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Japan to get the Classic Controller Pro

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

In an interesting move, Nintendo of Japan today announced that they are planning to release an updated version of the Classic Controller, called the Classic Controller Pro.

It mostly seems to be a design change - The cord connecting it to the Wii remote is now on the top instead of the bottom, there are now two grips to make holding the controller slightly easier, and the ZL and ZR buttons are now behind the L and R buttons instead of being next to them.

The Classic Controller Pro is slated to be released in Japan in the summer. There are no plans for a release elsewhere yet.

Source: Nintendo of Japan

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Dazza said:

It's worth getting just because the cord comes out of the top! Sign me up



famicom said:

Ya, I'm also going to get one since I'm not really happy with the present one. Also it's good to have a pair if you want to play a good multiplayer match.



RadioShadow said:

Depending on the price, I might get this. Going for the Play Station look is a good move on Nintendo and the cord is on the top instead of the bottom! _



EJD said:

If they are released in Europe, I'll definitely pick one up. I think we'll be waiting a long time though.



Bass_X0 said:

I have to get one of these. I really like the design - I can see playing games being much more comfortable with one of them than it is now. Those handles are love.



King_Elemento said:

I'll stick with my SNES-based CC until they come out with a handle-less 6-button one.
The only superiority this thing has are the shoulder buttons, and the Z buttons aren't even used that much. I'm not bothered about where the wire is, as long as it doesn't interrupt my play.



Mama_Luigi said:

Haha! "Classic Controller Pro".
What if i was at a store and i said, "I want that Classic Controller for pros," that would sound funny.
But i will maybe buy this if i get a 4-player VC game, or if i need an extra controller for SSBB.



NikeXTC said:

I hope they'll put a better D-Pad in this one. Otherwise it's useless...



Rapadash6 said:

I'd be all over this if the d-pad and left analog sticks swapped places. Otherwise I'll just continue to use my GCN pad for N64 games and Smash, while using the original classic controller for SNES VC titles.



Ptolemy said:

Yeah, what's wrong with the D-pad, I heart that bad boy. I actually prefer the CC for Megaman 9. Now the D-pad on the DS Lite. It is such a pain to register diagonals on that thing.



SmaMan said:

I dunno. There isn't enough new features to get me to buy this. I might get it but for now I'm focusing on getting the real controller based classic controllers. The Neo Geo one is getting pricey!



Stuffgamer1 said:

The Classic Controller D-pad is my D-pad of choice for VC, even on NES games, just because the one on the Wiimote is too small! Same with the one on the Gamecube controller, really. So if I'm playing a 2-D VC game, you can bet the Classic Controller is in place!

As for this Pro version, I like the L2/R2 feel up top, and the moved cord (seriously; why was it on the bottom in the first place?). Not so sure about those grips, just because I like the SNES feel of the normal CC. Even that could've been improved if the face buttons were laid out properly (which I notice they haven't fixed), but that's a minor problem.

Given the size and shape of that thing, I'd almost expect rumble to be included, and am a bit surprised that it wasn't announced to be already. Not that I'd ever want to use it personally, but I'm sure plenty of people would love to have it.



naut said:

The wire on the top makes all the difference. It doesn't really matter that much though. The only reason I bought my CC is for SNES titles. The Wiimote is like a NES controller, and while the Gamecube makes a fine N64 controller, it stinks for SNES. Like I said the top-side wire is great. I mean, who puts the wire on the bottom?!



WiiGuy said:

it looks like a Gamecube's shape, with a SNES controller molded on top

I think I might be buying it...but it doesn't completely make me want one



Rawk_Hawk said:

I am not real impressed with this. I agree with some of the other readers, this controller needs turbo buttons or rumble. Some of the TG-16 games like WSC need the turbo buttons to play them properly.
I think I am content with my regular Classic controller unless they want to give these away as freebies. (I guess I can dream can't I )



Pj1 said:

I've always found the Classic controller to be a tad tricky, it's OK for most of the previous consoles but using it to play Mario 64 is really awkward (Or is it me?) So when I play Mario 64 I use the game cube controller. I really wish they make a SNES and N64 controller for the Wii, you can buy SNES Wii controllers on auction sites but they're pricey! A couple of Asian websites that ship to the UK will hopefully sell this new Classic controller!



Ian_Daemon said:

This new CC is pretty useless. Maybe if someone doesn't have ANY classic controller this would be OK, but this is basically the same thing as the original Classic Controller with that handle-add-on-thing stuck on it. (and if I wanted bulk, I'd take the GameCube controller over this)

@ Nintendo-Naut:
"I mean, who puts the wire on the bottom?!"
The Sega Dreamcast



Aardvark_Soup said:

Pfft, not very different from the standard Classic Controller. When I read the title of this news post I was thinking of a completely wireless controller with autofire and stuff like that.



SmaMan said:

Yeah, the wire coming out the top is the one thing I like. (What were they THINKING with it coming out the bottom? Also I noticed it doesn't have that useless button at the top where the wire is now. I wonder if they were ever thinking of doing something with that. (Of course it may be at the bottom now... hard to tell at this angle) Other than that it almost looks like some Chinese pirate company just hot glued some handles on a classic controller and they would market it as The Classic Controller MEGA PLUS ORANGE!



Chunky_Droid said:

I only have 2 classic controllers, so I'll grab 2 of these. I haven't found a problem with any D-Pads on Nintendo consoles, except Gamecube. But D-Pads on DualShocks are wonky at best for me.

As for Turbo buttons, Nintendo will NEVER release a controller with Turbo buttons, leave that to 3rd party controllers. It's a form of cheating (in most people's eyes) so it'll never happen.

I also use Gamecube controller for N64 games, it just feels natural Classic controller for everything else, Wiimote for NES games when I'm lazy.



BulbasaurusRex said:

It still won't work with GameCube games, so I'm sticking with my GameCube controllers. I'm not going to waste money on any kind of Classic Controller when my GameCube controllers are required for my GameCube games and work just fine on anything for which you can use the Classic Controllers.

Besides, what do I care about the D-Pad when I can just use the analog stick? The D-Pad is only required for minor commands in a small amount of games.



SmaMan said:

@ chunky_droid #24

Then what about how you can use the B button on the WiiMote to turbo fire in R-Type and other TG16 games. If I remember correctly, it's used on a few other Virtual Consoles too.



timp29 said:

Thank god! The cord out of the bottom bugs me for some inexplainable reason. Whats the point of some retro SFII Turbo goodness with a cord coming out the bottom of the controller. It's just not cricket!!!



Chunky_Droid said:

@SmaMan: That's an emulation of Hudson's Pad, that's why it's there. Hudson's TG-16 pad had Turbo Buttons, it would be wrong not to EMULATE them. There are no Turbo buttons on any Nintendo controllers, I stand by that.



SmaMan said:

Ah ok, I see now. I've never seen a real TG16 controller before. I also think, though, it would be wrong not to have full emulation of the Sega Genesis's six button controller. Yes, the game just maps the extra 2 buttons to L and R, but I wish that they were down by the other face buttons, for a more authentic and easier experience.



JaredJ said:

This will work on all regions right?
I assume you will be able to order this from play asia.



Gabbo said:

I need this now! Before my classic controller arthritis becomes full-blown.



Objection said:

I havent gotten a classic yet so if they release it over here for the same price range I might pick one up.



Kawaiipikachu said:

I be getting one because of the sidegrips alone .
The standard classic controller still feel a bit funny without the sidegrips but with the side grips there it be worth it for me .



SmaMan said:

I was thinking that too, but I thought that was a 3rd party as well. According to Wikipedia, though, the NES Advantage was made by Nintendo.

So I think it would be perfectly reasonable to release a turbo controller. Maybe even a Classic Controller Advantage? I'd buy that.



Jolted85 said:

I think they have some 3rd party "grips"; for the classic controller like this already out, I am fine with the current classic controller.



Ricardo91 said:

Yes, a new 1st-party controller! While this would make the classic controller actually bearable for N64 games, I'm plenty comfortable with using a Gamecube controller for 'em. Pass.

@Supermarketzombies. A completely wireless version of a controller that attaches to another completely wireless controller? What?



Kaeobais said:

I might get it when it comes to NA, mostly because I don't have a classic yet.



hamispink said:

ill definitely get one just so i can use it with monster hunter 3,



Ski_Deuce said:

There is still no good solution for N64 games, the d-pad is not good for fighters (the wii is getting more of those than any previous Nintendo system), the thumbsticks are still too close together and probably still raised too high, but there are 4 shoulder buttons. I don't know of any Wii games that could really use them yet, but if it was compatible with the Cube that would make playing NBA Street easier.

I just don't understand why Nintendo doesn't release a controller based off the N64's. It's got six face buttons (great for N64 games and 2d fighters), the d-pad could be based more on the circular type d-pad that has partially contributed to the Saturn controller's legendary status, the Z button could be where its supposed to be, and the thumbstick would be in its proper place. Plus, if you love Nintendo's cross-cut d-pad (which does offer more precision in some games that don't need all 8 directions), just create a mechanism that would allow for inhibiting the user from utilizing the other 4 sections of the d-pad. It's the best of all worlds for the VC.

My rant is done...for now.



Viral said:

This controller will offer people better grip on the classic controller and make it feel more comfortable. I'm gonna try to convince my wife to let me get one.



Chunky_Droid said:

I wouldn't be surprised if they bring out a N64 Controller via Club Nintendo like the SNES one. I'm gonna get me a SNES one just for authentic experience

EDIT: I'm really surprised noone can get diagonal out of a Cross D-Pad, I've had no issues with it since day one :/



alvieao said:

I don't mind playing with the regular Classic Controller, but I hope Nintendo does release the CC Pro elsewhere after Japan gets it. The shoulder button placement on the Classic Controller Pro seems more appropriate and it's nice with grips for a more comfortable feel, despite the other third-party controllers that already sported them.



Eva said:

Well I don't like the handles and whilst I suppose the repositioned Z buttons are a good idea, they never get used so it's not much of a selling point.



MickEiA said:

Does anybody know if lucasarts games coming to VC i loved rogue squadron to a lesser extent shadows of the empire



Big_A2 said:

Probably not. Also, it's not the right place to ask a question like that. Try our forums.



Starwolf_UK said:

@Bulbasaurus, I really can't get the hang of Super Mario World with a Gamecube controller myself, why they can't remap buttons is beyond me
You should try Super Contra. The big fat A button is used for the smartbombs you don't want to use very much As for re-mapping controls. Nintendo seem to be scared of having actual options End of the day they would rather you buy a CC...

_This will work on all regions right?
I assume you will be able to order this from play asia._
Correct. No plans out of Japan have been announced yet but you'ld think they would come...then again I thought the same about the gamecube controllers with actual controller cords...



Chunky_Droid said:

@SuperWarioFan & Starwolf: What Gamecube controllers are you guys talking about? :/ I haven't played Super Contra, just not into run 'n gun, but that does sound painful. Just easier not to play SNES games with a Gamecube pad I think



Bensei said:

Finally wings! I hope this controller makes N64 games more appropriate to control.
I'll import it asap



AVahne said:

cool,looks like they fused the gamecube controller with the classic one



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

Frankly, while I think the grips are good and the cord solution is a much needed improvement...I don't understand the double shoulder buttons. What system between the NES and the N64 ever had 4 shoulder buttons? Or are they just trying to 'stick it' to Sony for copying the SNES controller? Frankly, I would have rather had 2 shoulder buttons that were 'grooved' like the GC, but had the same sensitivity of the regular VC controller (don't need to be forced down and clicked like the GC ones).



rat said:

It looks like an improvement over the classic Classic Controller. I have no issues with the cord on the bottom (shortest path to the wiimote on your lap) or with the small size. Hell, I don't care much for the ZR ZL buttons anyway. This CC Pro fixes all three, that can't be bad, and I'd get it if buying a second CC.

But it still sucks for N64. We need a CC with a stick in the main left thumb (switch with the D-pad, like the GC) and 6 buttons on the right. That could be the best controller ever, and whoever thought having your main stick in the most awkward place of the controller should be kicked in the most awkward place of his body.



sectoidcorpse said:

ok, this is crap, heres what they should have done
1. take out the notches you can get stuck in on the anolog sticks
2. turbo for tg16
3. round d-pad
4. no handles added on half assed
where they did go right is cord on top and fixed the shoulder buttons



Captain_Konami said:

@49. chunky_droid: "EDIT: I'm really surprised noone can get diagonal out of a Cross D-Pad, I've had no issues with it since day one :/"

Especially if one wants to play shooters.......I've never found it prohibitively difficult either......but then I was raised on a NES controller (well that and an Atari joystick.....but I never really felt right comparing the two)

And I find myself sneekily suspicious that this version of the Class Cont. was made due to popularity of those "wings" adapters for the original CC. I almost bought one myself, since it get the CC as close to the classic N64 controller as possible (can't take the difference in button locations between N64 and gamecube......I miss my golden compass buttons too much, aling with the central location f the N64 stick...... ), but found too many other things to spend my money on at the time.

As for this pad, yeah, missing turbo and/or shock option (not something I use anyway, but still pretty stock these days on other systems) is just not acceptable from a 2nd gen CC. If I bought this, I'd need to have a reg CC anyway, just cuz you don't play Super NES games with a Wing'd Super NES controller.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Sectoidcorpse: The notches are what make me love the controllers so much more, I can actually play a Street Fighter game with them, it's nigh impossible with a completely round control stick zone. The TG16 turbo buttons are still emulated no matter what controller you play, so you already have your wish there.

@Captain Konami: I don't own a PS3 or a 360, but I'm pretty sure there's no turbo on their controllers either, I didn't realise it was a standard feature now. Shock is really old news now and noone seems to care about it any more, except a few people on here



CanisWolfred said:

Good for Japan. Personally, I'm fine with the regular Classic controller, and this new design reminds me too much of the Dualshock for me to be comfortable with.



Betagam7 said:

People seem unusually obsessed with which end the wire comes out of. Why does it matter? A better question would be, as it isn't wireless, why can't you plug it into the GC controller slot instead of having to connect it to the Wii mote and drain your battery.
Why anyone would want a round D-pad over the classic cross design is beyond me. The only reason other consoles have used a round D-pad is because they can't break nintendo's patent. Nothing to do with ergonomics as a round D pad like the mega drive is almost always less respoinsive and accurate.



Shinnok said:

I'm not a controller enthusiast or anything, but the Sony's controllers are perfect for fighting games. And I don't mean Tekken-style fighting games, I mean Street Fighter III: Third Strike, KOF XI, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. I couldn't imagine playing those games on any other console. Though, Capcom Vs. SNK 2 on the Gamecube is pretty good (despite the size of the Gamecube controller's d-pad).

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