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MadWorld producer working on new IP

Posted by Anthony Dickens

It has been revealed that Platinum Games producer, Atsushi Inaba, is already working on a new IP, possibly for Wii.

Develop Mag: What are you ambitions for the studio and the Japanese games market in 2009?

Atsushi Inaba: We have been developing games since we started this company. We've got big titles coming out this year, MadWorld releasing very soon and Bayonetta later this year, and we hope they're both going to do very well. I'm also planning for a new IP but I can't reveal any details yet, as I'm sure you'll understand.

We've no idea what it could be, or what platform, but it's quite possible that it'll be another Wii title. Everything Platinum Games has done so far has been impressive with the most notable, MadWorld, getting released early next month.

Inaba has also been quoted on the possibility of a MadWorld sequel:

"Platinum Games has several rights so we’ll be developing something new after this, but if there is a lot of interest in MadWorld then maybe we will make another one," commented the game’s producer Atsushi Inab when questioned about a sequel by the site.

It's good to know the potential is there, MadWorld could be one of those games that would benefit from a sequel - being quite unique it'll be hard for developers to get it right first time around, a second, tweaked game could be even better.

Watch this space.


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Cthuloops said:

This is pretty good news IMO. I cannot wait for MadWorld, so if that does good, then a sequel will be most welcome.

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