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Hudson's Upcoming WiiWare Games Revealed

Posted by Darren Calvert

Our contact at Hudson who represents the European region has been kind enough to confirm the WiiWare lineup for the next few months. It should come as no surprise that Snowboard Riot has been penciled in for a February release, as this is now already out in North America.

The games for March and April might come as more of a surprise however:

Onslaught (Due March in Europe)
Onslaught is a first person shooter which focuses on blasting a massive number of enemy creatures to feel the exhilaration. The story is based on the outer planet in the near future. The massive number of enemy creatures will try to attack the player. In the game you use various types of weapons and battle against it to complete the mission and proceed in the story. Also, there is a mode that uses the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to compete against the players, up to 4 players, all around the world.

Adventure Island WiiWare (Due April in Europe)
Master Higgins is back with whole new actions and elements on Wii! Gather the Gold Melons hidden in the stages, get the new actions, and explore the Adventure Island. Also, there are mini-games to have fun with your friends. Adventure Island WiiWare has all new updated graphics, not retro style!

These are all the details we can get for now, of course as soon we get any screenshots or videos you will be the first to know!

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longtimegamer said:

Awsome. Onslaught sounds cool. I was playing samples of a game called Crimson and crimsonland. I hope it's like that.

Edit:Strike that. Crimsom land is not a first person shooter. Fun though (for me anyway.)



Yasume said:

Wow, that sounds good! Hudson is doing a really good job the last few months.



blackknight77 said:

A first person shooter on Wii Ware! That's a first

Hudson must be aiming for a Wii Ware game per month



longtimegamer said:

@Apocalypse-Yea. They're kicking butt. Must be doing great on Wiiware. Other developers should look at Hudson and the more successful developers (like 2dBoy) to see what makes a game successful on the wii. I say this because I thought I read somewhere that some developers weren't doing all that great or weren't happy with how they were doing on wiiware. I wish I could remember where I saw that.

Edit:I do wish hudson had made their snowboarding a more interestisting (More complete?) game offline. That part sucks for me.



Terra said:

Finally, something more solid about Adventure Island WiiWare. I'm glad to hear that it's not using Retro graphics as i think that novelty is starting to get overused slightly. Can't wait for screenshots.

As for Onslaught, i could use a good FPS on WiiWare while waiting for The Conduit. It Sounds Awesome, especially coming from Hudson and that it has Wi-Fi Multiplayer. It would be nice though if we could ever see Shootanto in the West.

Ah, to be a WiiWare Hudson fan sure is wonderful. I have no doubt these games, and other future games will be just as Great. They are the kings of WiiWare devs.



Yasume said:

@longtimegamer: True, Hudson is a big example for all the others ATM. All their games have been successful (Pit Crew Panic! got the lowest score, a 6/10) so far, and I have no doubt that the 3 listed above will be above average either.



KDR_11k said:

The Onslaught description made me think of Earth Defense Force, let's hope it's good. Blasting hordes of enemies is a ton of fun when it's done right but I've also seen it done wrong.



Ricardo91 said:

An FPS? ON WIIWARE!?!? Is that even possible!?!? There aren't even FPSs on XBLA or PSN! This one ought to be interesting...

And yay, more Wiiware goodies from Hudson! Keep it up, guys!



-TR said:

Both sound rather good. I espechialy hope Onslaught works- That way we can move FPSes from stores to downloads. There's too many shootey discs in game shops these days...

Oh yeah, but it's not a 'First'. It's a 'Second'. Wild West Guns, anyone?



Big_Sexy said:

@Ricardo91 - XBLA has both Doom and Duke Nukem.

@TR - What do you mean by not a first? If you're using Wild West Guns as an example, you mean to say that it's a "Gallery Shooter" and not a "First Person Shooter", right?


Hurry with some screens, Hudson!



Kaeobais said:

Sounds sweet. That FPS sounds like those games such as Boxhead, only in 3d. I hope it has a co-op mode ... Wonder when it's gonna be released here? Won't matter for me. If MadWorld gets a good review I'm buying that.



Wiiloveit said:

Both of these sound ace, and I am particularly interested to hear more about Onslaught - especially since it's a completely new idea for WiiWare - in fact, I'm surprised nobody's had a shot at one of these already.



ness said:

Adventure Island WiiWare sounds interesting, also because it has updated graphics =).

@ Onslaught: I am a little bit sceptical because of the 40MB limitation of WiiWare games.



Shortay said:

I've been really impressed with Hudson so far, so I hope its success continues. An FPS on WiiWare would be great.



worrybomb said:

@ TR - Wild West Guns is a shooter game akin to Lethal Enforcers and Hogan's Alley. A first person shooter game lets the player move with freedom; not in a predetermined path or a still one.

Onslaught sounds interesting. I would definitely love to see some photos/video footage of the game. I hope the WiiWare size limit is enough for a solid FPS game.

I'm glad that Adventure Island WiiWare is not a retro game. Not so sure about the mini-games aspect though. As long as the single player quest is solid, then that's enough for me. I'm really hoping Hudson can make this a great platformer game.



tatemon555 said:

Oh. My. God!!!!!!!!!
A new Adventure Island AND an FPS on WiiWare? Pinch me!
Hudson can seriously do no harm in any way to WiiWare. In fact, they pretty much own it (or maybe should).



Pablo17 said:

A FPS on the wiiware is a great idea, so I hope it turns out well. I am also glad that this will be online as well.



anthonyb said:

Like everyone else said: FPS?? It MIGHT be good, but I'm just going to guess it'll suck. As much as I love Wii and all, I doubt we'll see something in the FPS genre that'll rival COD on Xbox or Counterstrike on PC as far as community and competition goes. Believe me- I'd LOVE for this to be a success, especially w/ Wii-mote controls, but I don't think it's going to be what heavy FPS players are looking for.

But who knows- we'll just have to wait and see. At this point I know nothing of the game!!!



themortalangel said:

FPS on WII!!! Holy Crap!!! AMAZING!! Hudson is really pulling out the stops here on Wii Ware and they are doing an amazing job. I have truly gained an all new respect for them these past few months. They've always done good work for Nintendo though, so I guess it's not surprising.

Also can anyone tell me what Adventure Island is?? I've never heard of it before.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Awesome! with all this experience with online play, Hudson better not screw up the next Mario Party entry by failing to NOT include Online Play. >_>

But that aside, it's officially, WiiWare for 2009 is gonna be AWESOME!! Who's with me?!

Hudson is one of the WiiWare developers who are really working their magic.



Cthuloops said:

Both sound great to me! I've never played an Adventure Island game before so that would be new to me.



Kawaiipikachu said:

The First Person Shooter sounds intreasting to me .
I might get if i hear good enough stuff about it .



anthonyb said:

@KnucklesSonic8: OMG! Great job on finding those- At least we know what we're dealing with [more-so]. It has potential- looks like you can use a laser whip!



Terra said:

Those screens look good but i want to see a video for the gameplay. Any Screens for Adventure Island yet?



Cthuloops said:

Wow...that actually looks pretty good, which means it will be like what, 2 1/2 hours would you say?



Chunky_Droid said:

I love Hudson's support of WiiWare, can you guys ask your contact what the hell happened to VC??? Oh well, both these games sound pretty darn good,

And I've done away with Soda Popinski with his Jack Daniels, too many Punch-Out!! avatars around now, so LONG LIVE ROY KOOPA!



Kafei2006 said:

Hudson rocks ! But i'm even more interested in Calling, their upcoming Survival Horror (disc release) for Wii. Onslaught looks nice. I have Super Adventure Island on my SNES and Adventure Island Part 2 for NES. I Liked both (maybe the SNES first a bit more because of its quality upbeat music).

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