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Even More Onslaught Screens Break Cover

Posted by Damien McFerran

Hudson certainly doesn’t waste any time when it comes to promoting its upcoming games; we only dropped the news bomb on the company’s impending FPS title Onslaught a few days ago, closely following with 6 screenshots which we nabbed off Hudson's website.

It doesn't stop there folks as our pals at Hudson sent over a whole lot more images today for you to marvel at. Our Onslaught gallery has been completely updated with 46 lovely new shots.

For those of you that don’t know, Onslaught is a FPS title that bears more than a passing resemblance to Microsoft’s Halo and Sony’s Killzone, and will feature 4-player online modes. True to form, it will make use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers to offer an interface that simply isn't possible on rival machines like the 360 and PS3, so it's fair to say we're pretty interested in this one.

See our gallery below and let us know what you think.

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Maderek said:

Eh, I don't have high hopes for this game. Something tells me it's going to flop.



mojo25 said:

I have really high hopes for this one. Hudson has made their WiiWare games really successful, I think that this one will be just as good.



Alienjesus said:

the graphics here a truly impressive considering the size limit on the games. hopefully nothing else has been sacrificed for it.



themortalangel said:

Ok so i just went through ALL of them, and now I have to say I'm slightly less psyched. I see no sign of a versus multiplayer. All of this WFC talk is centered around 4 player co-op. Which is cool and all, but I'm gonna take a guess and say that you have to of traded friend codes to do this. Meaning you need to get you and three friends all on at the same time, and I have like 2 friends with Wii. None of which really download games, and one of them is away at college.

It would just seem to make more sense to have a competitive game online more than a co-op....even though it is pretty cool. I dunno I hope one of you WWW mods or can hear me and let me know for sure. You guys are the reporters, work your magic for me please.



Pablo17 said:

I wonder if there will be any local multiplayer. (4 player split screen).

Also, it is nice that this is online but I really hope there is a vs mode.



Awesome5 said:

This looks like it could be pretty good. Online play will probably be the selling point.



tkubas1 said:

@ themortalangel Who said there won't be online death matches? they probably don't evern have any online screenshots any way. There will be online competive matches, they would be foolish not to.



mAdvillain said:

First of all everyone stop ur B**ching about no deathmatch, its online co-op ppl! that means you can just turn on FRIENDLY FIRE and go at it deathmatch style instead of playing the story mode...ppl do it all the time in games that are only online co-op, ITS EASY PPL the person with the highest NEGATIVE score wins. Come on ppl its not that hard to figure out!



Wiiloveit said:

@ mAdvillain: And the other players are going to know what you're doing when you start aiming at them... how?!?

Although deathmatch would have been nice, it's been done quite a bit before, and so it's good to see some online co-op on the Wii for a change. Can't wait for this one - hopefully it'll be out next month as promised.



Mik said:

This game looks seriously hectic. I'm a fan of First Person Shooters and I fancy checking this one out.



Ren said:

For WW prices this looks like a lot of fun. I'm sold.
Look at screen 22 - it looks like there even a "wack-a-mole" mallet for a weapon.
Death match is a must, though. I'm sure it'll be on there somehow, they can't be that dumb not to include it. Split screen woulda been nice too, but they would've shown it here if it had it. Still looks great.



Omega said:

Nice pictures of the game. But I'm only interested in single player/story mode. I hope it has enough to offer in this respect.



Kawaiipikachu said:

The screenshots looks nice & lovely.
Looks too good to be a WiiWare title & I certainly be looking forward to it just I might expect it to cost a fair 1500 points.
Ah well a spent that much on 2 other wiiware titles before so this one be no different.



themortalangel said:

Looks like I started quite a nice debate here. Listen all I meant was that within my circle of friends it's hard to get a group to play wii online at the same time. Most of my friends don't have a Wii actually, so an online deathmatch would be nice, so that I'm not left playing solo all the time.

It just seems that in order to do co-op you'd have to trade friend codes and such. Deathmatch you don't which would make my experience on this much more enjoyable.



Wiiloveit said:

Ooh - I did a little bit of extra research and found this:
"There is a mode that uses the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to compete against the players, up to 4 players, all around the world."
from the WWW Onslaught reveal the other day, and over on ign, they stated the 4-player online co-op features.



Dazza said:

Guys, we're going to be interview Hudson next week about Onslaught, so please post all your questions here. Any good ones which we haven't already thought of will get included in the interview.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

HOLY ****!

WWW listened to our mod war back a few comments and is now taking positions for a new staff member!

HOLY ****!

On topic: Happy there online.



Kaeobais said:

Amazingly enough, this game has better graphics then most third party wii titles and it's on WiiWare. Anyways, it looks good but due to the size limit of WiiWare, having an FPS with decent graphics and online means something is going to be disposed of ...



CanisWolfred said:

Cool, wow, they have that many screens already? It may arrive a lot sooner than expected...oh no wait, the released was already announced! Doh!

In any case, I hope this game is more Halo than Killzone, although it actually looks more, um, Turokey to me, since most of the enemies are random monsters. You don't see enough games these days where the enemies are random mutants. I just hope the enemies don't take forever to kill, I always hated that aspect of Turok.


How many levels will there be?
Will there be split screen? Co-op?
Will there be a diverse amount of enemies, or will there simply be one or two that you fight the whole way through?
Will there be soldier-type enimies, or are they all monsters?
What's your favorite weapon? What's your favorite enemy?
What inspired the art direction?

That's all I can think of that aren't completely obvious.



guardian42 said:

True size restrictions could cripple this game from the beginning, but remember old games like Quake? Quake is right around 33 Mb. And we've seen great shooters on the DS! It is possible they could keep it within the limits and release something of high caliber. True the game won't be long, but that's to be expected. My biggest hopes is that they look at the shooters that have great control (MoH:H2 and MP:3) and bring that to Onslaught.



Loopstar said:

@Dazza: I'd like to know how customizable the controls will be. Can you change the bounding box, cursor sensitivity, turningspeed etc.? I really hope that Hudson took inspiration from games like MP3 or CoD World at War. I like the idea of an online coop game for WiiWare that but if they screw up the controls, I'll pass.



AlexSays said:

please post all your questions here.
Ask how well they're expecting the game to sell. Especially compared to some of their other releases.

Not sure why anyone cares about the little things like the controls and online stuff.
The sales of this game could make or break an entire genre on WiiWare. That's much more important than knowing if I can customize my weapons 500 different ways.



Chrono_Cross said:

I`m afraid this game will disappoint. Though Hudson usually makes good games...keyword: usually.

“this game has better graphics than most thrid party wii titles”

Uh, yeah your pretty funny lol.

Okay then.
How many Blocks is this going to take up? I dont have too much memory as it is.



AlexSays said:

How would they know the block size? The game isn't finished.

And as long as it's less than 2,400, it doesn't even matter.
Delete games you don't play if you're having block woes.



WeeGee said:

Am I gonna buy this, let me think for a second... yep I'm gonna buy this.



worrybomb said:

1) How long was the development process for Onslaught?
2) What inspired you to make a game like Onslaught for WiiWare? For example, were you inspired by games such as "The Conduit" and "MP3:C" or did you believe that the Wii's library of FPS games is barren?
3) Is Onslaught WiiWare the testing ground for a franchise you want to delve into more in the future?
4) If you can choose one thing that seperates Onslaught from the rest of the competition on Wii, what will that be?
5) Price point and a date set for Onslaught?

...and finally just in case nobody has thought of it (also it's not Onslaught-related):

6) Bomberman '94 will be making its appearance to the Virtual Console in the near future (due to the OFLC). Does that mean Hudson havn't fully abandoned VC support just yet?



ness said:

@ Dazza: It would be interesting to read a question about the rumored VC abstinence.



AVahne said:

if it has 4-player online co-op as well as deathmatch/teammatch than i'm sold



Objection said:

I am inbterested in this title. I don't see how well this game sells affecting us so much as it affects Hudson, so here are my questions:
1. Please describe what the single-player consists of: loose story line, number of levels or approximate length, gameplay features that make THIS FPS stand out from the genre.
2. What modes and options will Onslaught multiplayer include?
3.Is this a stand alone game or a series?
Thank you, come again.



tatemon555 said:

This game looks incredible. The graphics are amazing, and the idea of an inexpensive FPS following the trail left by Halo and Killzone is fantastic. I see another 10/10 coming up...



AlexSays said:

I don't see how well this game sells affecting us
Is this a stand alone game or a series?

Games that don't sell well don't get made again.
It's an easy concept.



Terra said:

Some of the best questions IMO so far.

1: How long will the story mode be and how many boss battles will there be?
2: What modes and options will Onslaught multiplayer include?
3: What inspired you to make a game like Onslaught for WiiWare? For example, were you inspired by games such as "The Conduit" and "MP3:C" or did you believe that the Wii's library of FPS games is barren?
4: Will there be a diverse amount of enemies, or will there simply be one or two that you fight the whole way through?
5: What inspired the art direction?


My Questions that i'm offering for the WWW team.
1: We've heard that Hudson have stopped supporting the VC in the West to focus on WiiWare titles. Can you clarify this for us officially?
2: Speaking about another Hudson series, can you tell us if we'll ever see a new Star Soldier game with a full campaign mode on WiiWare?
3: An FPS seems like quite an unusual choice for WiiWare. Why did you choose a WiiWare release over a full retail release of the game?


"Not sure why anyone cares about the little things like the controls and online stuff."
Is that a Joke?



Bahamut_ZERO said:

This actually does have me interested.

I'm not a fan of real world shooter (Modern day, World War II, etc), but the Sci-Fi ness of Halo is probably what makes me like it, along with the extremely enjoyable single player campaigns and vehicle selection.

Anyway, I welcome another Sci Fi FPS, but I have a question:

Is your focus on making the single player or multiplayer?



AlexSays said:

Is that a Joke?
No see jokes are meant to be funny. There's no point in asking silly questions that will be answered with the game's release. Does the game have blah blah blah? Who cares? Knowing now makes no difference. You'll find out when the game is released and shouldn't ask such useless questions in an interview. So your first three "best" questions are a complete waste of time. Your actual questions are great because they won't be answered with the game's release.

Look at past WWW interviews. They ask about the developers, and ideas, and not so much stuff about silly game info like how many characters have red hair.
That's because Dazza and Corbie and whoever else does interviews aren't stupid, and they know not to waste their time on the stupid stuff.

Past interview questions with Hudson. Click Here For Said Interview
What were some of the challenges you faced in updating a classic title like the Turbografx-16 version of Alien Crush?
Was there a concern that the straight-up classic pinball action of the original title might not be enough to satisfy gamers in today's gaming world?
Hudson has enjoyed quite a bit of success on the WiiWare service so far. What do you think one of the biggest factors in that success has been?

Those are great questions.
Most of the questions being asked by people on this site are absolutely terrible.
Bahamut has a good question because it's about the developers, not about how many weapons have green triggers.



Objection said:

@AlexSays-I can completely see where you're coming from. However, I do want to ask you this: while reading about the challenges a developer overcame is interesting to read (if you're into that) how does that make you want to play their game? Hearing details about the game, while they can be eventually answered by the release, gets gamers excited about what the game will offer and make them more likely to buy it upon release. I await your rebuttal.
@Chicken Brutus-Two. lol



AlexSays said:

When their game is released there will be videos, reviews, comments from people on this site, more than enough info for me to conduct enough research to determine whether or not I'll like the game. I don't care about being excited, like I didn't care about visiting that Smash Dojo every day waiting to see if Mario would be announced as a playable character.

I want to know if Hudson thinks their game will sell like Cue Sports or Star Soldier so when the game's released we know if Hudson is happy or not.

How many weapons have green triggers?
Way too many.



Objection said:

That's an interesting way to think of it and the Dojo was a good example of when too much info was released prior to release. That said, I still believe that gameplay,etc. should be discussed prior to release and the developer secrets should be discussed after release. You seem disagree and that is perfectly fine, as long as everyone finds good games and enjoys them.



jangonov said:

Looks like a great game but I have some key concerns-
1. With the file size limit how long will the story mode be?
2. Will vehicles control well?
4. can you use those mech-warrior looking machines in multiplayer?
3. with so many people concerned with how many green triggers there are- WAIT why are we worried about that?



Terra said:

@Objection_Blaster - Comment 47
You pretty much summed up what i was going to say where you said about hearing details before release to get gamers excited, seeing how Some of us would actually like to hear something about the actual gameplay in advance.

Oh, and just so people know, the questions i thought were good were in no particular order.



Alienjesus said:

i hope the game focuses on some deathmatch stuff, because lets face it thats what gets played the msot in these games.

in fact i dont enjoy the playing of fps outside of deathmatches. i personally would've rather just had a full deathmatch game a la turok rage wars.



siavm said:

I hope they can pull this off. Some of the screens look pretty good. I may get it if it turns out good or okay.



KDR_11k said:

The graphics do look pretty amateurish (though at least it seems like the colored lines on the weapons are supposed to show your player color instead of being just space filler) and I don't think Japanese devs are any good at making FPSes. The chance of suck is pretty damn high but hey, we can hope, right?

As for a question,
"How many enemies will be involved in the average battle simultaneously? Are we going to face them 5 at a time or will we have to frantically pump bullets into a wall of 50 that is closing in on us?"

Yeah, okay, 50 may be a bit much for the Wii but the PS2 did quite a lot in EDF2 so it should be possible to get massive numbers going.

Look at screen 22 - it looks like there even a "wack-a-mole" mallet for a weapon.

That's a potato-masher-style hand grenade like the Nazis used in WW2.



KDR_11k said:

Oh, I have another question:
"Will there be an option to disable light bloom? Those of us who wear glasses associate bloom with dirty glasses which makes it quite unpleasant."



Wiiloveit said:

Here's another question: will WiiConnect24's weather be displayed in real time? Ooh - will there be balance board usage? In fact... hows about an option to play it using the DS-Wii link up?
Some of the questions are just daft.

Here's (a proper) one from me: will Onslaught feature Wii Zapper support?

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