
  • Keep your lousy army:
    An achievement you get for not mindcontrolling the enemy army in one of the campaign levels.
  • Lost vikings:
    An achievement you get for saving some Viking units from getting sacrificed.


Objection said:

Achievements are a fun little diversion that I hope to see implemented more and more. Glad that this title is.



KrazyKain said:

looking really amazing... cant remember tho, is wifi planned? cos this looks ideal for wifi play

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